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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A night to shine for MACA hoops teams

Girls hoops: Tigers 59, Ortonville 42
Morris Area Chokio Alberta showed a rejuvenated offense on the court Tuesday night.
Point totals were unacceptably low in some recent games. The Tigers worked to put that drought behind them Tuesday (2/21). Led by Beth Holland's 22 points, the Tigers defeated the Ortonville Trojans 59-42. It was the second-to-last game of the regular season.
The Tigers will play at Minnewaska Area tomorrow (Thursday, 2/23). Fans are hoping for that rejuvenated offense to be the norm now, going into the post-season.
The Tuesday success was in front of an appreciative home crowd. It was the Tigers' seventh win of the season but their loss total is 16 - not the kind of numbers that promise a good seeding position. Ortonville has a 10-13 record.
The home fans cheered with zest in the first half when MACA built a lead of 37-22. The Tigers cruised in the second half, outscoring the Trojans 22-20.
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Holland stood out on the scoring list with her 22 points. Katie Holzheimer made her presence felt in scoring along with other categories. Her point total was a modest ten but she collected seven rebounds and also provided eight assists, three steals and three shot blocks.
The rejuvenated offense happened in spite of lackluster long-range shooting. There was just one successful three-point shot, in eight tries, and it was made by MaKenzie Smith. Smith had a point total of ten.
Holzheimer with her seven rebounds led in that department followed by Tracey Meichsner with five.
Holzheimer's eight assists was the team-best figure, and Holland followed that up with four. Holland with her four steals edged four teammates each of whom had three: Meichsner, Holzheimer, Smith and Holly Amundson.
In total field goals the Tigers were 26 of 56. In freethrows: six of ten.
Here's the complete scoring list: Holland 22, Smith 10, Holzheimer 10, Amundson 9, Nicole Strobel 6 and Meichsner 2.
The top Ortonville scorer was Morgan Messner with 19 points. Ortonville made three of nine three-point shot tries.

Boys basketball: Tigers 71, Yellow Medicine East 42
The Tigers were dead on at 50 percent in their field goal shooting Tuesday night on the road. Coach Mark Torgerson's crew was in action in Sting country of YME.
The Tigers made 30 field goals in 60 attempts as they pulled away on the scoreboard. They clearly took care of business in the first half, outscoring the stunned Sting 38-18. They finished things off by outscoring the Sting 33-24 in the second half.
At the final horn the scoreboard bulge was nearly 30, at 71-42.
Coach Torgerson had his squad abstain from the three-point shot. There were only two such attempts by the Tigers. Neither found the mark.
Instead the Tigers played good old conventional basketball by working for the closer-in shots (or getting layups). The scoring load was spread around.
Austin Dierks with his team-leading eleven points was one of 12 Tigers who scored. Riley Arndt and Logan Manska each put in ten.
Here's the remainder of the scoring list: Chandler Erickson 7, Tom Holland 6, Brody Bahr 6, Lincoln Berget 6, Sam Mattson 5, Jake Torgerson 4, Nic Vipond 2, Daniel Nelson 2 and John Tiernan 2.
Arndt was tops in rebounds with five.
It has been a while, but the Willmar newspaper is back to spelling this name "Ahrndt." This is the Benson spelling. Also in Wednesday's paper, Brody Bahr's name was spelled "Brady." I know because I used reading glasses. I still have to get ink on my fingers to do this research.
Erickson led in assists with four and in steals with six.
The Tigers made 15 of 27 freethrow attempts. They came out of Tuesday with a W/L mark of 14-8, helping reverse some recent disappointing fortunes.
The top YME scorer was Adam Savariego with 12 points.
Next for the Tigers: a challenging home game on Friday, 2/24, against Montevideo, the #9 ranked team in Minnesota AA.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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