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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Section 5AA football to climax Friday, here

Tyler Hansen looks for an opening during the MAHS Tigers' section semis game against BOLD. (Photos by B.W.)
Eric Riley tosses a pass during the Saturday game at Big Cat Stadium. The Tiger wearing No. 30 in the foreground is Ethan Bruer.
Ryan Beyer buys some time looking for an open receiver during the section semis game against the BOLD Warriors. The Tigers were defeated 35-24.

Come to Big Cat again Friday!
The numbers are steadily getting thinned, of the state's football teams eyeing a rise to the top. Unfortunately for MAHS Tiger fans, those ranks no longer include the Tigers who got stopped Saturday.
The Tigers may be out of the running but their magnificent venue of Big Cat Stadium isn't. It will come alive again at 7 p.m. Friday for the Section 5AA title game. BOLD will face Eden Valley-Watkins.
Morris Area football scored four touchdowns in the semis against BOLD but it wasn't enough. The BOLD Warriors got past our Morris Area Tigers by a score of 35-24.
Now BOLD has the tough task of challenging top seed and perennial power Eden Valley-Watkins, the Eagles, a team with zero losses.

A turnaround, but an "upset?" Maybe not
The Tigers had faced BOLD back in the second game of the regular season and won with a feeling of command, 28-0.
Fans with limited knowledge of the two teams might think the turnaround in the playoffs was a shocker. But, informed fans are saying that at least one key player with BOLD was unavailable to play in that first game.
BOLD had a more intact roster and healthier look for the playoffs rematch. It showed.
The Tigers, who regularly thrilled with outbursts of scoring through the 2010 autumn, had a fair offense Saturday but it wasn't enough to overtake the rejuvenated BOLD.
It's hard to know how much to conclude about injuries, absences and the like. BOLD fans would like to think their team had talent throughout the roster and wasn't dependent on one or two key players.
It seems reasonable to give them the benefit of the doubt!
BOLD came at the Tigers with some relentless running that seemed to wear down the orange and black squad.
It was sad from the MAHS perspective to see those holes open and for BOLD ballcarriers to blast their way through. But that was the reality Saturday, and it might be fun now for Morris Area football fans to come to Big Cat Friday and cheer for the underdog Warriors.
Third-seeded BOLD will try to open up some more daylight for ballcarriers when the action unfolds at 7 p.m. Friday.
It will be an awesome challenge against the 10-0 EV-W Eagles.
BOLD fans can look at the numbers from the Morris Area game and feel heartened about their team's prospects. BOLD ran the football for just over 300 yards in the 35-24 victory. It was their eighth season win against two losses.
Alex Steffel was a workhorse ballcarrier getting 33 carries, and he got lots of mileage from them: 143 rushing yards and a touchdown. Brent O'Halloran was also mighty productive and this Warrior ran for 107 yards in 24 carries and scored a TD.
BOLD had the good fortune of recovering their own fumble on a punt return, setting the stage for their first scoring drive. It was a quite sustained drive. O'Halloran capped it with a one-yard run. In all there were 22 plays in this 89-yard march that said something about how the night might go for MAHS.
But Morris Area was able to answer that score. Eric Riley found the end zone on a run from the six. But the bid to tie went awry when the kick failed. The score was 7-6 for halftime with all of those points having come in the second quarter.
The Tigers held their own as this game continued into the third quarter. First it was BOLD scoring in the third, when quarterback Kyle Athmann went off to the races on a 49-yard touchdown run; but MAHS had the firepower to answer with a 20-yard TD pass that had Ryan Beyer throwing and Eric Riley catching.
Failed conversion plays were going to start haunting the Tigers. A two-point bid came up short following the TD pass. The Tigers found themselves trailing 14-12 at this pivotal point in the contest.
BOLD asserted itself in a bold way with an eight-yard TD run by quarterback Athmann that made the score 21-12.
BOLD was eyeing an even bigger advantage when advancing to the MAHS 15. But a fourth down play came up shy and the Tiger 'O' unit trotted back out. Alas, this good fortune was wiped out when a fumble allowed BOLD to again take over.
Steffel ran the ball into the end zone from the five. Now the game seemed to be slipping away a little.
But Tyler Hansen, who has an uncanny knack of turning on the jets from nearly anywhere on the field, showed that signature burst with a 50-yard scoring run. But alas there was another failed conversion play. Success here would have made it a one-possession game (i.e. with an eight-point margin).
But the "would haves" and "should haves" just weren't going to cut it for MAHS. It's the language you use reflecting on a loss. BOLD just had too many weapons on this night.
Athmann scored his third touchdown of the night to give BOLD breathing room on the scoreboard. This Athmann score was a one-yarder and it was followed by a successful conversion kick.
The Tigers scored the night's final touchdown and this featured the passing touch of Beyer who connected with Cody Cannon. Cannon's 23-yard reception had the refs signalling "touchdown" but it was too little, too late on a night when BOLD had the arsenal to come out on top.
But what a season the Tigers had! The books are closed with won-lost numbers of 7-3.
Several of the wins featured a bushel-full of points. All the highlights will be reviewed, following tradition, at the Lions Fall Sports Banquet.

