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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

MACA boys show superiority on the road

Tigers 18, Montevideo 7
Friday night was not a pleasant time for watching football from a weather standpoint. MACA fans were able to push weather considerations aside as they enjoyed a big road win.
Coach Kevin Pope's squad prevailed over the Thunder Hawks of Montevideo, 18-7.
Some expert fans told me the Tigers had a good chance to close out their regular season with wins. The first of those hoped-for successes came Friday (10/4). 
The Tigers scored one touchdown each in the first, second and fourth quarters. They now own a 2-4 record and apparently have a good chance of finishing the regular season 4-4. Let's not assume any success will come easily.
Monte also came out of Friday at 2-4. Monte's lone touchdown was scored in the fourth quarter.
Isaac Wente was a huge part of the MACA success. Time and again he'd get the football and grind out significant yardage. In all he had 35 carries of the football. He plowed through lots of daylight in the Monte defense. Isaac had 256 rushing yards and two touchdowns.
As a team the Tigers had 344 rushing yards. The defensive crew held the T-Hawks to 198 total yards. The MACA stat in first downs was 18, compared to ten by Montevideo.
Passing had no impact for the Tigers. But it didn't matter considering the authoritative tone of the running game. A bruising running game always puts a smile on the coach's face. A fan told me in pre-season that running the football was going to be a priority for coach Pope.
Quarterback Bryce Jergenson did his part running the football Friday, with 63 rushing yards in just six carries. He did not have positive yardage in passing. For the record, Nate Vipond had one pass catch but it was for negative yardage.
Bryce had no interceptions. I suspect the weather held down passing opportunities.
Trent Wulf had 28 rushing yards on five carries.
Noah Grove punted the ball three times for an average of 24 yards. These Tigers are cited on the tackle chart: Riley Biesterfeld, Corey Storck, Nathan Anderson, Nate Vipond and Alec Gausman.
Monte highlights: Markus Kranz rushed for 73 yards for the T-Hawks. Troy Diggins completed four of 14 pass attempts for 61 yards, and had none picked off. Bryce Maurice and Spence Sulflow each had two pass receptions.
Scoring: The Morris Area Chokio Alberta scoring began with Wente finding the end zone from ten yards out in the first quarter. The conversion run attempt was unsuccessful.
Next it was QB Jergenson scoring on a three-yard run in the second quarter. Again the conversion run try was no good.
Monte kept close with a touchdown in the fourth quarter, scored by Dazhown Coleman on a 16-yard run. Austin Hiepler kicked the point-after.
Wente ended any doubt as to who would win this game, as he crossed the end zone stripe on a 25-yard run. The conversion pass attempt was no good. I'm not sure why the MACA kicking game was no-go. Was it the weather and conditions? To the west of here we had an all-out blizzard.
Click on the permalink below to view my Flickr photo album of MACA Tiger football, 2013. Thanks for viewing. - B.W.
McDonald's not enough?
I'm healthier today than I should be. I attempted to have my evening meal at McDonald's in Morris on Thursday and Friday nights, but I had to depart. Customers were crowding there. As I left on Friday, I noticed cars backed up for what seemed like a block from the drive-in window. Had I waited to be served, the wait would have been too long and uncomfortable.
I have noticed that sometimes McDonald's has only one cash register going when they should have two. A customer waiting in line behind me pointed this out once. Sometimes a customer will be at the counter being served a large and complicated order. It takes time.
So, maybe there should be benches for waiting, or maybe the place should operate like a traditional restaurant where you take your seat and get "waited on." At least you could sit and relax.
But McDonald's is "fast food." Problem is, fast food establishments are not as fast as they used to be. One reason is their menus have gotten larger. It's a trade-off: Do you want to emphasize speed of service or variety of selections? I don't know, but the glut of business that sometimes happens at our McDonald's is calling for some sort of remedy.
It was kind of sad Friday night, seeing this little oasis of a business with bright lights on the north end of town attracting such a crowd of people wanting a service, while the rest of the town seemed deader than a doornail. Something is out of whack in terms of supply and demand. 
Either we need a second fast-food restaurant, like we had for a while with Burger King, or McDonald's needs to expand or otherwise adjust its service for those "runs" of business.
A bus pulled in while I was there on Thursday. Buses are to be expected from time to time. Like any business, McDonald's should strive to serve all its customers in an effective way all the time. It's a community or Chamber of Commerce issue.
Bring back Burger King? Is it true our local McDonald's pulled certain strings to see that the Burger King would leave? That's fine as long as McDonald's can handle the demand henceforth. I'm not sure it can.
If anyone associated with our local McDonald's reads this, don't cuss or gnash your teeth. You should be thankful for people like me who care about your business.
"I'm lovin' it?" Well, not all the time.
Oh, what did I end up having for supper on Thursday and Friday nights? A bowl of Grape Nuts Flakes and whole wheat toast.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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