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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Girls use balanced attack to sweep Monte

Tigers 3, Monte 0
The MACA girls got established in their home schedule over this past week. It was a seesaw week, initially having coach Kristi Fehr's squad getting swept by Sauk Centre, but on Thursday the story was the opposite. The Tigers swept the Montevideo Thunder Hawks in the Thursday (9/12) home action.
Game scores were 25-11, 25-13 and 25-14.
Both teams have played around .500 thus far in the young season. Coach Fehr is going to strive to coax her squad a healthy distance over .500. We'll see. If they show the kind of balanced quality they did Thursday, success most likely is in store.
The Tigers wrap up the week with a 3-3 overall record and 3-2 in conference.
Yes, the Tigers have gotten their 2013 home slate established with the two home matches. But they're going on the road again for next week! First, all eyes will be away from sports as the MAHS auditorium gets filled for the Homecoming coronation on Monday, 9/16.
The volleyball Tigers will visit ACGC on Tuesday. Then they'll travel to Yellow Medicine East for the Thursday chapter of play. There must be some home matches bunched later in the schedule.
Don't forget the Homecoming parade next Friday, 9/20 (at 2 p.m.). Let's have some nice weather. The MACA football Tigers will host Benson on that evening.
In volleyball, the Tigers' win over Monte was the third in a span of four matches. Sweeping has been the norm of late.
Hunter Mundal and Haley Erdahl each came at the T-Hawks with two ace serves. Hunter's good/attempts numbers were 12 of 13. And Haley's: 14 of 15.
Beth Holland and Sydney Engebretson each had one ace serve. Beth had nine good serves in ten attempts, while Sydney was a perfect 12-for-12.
Chelsey Ehleringer had 14 of 14 good/attempts stats. Terianne Itzen was seven of seven, and Lindsey Dierks and Kourtney Giese each were one of one.
In set assists it was Ehleringer leading with 14 followed by Erdahl with ten. Engebretson went up at the net to perform five ace blocks. Paige Schieler had two blocking aces, and Erdahl and Itzen one each. Holland was tops in digs with eleven to edge out Itzen and Mundal who each had ten.
We're wrapping up this stat report with hitting. Here it was Engebretson slamming down seven kills and posting 18 of 21 in good/attempts. She led the charge. Three others joined the charge in a big way, each achieving four kills: Itzen, Lacee Maanum and Schieler. Each of these three were perfect in good/attempts, Itzen at 19 of 19, Maanum 12 of 12 and Schieler 15 of 15.
Erdahl and Nicole Strobel each added one kill to the winning mix.
Cross country: NL-Spicer Invite
Aaron Goulet was the runner-up runner in the big New London-Spicer Wildcat Invitational held Thursday (9/12) at Little Crow Golf Club.
Goulet ran a 17:33 time, trailing only Ben Burgett of Willmar Community Christian whose time was 16:47.
Litchfield was the top boys team and LQPV/DB was No. 1 among the girls. Alaysia Freetly of the champion team won the girls race (15:18 time).
Goulet was joined in the Morris Area Chokio Alberta effort by: Ryan Gray (11th place, 18:40), Jon Jerke (15th, 19:06), Eric Staebler (41st, 20:28) and Travis Ostby (47th, 20:59).
Savannah Aanerud of the MACA girls team made the top ten, finishing right in tenth (time not available). Lauren Reimers placed 22nd with her time of 17:43. Rebekah Aanerud was #32 to the finish chute, clocked at 18:52. Kindra Cannon placed 33rd with her 18:54 time, and Becca Holland was No. 36 (19:01).
Fan mail from some flounder
I was walking home from my breakfast at McDonald's the other morning when a car pulled up beside me and the window rolled down. This charming citizen informed me that in her view, the Morris newspaper isn't nearly as good as when I was there.
Obviously there is a lot I could say about this. The reason I have rolled up my sleeves of late writing about Tiger sports is that the newspaper has seemed to exude more lethargy than usual, certainly in terms of its website. If the coverage isn't later, it's minimal or skeletal. It might have originated from the Willmar newspaper.
I learned long ago that the Willmar paper is quite fallible when the Tigers play on the road. That's because the home team coaches call in.
But even if the material weren't fallible, we have kind of an empty feeling when our own Morris paper relies on material from Willmar. I assume the Morris paper has an employee who "gets in free" with a "press pass" for home games. Thus there's an expectation that the Morris paper will give a rip.
If this attitude is not forthcoming, then I have a theory as to why. I shared this with a sports parent at the Morris Public Library recently. The day may come when the newspaper pleads that it really can't do a good job without "sponsorship" (i.e. sponsorship specifically of sports coverage). I guarantee you this is their mindset these days.
And don't think my theory is outlandish. Who would have thought ten years ago that people would have to pay for obituaries? Today they do, by paying something like 50 bucks to the funeral home which then pays the paper.
We already have "sucker businesses" in Morris who pay to be in the paper's "sucker ads." This is the term used by some in the newspaper industry for those "ads" which are just a block of space with some benevolent or promotional theme at the top, and then you see lists of businesses below. I'm sure you know what I'm referring to.
Even the MACA sports schedules appear each season in a "sucker ad" form, with those tiny - yes, very tiny - boxes along the edge with businesses' names. If you have paid for such an ad, think of how you might spend this money better. You could give it to the Sports Boosters or the Morris Area School Foundation, where the money would have tangible results. You don't have to send it to Fargo where the newspaper is owned out of.
Just stop and think, please.
And most importantly, keep supporting the Tigers!
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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