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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Girls roll over LQPV, boys fall at ACGC

Tigers 68, LQPV 25
Cheers were frequent at our MAHS gym on Monday (1/13) as the Tigers made basket after basket. The MACA girls were totally in command against the Eagles of Lac qui Parle Valley. Coach Dale Henrich's squad prevailed in the 68-25 final.
The Tigers raced to a 27-11 lead by halftime.
The decisive edge was especially impressive when you consider LQPV entered with a good won-lost record. Even after Monday, the Eagles owned one more win on the season than MACA (7 to 6). The MACA record: 6-5.
Morris Area Chokio Alberta outscored the Eagles 41-14 in the second half. The MACA scoring had a balanced flavor. Eleven Tigers were in the scoring list. This list is topped by Beth Holland who put in 14 points. Lauren Reimers scored nine, followed by Liz Tiernan and Becca Holland who each had seven.
The list continues with Nicole Strobel and Abbie Olson each with six points, and then three Tigers each with four: Kayla Pring, Kaitlin Vogel and Sam Henrichs. Rebekah Aanerud contributed three points and Piper Gibson two.
These numbers add up to 66 points, not 68, but that's how it was reported in the Willmar newspaper.
The Tigers made four of eight 3-point shots and were 29 of 62 in total field goals. These Tigers made the 3's: Aanerud, Reimers, Beth Holland and Tiernan. In freethrows the Tigers were six of ten.
It was Becca Holland topping the rebound list with seven, followed by Reimers with six. Vogel led in assists with four followed by Pring and Beth Holland each with three. Beth Holland stole the ball four times, and Olson had two steals.
It's hard to keep track of these things, but Lac qui Parle is a non-conference opponent.
None of the Eagles scored in double figures. Kelsea Lund and Alaysia Freetly each scored seven points. Kaitlin Connor and Sarah Halldorson each had four, and Aundrea DuFrane three. Lund made a three-pointer.
The MACA defense limited the Eagles to eight made field goals.
Lac qui Parle came out of the night with a 7-3 record.
Boys basketball: ACGC 85, Tigers 77
One of the better football photos I have taken in recent years is of Taylor Larson catching a touchdown. But, Larson is not an MACA Tiger. He's with the Falcons of ACGC. I was in position for that photo anticipating an MACA defensive play. Instead Larson got the advantage. He has made noise in ACGC athletics ever since.
On Monday, Jan. 13, Larson scored 35 points at the expense of our MACA Tigers. The ACGC boys turned back the Tigers in an 85-77 final at ACGC.
The Tigers stayed close much of the way. Finally, with about seven minutes left, Larson and his Falcon mates began taking charge. The Falcons went on a 10-2 run to assume a 12-point lead.
The Tigers were able to stay close as long as they did, largely because of contributions from Eric Staebler and Noah Grove. Look for these two to have special statistical impact in any given game. Staebler had a harvest of 30 points Monday. And Grove's total: 23.
Other Tigers have their moments as well, like Jacob Zosel who scored nine points against the Falcons. Riley Biesterfeld put in six points, Bryce Jergenson four, Andrew Goulet three and Jordan Arbach two.
Grove was poised and effective from three-point range, making five long-rangers. Zosel and Staebler each made one '3' as MACA put up team numbers of seven of 17.
In total field goals the Tigers were 27 of 57. In freethrows the Tigers had a sharp eye with 16 of 20 stats.
Staebler, the sophomore center, vacuumed the boards for 15 rebounds. Jergenson came through with five rebounds, and he topped the assist list with six. Zosel stole the ball three times.
Larson shot with a "bombs away" approach as he made six 3-pointers for the victor. David Kinzler made two 3-pointers and finished with 22 points. Brody Larson connected once from three-point range. Brody's point total was twelve, while Colton Minnick put in ten and Adam Johnson six.
The Falcons were nine of 22 in three-pointers and 28 of 62 in total field goals. In freethrows the Falcons were even sharper than MACA, making 20 of 23.
Adam Johnson led ACGC in rebounds with seven. Brody Larson had seven assists, and Taylor Larson had five steals. Overall it was Taylor Larson's night in front of the friendly Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City crowd.
MACA came out of the night with a 3-10 record.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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