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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tigers and Storm delighted fans Thursday

Boys basketball: Tigers 79, ACGC 50
Weather cooperated fine for prep sports on Thursday, before it dealt another roundhouse punch Friday. The M-CA boys excelled with their play on Thursday, building a 20-point lead by halftime to end any suspense in their game against ACGC.
The Tigers improved to 7-2 on the season with this resounding success. The final horn sounded with coach Mark Torgerson's boys savoring victory by nearly 30 points. It was sort of a roundhouse punch on the basketball court.
The Tigers owned 79 points on the scoreboard while the Falcons had 50.
This was a WCC-South Conference game.
The Tigers with one conference loss entered the weekend trailing two unbeatens: Montevideo and Minnewaska. The two leaders are 4-0 while M-CA is 3-1. ACGC is toward the bottom of the standings. Those initials stand for Atwater Cosmos Grove City.
The Morris Chokio Alberta boys used three-point shooting to make a decisive statement in the first half . They sank six of those long-rangers in that half. Six would end up being their game total (of 17 attempts).
In total field goals the squad was just shy of 50 per cent, making 31 of 63 tries. The freethrow numbers were eleven-for-16.
Dan Tiernan made two three-point shots and he was joined in this attack by the following mates with one each: Alex Erickson, Tyler Roske, Cole Riley and Eric Riley.
Cole cleaned up on the boards for eight rebounds and he was followed in this category by Mac Kampmeier with seven and Riley Arndt with five. Roske set the pace in assists with six, and Eric Riley had four..
We've saved the scoring list for last in today's "I Love Morris" post. Four Tigers made especially ample scoring contributions. Roske and Tiernan each poured in 14 points. Cole Riley and Mac Kampmeier each put in 13.
Other scoring contributors were: Eric Riley (9), Alex Erickson (7), Riley Arndt (4), Forrest Thielke (3) and Cody Cannon (2).
Trever Heining scored 17 for the Falcons and he was followed by Mitchell Tauer with 12.
Here's a reminder to check the M-CA boys basketball schedule page on Pheasant Country Sports. Click below:


PCS refers to the program as "Morris Area Chokio Alberta" while the newspaper in Willmar has opted for "Morris Chokio Alberta."
At some point it would be nice to get some clarity on this. While the word "Area" seems redundant in the longer version, it really doesn't seem logical for the C-A communities to be represented by six syllables while Morris has two. Morris essentially runs the whole show, or at least that's my understanding.
Another option is to simply say "Tiger basketball" but I'm not sure that's the route we want. I saw a wrestling schedule posted at Willie's Super Valu headed by "Tiger wrestling" - a tempting way to go because otherwise you're dealing with a conglomeration of town names.
Who needs that alphabet soup?
What about Cyrus and Donnelly? Are those town names represented in any school program names? For years, Donnelly was typically tacked on with the Morris school name but I eventually learned there was apparently nothing legal about that; it was a gentleman's agreement.
We live in an age now where everything has to be legal. No gentlemen anymore, I guess.
To date, I have recommended the Morris school district encourage the "Morris Area" reference as being fully sufficient. Would it really be that difficult a pill to swallow? It might be for a short time, for some.
But life rolls on. - BW

Girls hockey: Storm 7, Litchfield 0
There were lots of memories to be made on the Litchfield ice Thursday for the Morris Benson girls hockey Storm. Sara Rajewsky came out of the night with 200 career points, as she and her Storm mates prevailed 7-0.
Brooke Falk was stalwart in goal as MBA upped its season record to 10-2. Falk's save total: 22. Her goalie opponent was Danielle Elam who had 31.
Dani Schultz was all over the ice with her offensive prowess. Dani scored four goals in this non-conference game.
A Rajewsky assist, when this Storm standout was working in concert with Schultz, put her at the 200-point plateau. A Schultz goal completed that historic series of events, and the Storm owned a 3-0 lead.
The first period was actually scoreless.
The Storm, who needed some time getting their plan of attack established, showed that plan in period No. 2. Schultz scored unassisted at :39. Sam Falk scored with an assist from Schultz at 9:58.
Schultz sent the puck into the net assisted by Sara Rajewsky and Sam Falk at 13:20.
The Storm owned the third period too. Schultz scored at 4:08 of the third, assisted by Sam Falk. Schultz scored an unassisted shorthanded goal at 5:36. Then it was Rajewsky getting the puck into the net assisted by Falk at 5:46.
Morgan DeHaan scored the seventh and final goal for the surging Storm, unassisted at 7:58.
Congrats to Sara Rajewsky on the coveted statistical milestone, and viva Morris Benson Storm hockey for 2011!
Here's a reminder to check the Storm's new-look website:


-Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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