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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Boys beat winter storm but fall to LP-GE

LP-GE 53, MA-CA Tigers 39
The Tigers went cold shooting from the field in game #3 of the young season. The consequence was their loss #1 of the season. The Tigers had won twice prior to their Friday, Dec. 10, game at Long Prairie-Grey Eagle. On the plus side, they were able to get this game in, as Mother Nature was stirring up some pretty intense winter weather for the weekend. On the negative side, MA-CA was dealt a 53-39 defeat by the Thunder.
How sub-par was the Tigers' shooting? They made just 14 of 56 shot tries from the field, translating to 25 percent.
Cody Warner led the Thunder's winning effort with 18 points. The Thunder came out of the night at 3-0 while MA-CA sported 2-1 numbers.
Mac Kampmeier and Cody Cannon each scored nine points for Morris Area Chokio Alberta.
The Tigers trailed by six at halftime (24-18).
It was a frustrating night for MA-CA from beyond the three-point stripe. They didn't hesitate shooting from long-range but the ball clanged off the rim often. Alex Erickson made two three-point shots and Dan Tiernan made one, but the team numbers were a disappointing three of 18.
Erickson had seven points on the night. Tyler Roske scored four, Tiernan and Eric Riley put in three each, and Cole Riley and Ethan Bruer had two each.
Kampmeier went up to snare five rebounds as did Cole Riley. Erickson dished out two assists. Cannon and Erickson each stole the ball twice.
Morris Area Chokio Alberta boys basketball will visit 'Waska tonight (Tuesday, Dec. 14) and play Breckenridge Friday at NDSCS (Wahpeton) with game-time set for 6 p.m.

Girls basketball: YME 46, MA-CA Tigers 30
The MA-CA girls were also able to get their game in Friday, while signs of a winter storm were picking up. The effects of the storm (much more severe to the east) would eventually cause a collapse of the roof of the Metrodome in Minneapolis.
The Friday, Dec. 10, girls basketball action had the Tigers of MA-CA squaring off against the Sting of YME.
The Tigers found victory elusive in their first three games of 2010. On Friday the outcome was a 46-30 loss to the Sting. Emily Baker of Yellow Medicine East was a force that coach Dale Henrich's Tigers had a hard time containing. Baker put in 13 points while collecting eight rebounds, as her team kept its early-season record perfect at 3-0.
The Sting led 20-13 at halftime.
Sarah Kuhn scored eight points in the losing cause for Morris Area Chokio Alberta. Kuhn also had two assists and four rebounds.
Hannah Sayles and Kelsey Loew each scored five points. Three Tigers each put in four points: Erin Schieler, Erica Domnick and Beth Holland. Schieler went up to block six shots.
Sayles stole the ball three times. Kuhn and Holland each dished out two assists. Kuhn and Schieler each collected four rebounds. Kuhn and Loew each sank a three-point shot, a category where the team numbers were two-for-six.
In total field goal shooting, the MA-CA numbers were eleven for 34.

Girls hoops: Benson 61, MA-CA Tigers 59
Coach Henrich's crew made a strong bid to win in its Tuesday, Dec. 7, contest against Benson. But those hopes were dashed when Brave Emma Peterson made a shot in the waning moments. That shot was decisive as the Benson Braves came away with a 61-59 win over the MA-CA girls.
Peterson was an awesome force for Benson at the Tigers' gym. She connected three times from three-point range as she built her point total for the night to 31 points.
Tiger Erica Domnick scored a bushel-full of points too: 25. Hannah Sayles did her part keeping the Tigers highly competitive, putting in eight points and snaring nine rebounds. Sayles made two three-point shots while teammates Schieler, Loew and Shadow Olson each made one.
Sayles built an assist total of six. Domnick matched Sayles' rebound total of nine.
Schieler, Olson and Kuhn each scored five points. Loew put in three points while the following Tigers had two each: Elizabeth Helberg, Natalie Johnston, Holly Amundson and Beth Holland.
The Tigers led at halftime, 28-27. They fought to try to hold that advantage but Emma Peterson's prowess on the court proved too much to overcome.
Morris Area Chokio Alberta girls basketball will host 'Waska tonight (Tuesday, Dec. 14) and visit BOLD for Thursday action (7:30 p.m.).

The Minnesota Vikings scene
This may be uncharted territory. The Minnesota Vikings have always lost occasionally, as all NFL teams do, but they have never been stuck in prolonged futility. Last night (Monday), the Vikings looked like more than just an NFL team losing a game. This is a team that has lost its heart.
Was this team so dependent on a 42-year-old quarterback that it hopelessly crumbles without him? Zygi Wilf never expected this. Monday night was "Night of the Living Dead."
The Vikings look to be on the verge of descending to a level like where the Detroit Lions have been. If it can happen to Detroit, it could happen to us. Basketball's Timberwolves have sort of set an example. Sorry, Kevin McHale.
The Vikings weren't even able to execute the fundamentals of the game in the second half. Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson looked at times like he was playing a sandlot game. I had been rooting for that young man, but he blew his chance Monday. We could have signed Chris Weinke and he could have played with a higher caliber.
Except that the whole Vikings team seemed to be sleepwalking.
A lot of the tickets were given away for free in Detroit Monday, and I'm not sure those fans even got appropriate value. A TV commentator noted that the game had the feel of a pre-season game.
I think it's just sinking in how profoundly embarrassing the collapse of the Metrodome roof is. A stadium built to withstand the elements got done in by the elements.
There was no quick contingency plan either. The Vikings and the league seem to be scrambling today (Tuesday).
The very professionalism of the NFL seems challenged.
If Minnesota can't make a firm commitment (and soon) to a new stadium, maybe the league really will allow the team to move to California.
I hate to see the team twist arms to get a new opulent stadium in Minnesota. But like crime, death and taxes, such things continue to go on.
Whatever the facility issues, the Vikes will have to start with a clean slate. Leslie Frazier's coaching honeymoon ended with a resounding thud.
Maybe "Chilly" wasn't the problem.
-Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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