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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cardinals and Forrest Witt get past Tigers

The above photo shows Tiger Cole Riley poised at the freethrow line during the game against Alexandria on Saturday, Feb. 26. Photo by B.W.

Alexandria 67, Tigers 55
It's hard to associate the color red with Forrest Witt. Wasn't it just yesterday that Forrest threw dart-like passes at Coombe field and graced the basketball court with his talent? He did all that on behalf of the orange and black Tiger cause.
He and his brothers Zach and Taylor were multi-sport standouts for the orange and black. Taylor was able to play football at Big Cat Stadium. Forrest was born too soon for that.
Today Forrest wears the red shirt that identifies him as coach of the Alexandria Cardinals basketball team. Forrest and his Cardinals came to Morris to play the Tigers on Saturday, Feb. 26. It was a healthy late-season test for both teams, who are sharpening for the post-season.
Coach Mark Torgerson's M-CA Tigers weren't able to turn back their "big school" foe on this night.
You could tell that Jerry Witt, Forrest's father and an M-CA coach under Torgerson, was intense in trying to get the upper hand in this friendly family rivalry. But it wasn't to be for the Tigers, who fell to the smoothly-executing Cardinals 67-55.
The Cardinals led 37-31 at halftime. Their win put their W/L numbers at .500 for the season: 11-11. The Tigers came out of the night with the still-sterling mark of 16-7.
A pivotal point in the game was in the second half when the Cardinals went on a 17-7 run. Coach Forrest, who would sometimes walk back and forth in front of his bench - was it intensity or nerves? - could relax a little more after that. The Tigers failed to put a serious dent after that.
Cole Riley of the Tigers continued his fine play of late with 21 points, leading the team. Cole grabbed six rebounds too. Mac Kampmeier showed a solid caliber of play with ten points scored.
Dylan Galligan was at the fore of Alex's winning effort, pouring in 24 points.
Cole Riley built his total with the help of two three-point shots. Eric Riley, Tyler Roske and Alex Erickson each made one long-ranger, a department where the team numbers were an efficient five of 12.
In total field goals the Tigers made 19 of 45 attempts. The freethrow numbers: 12 of 17. The Riley boys, Cole and Eric, each had six rebounds. Cody Cannon, Erickson and Eric Riley each had three assists.
Let's roll up our sleeves for the scoring list: Cole Riley (21), Mac Kampmeier (10), Alex Erickson (6), Eric Riley (6), Cody Cannon (5), Tyler Roske (4) and Riley Arndt (3).

A personal note:
Yours truly (B.W.) was overjoyed to be present for this game - first time in a long time, as I slowly acclimate myself to a new media environment in which the corporate attachments aren't necessary anymore. I couldn't care less whether you all get your Scheel's advertising circular next time. It isn't what floats my boat. Besides I think we should shop in Morris.
I appreciate everyone who acts welcoming toward me.
I was a little rusty with my camera skills but that will be remedied - promise. At any rate it was just fun being there, to see Forrest and Jerry and the whole crowd at this dazzling gem of a gym that we have.

Rescheduling note: The weather didn't seem that bad Tuesday night, at least to me, but the Tigers' scheduled game at Benson was a no-go. It's now rescheduled for Friday (March 4).

Wrestling: Two Tigers make state
Reaching state wrestling is quite the item to put on your prep resume, and two Tigers are in for the 2011 affair which will be held on March 4-5 at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.
These high-achieving MAHACA matmen are Tim Ostby and Zach Gibson. Congratulations to this pair who placed second at their respective weights in the Section 3AA tournament held in Luverne Saturday.
March Madness is just getting rolling! The Morris Area Chokio Alberta hoops squads are going to seek an ascent.
-Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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