MA-CA volleyball reaches end
The end can come suddenly for prep sports teams this time of year. The Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta volleyball Tigers were humbled in a sweep at the hands of Benson Monday at Montevideo. The defeat was in the Section 3AA-North semis and it ends the MA-CA girls' season.
There were lots of wins along the season's route. There was a sweep win over Lac qui Parle in the opening round of 3AA-North play. But that was no indication of how the Tigers would fare subsequently.
On Monday at the neutral Montevideo court, the Tigers were dealt defeat by scores of 23-25, 17-25 and 21-25.
So now it's Benson advancing to the sub-section finals where BOLD awaits as the opponent. The Braves and Warriors will battle beginning at 7 p.m. Thursday at Montevideo. BOLD climbed through the semis by sweeping YME.
Emily Auch was a key player for Benson volleyball on Monday in the Braves' 3-0 success vs. MA-CA. Auch came at the Tigers with 13 kills. Emma Peterson contributed to a balanced mix with her eight kills and five serving aces.
That mix included Rachel Bausman's five kills and Monica Lindblad's three ace blocks.
Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta volleyball can reflect on a success-filled 17-9 season of 2010.

Minnesota Vikings watch:
Brett Favre with the Minnesota Vikings doesn't have me swooning! It never really did.
Favre has never bled purple, rather he is a long-of-tooth attention-craving mercenary who acts like he's bigger than his coach and teammates. Randy Moss is giving him a run for his money with his self-centered orientation.
Update: Moss was put on waivers Monday afternoon, shocking many. He can run off at the mouth but those long touchdown receptions come in handy sometimes.
Minnesota fans knew what we were getting with Moss coming back here. We can sigh about his post-game behavior Sunday but it's no surprise.
Favre seems more and more like a toothache that's getting worse. Come to think of it, he makes the kind of salary that almost seems to be necessary to see the dentist nowadays.
I have long predicted that Favre might be one of those forlorn athletes who will simply play for as long as anyone is willing to pay him. I have known of some baseball players like this but I won't name names.
Brett could even end up in semi-pro ball. It seems to be in his chemistry to just keep playing football and staying in the limelight.
Green Bay may have sensed all this coming and didn't want to be co-dependent with the talented but erratic signal-caller. Too much of a sideshow.
Favre had competition for the sideshow designation for a while, with the mercurial but eccentric Moss.
One ESPN commentator has said he's simply tired of talking about Favre. I'm sure some of the fatigue is due to the signal-caller's "photography hobby."
The ESPN announcer will have to continue talking about Favre. That is, until losing takes over chronically here. If there is one truism in sports, it's that winning draws attention and losing guarantees obscurity (or a semi-pro fate).
As one coach famously said to his losing baseball team: "We're losing with you guys, and we could lose without you guys."

Minnesota Gophers football watch:
I predicted that our beloved rodents, the U Gophers, would get hammered by Ohio State - The Ohio State - Saturday night at TCF Bank Stadium. I was right.
Am I a genius?

Election day today!
This post is being put up on election day 2010 - the midterms. There's a consensus out there that the Republicans will charge forward and topple Democrats from numerous pedestals.
The tea party is on the march, or so they'd have us believe. Are these people really Republicans or are they headed in their own direction?
If Republicans win big today, I'll be reminded of the old question: "What happens when the dog actually catches the car?"
-Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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