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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Storm girls showing dominance in wins

Storm 9, Marshall 1
The MBA Storm girls are scoring at such a frequent pace, it almost brings to mind a pinball machine. Opponents are finding it very hard to break through the MBA defenses.
This pattern spells lots of wins. Tuesday saw coach Jeff Mahoney's Storm get their 21st win of this memorable winter. The Storm also wrapped up a perfect campaign in the Southwest Conference.
The Tuesday success was by a score of 9-1 and it was on the road. Dani Schultz reached a career milestone on the Marshall ice. Schultz is now owner of 400-plus career points. She lived up to her status as the state's No. 1 scorer, putting the puck in the net five times and getting two assists as well.
Brooke Falk was stalwart in goal, allowing just the one Marshall goal while making six saves. The Storm had a 34-7 shooting advantage.
Paige Moravetz was the Marshall goalie.
Schultz got the Storm off and running on the scoreboard with a first period goal at 9:13. Monica Lindblad assisted.
Later, with the score tied 1-1, Schultz scored again (11:50) to give MBA the lead for good. Kelly Mahoney and Sara Rajewsky assisted.
MBA added four goals to its total in the second period. The first of these was by Sam Falk assisted by Schultz, shorthanded, at 5:40.
Schultz scored at 8:30 assisted by Rajewsky. Schultz propelled the puck into the net with a Mahoney assist at 12:26. Sam Falk kept the barrage going, scoring at 14:53 with assists from Schultz and Mahoney.
The Storm scored three goals in the third period, the first coming from Schultz assisted by Kelsey Rajewsky at 2:21. Sara Rajewsky scored with a Lindblad assist at 6:00.
Sara kept the pressure on, scoring the team's final goal of the night at 14:14, assisted by Mahoney.

Storm 10, Redwood Valley 0
That proverbial pinball machine comes to mind in reflecting on other recent Storm wins - highly exciting for the MBA fans and perhaps a little exasperating for the opposition. The recent dominance almost makes you wonder if a "technical fall" provision, like in wrestling, might be called for.
But the Storm student athletes can certainly take satisfaction in the kind of pinpoint execution, focus and poise they're showing, and polishing further, under coach Mahoney. MBA fans are having fun in this trying winter of 2010-11 in which snow and ice are adversarial forces.
The Storm inched closer to 20 wins on Thursday, Feb. 3, by scoring ten goals to the opponent's zero (or "donut"). The success was over Redwood Valley at Redwood. Sam Falk reached the 200-point career milestone, on a first period assist.
Brooke Falk and Shianne Wold shared goalkeeper duties and could do a "high five" at game's conclusion over the "zero" (donut) posted by the foe.
MBA raced out to a 5-0 lead in the first period with goal #1 coming from Sara Rajewsky. Kelly Mahoney and Dani Schultz assisted. Rajewsky also scored the second MBA goal and this was with an unassisted flourish.
Then it was Dani Schultz widening the scoreboard margin, striking at 10:00 with an assist from Mahoney. Schultz struck again for a goal at 11:49, assisted by Sam Falk.
Schultz wrapped up the first period scoring with a shorthanded goal at 12:27, assisted by Monica Lindblad.
The Storm kept on gliding with proficiency on the ice, even with this game's outcome seemingly wrapped up. Lindblad took honors for MBA's first goal of the second period. It was an unassisted job.
Then came a goal by a lower-profile Storm member (i.e. someone not getting in the scoring summary often), and this was Kamri Kalthoff. Schultz assisted on the Kalthoff goal which came at 10:57 of the second. Congrats to Kamri for showing this impact.
Mahoney put the Storm up 8-0 with a goal that had a Schultz assist.
There were two Storm goals in the third period to wrap up the evening's success. Schultz got the puck in the net with a Lindblad assist at 9;29. Schultz found the scoring groove again with a goal at 16:00 that had assists from Lindblad and Mahoney.
The MBA goalkeeping tandem of Falk and Wold didn't have to make many saves. Brooke Falk had six and Shianne Wold four. Sierra Wagner worked in goal for Redwood Valley and had 52 saves.

Storm 14, Windom/MLBO 0
It was satisfying enough winning 10-0, but on Saturday, Feb. 5, there was an even bigger scoreboard bulge at game's end, as again that imaginary pinball machine could be readily imagined. The opponent on this night was Windom/MLBO.
The usual cast of MBA offensive standouts was at its best as the Storm under coach Mahoney won 14-0. The Willmar newspaper called it a "shellacking."
As in the previous game, Brooke Falk and Shianne Wold shared the goalkeeping. The result was the same: shutout (or "donut" for the foe). Some trivia: Patrick Reusse of the Star Tribune popularized "donut" (in connection with shutouts) in the wake of the Minnesota Vikings' embarrassing loss to the New York Giants in the NFC championship game. Dennis Green was coaching the Vikings then.
Green went on to more infamy when he lost his cool in a post-game press conference when he was coach of Arizona. ("The Bears are the team we thought they would be!")
Brooke Falk only had to make one save in the Saturday win, while Wold had six. The "MLBO" initials after Windom stand for "Mountain Lake-Butterfield-Odin."
Gliding on the comfortable home ice, the Storm raced out to a 6-0 lead in the first period as Dani Schultz got things going, scoring at :30 with a Sara Rajewsky assist. Schultz scored again at 1:40 with another Rajewsky assist. Then it was Monica Lindblad getting the puck in the net at 7;50, assisted by Sam Falk.
Schultz and Rajewsky were back at it, combining for the Storm's fourth goal which came at 8:15. It was Schultz scoring.
Then, Morgan DeHaan joined in the scoring parade, getting the puck through for a score at 11:46, assisted by Lindblad. Kelsey Rajewsky scored at 14:58 of the first with assists from Kamri Kalthoff and Hannah Lindblad.
The second period was ditto the first as again there was a 6-0 advantage. MBA fans continued their frequent cheers as the Rajewskys - Sara and Kelsey - began the second period barrage. Sara scored this shorthanded goal with Kelsey's assist. Kelly Mahoney struck for a goal that had assists from Sara Rajewsky and Schultz. Then it was Schultz showing her scoring prowess again, getting a goal at 4:35 with assists from Sara Rajewsky and Mahoney.
The momentum stayed strong as Sara Rajewsky slapped the puck into the net at 9:09, assisted by Schultz and Mahoney. Schultz scored with a Sara Rajewsky assist at 10;42. These two switched roles for a goal at 13:44 that had Rajewsky scoring and Schultz assisting.
Whew! MBA had more than enough goals now, but there was one period left to play. MBA finished up business with two more goals, the first of which was accomplished by Emma Petersen, unassisted. Finally, the 14th and final goal came from Monica Lindblad with assists from Kayla Benson and Morgan DeHaan.

Boys hockey: a winning habit here too
The MBA Storm varsity boys traveled to Sleepy Eye on Jan. 27 and came away with a 5-2 win. Click below to read Gary Hansen's summary from the Storm's website:

The Storm boys hosted Windom on Saturday, Feb. 5, and were decisive with a 12-3 victory. Click below to read Hansen's game review from the MBA site:

The Storm looked comfortable on the Redwood Falls ice on Tuesday, Feb. 8, as they worked to a 6-0 win. Please click below to read Hansen's game summary:

Morris Benson Storm hockey is striving for that desired playoff season "peak" now!
-Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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