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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hancock girls true to standards, start out 6-0

The HHS roster was balanced in its scoring as the Owl juggernaut got win No. 6 on Tuesday, Dec. 20, at home over Ashby.
The Owls took charge to assume a 29-16 lead at halftime. They showed an even more authoritative stance in the second half, outscoring the stunned Arrows 31-8. Wow!
Do a little math and you get a 60-24 final. It sets just the kind of tone HHS fans want entering the holiday pause. The standards are easily being upheld from last season (or the whole broad history of HHS girls hoops).
The Owls own a 6-0 overall record. In conference play: 2-0. They have a state-ranked sheen.
Coach Jodi Holleman has ample reason to smile.
Seven Owls contributed to the Tuesday scoring attack. At the top of that list is Courtney Greiner whose output was 14 points. Then we have Serandon Bigalke with 13, Shae Brown with 12 and Kendra Schmidgall with eleven. That makes four Owls in double figures, and the list continues as follows: Olivia Koehl (7), Sami Schmidgall (2) and Karol Algarate (1).
Brown and Bigalke each hit a three-pointer. The team's shooting numbers were 21 of 56 in total field goals, two of seven in 3's and 16 of 30 at the freethrow line.
The rebound total was 44 with Greiner and Koehl each snaring nine and Schmidgall getting one.
Schmidgall and Brown each dished out four assists and Bigalke contributed three. Brown and Greiner each stole the ball seven times and Bigalke had five steals.
Schmidgall blocked four shots.
Cassie Jordon with 13 points led the Ashby scoring.

12/16 road action
It was TGIF for Holleman's crew on Friday, Dec. 16, on the road against conference foe C-G-B, a game that brought win No. 5. It was a no-suspense job with a final score of 59-22.
The halftime score was 34-14.
There was no hesitance putting up three-point shot attempts. It was bombs away as the Owls attempted 20 shots from 3-point range, making five. Schmidgall and Brown each had two of the makes and Bigalke had the other.
The Owls were 18 of 51 in total field goals and 14 of 24 in freethrows.
Of their 38 rebounds, Koehl with her ten was team-best. Schmidgall and Greiner each collected eight boards.
Greiner chalked up eight assists and Bigalke five. Koehl with her six steals was tops there, followed by Greiner and Brown each with four.
Let's roll up our sleeves for the scoring list: Schmidgall (21), Greiner (12), Brown (10), Koehl (8), Gabbi Nienhaus (4), Bigalke (3) and Karol Algarate (1).
Alissa Stueve led Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley's scoring with eight points.
Truly the Owls built on their fifth-ranked status in state on this night.

12/13 road contest
The margin looks pretty wide most of the time when you look at Hancock girls hoops scores. The final score on December 13 fits right in. It was a night for coach Holleman's squad to carve out win No. 4 in a 62-35 final. The victim: Battle Lake.
The Owls were pretty proficient with the long-range shooting weapon on this night. They sank five of 12 three-point shot tries, playing as the visitor. Brown led that charge with three made long-rangers. Bigalke sank two from beyond that stripe.
The Owls were 24 of 54 in total field goals. In freethrows: nine of 15. Their rebound total was 18, a department where Bigalke and Greiner were at the fore each with four.
Bigalke set the pace in assists with eight while Koehl had four. Greiner and Brown showed aggressive play as each stole the ball seven times, and Bigalke had five steals.
Schmidgall looked smooth shooting the basketball and this Owl topped the scoring with 17 points. Greiner poured in 16 points. Brown and Bigalke made double figures too with 13 and 10 respectively. Koehl added six points to the mix.
Cheyanne O'Neal led the host's scoring, putting in eight points for Battle Lake.
This was a non-conference game.

Coming up:
The Christmas pause will give way to a road game just before the new year: 12/29 at West Central Area.
Then we get into 2012 - where does the time go? - when the Owls get going with a 1/3 road game vs. Dawson-Boyd (the Blackjacks).
Still another road game presents itself Jan. 9 versus MACCRAY.
Finally the Owls get back home where they'll be primed to entertain the home fans with (hopefully) a win over Ortonville on 1/13.
Good luck to the Owls as they hope to reflect last year's premier quality of play that ended up in the top tier of state!
It's always a pleasure for yours truly to shed some light on the HHS climbing. I still have my sweatshirt from 1988: "Hancock's at state in '88!"
And Happy New Year!
- Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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