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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Boys win, girls falter vs. Breckenridge

The MAHS gym was the site for non-conference hoops action Saturday - boys and girls. The orange and black vied with the green of Breckenridge.
Coach Mark Torgerson's boys took command, going up on Breck 29-17 in the first half and winning in the end, 64-55. This was win No. 8 on the season for the orange and black boys. Breck is having a below-.500 season.
Morris and Breckenridge were long-time tournament rivals in the old "District 21," remember? I seem to recall Breck winning a little too often. It's nice to see the Tigers with the winning total from Saturday (2/15).
Noah Grove made two 3-pointers. Eric Staebler made one as the Tigers were an efficient three of eight in that category. MACA was 24 of 45 in total field goals and 13 of 24 at the freethrow line.
Staebler snared ten rebounds while Grove had six. Grove set the pace in assists with five, followed by Nathan Anderson with four. Staebler stole the ball three times.
Staebler and Grove were offensive cogs with their 23 and 22 points respectively. Anderson put in eight points followed by Bryce Jergenson (7), Andrew Goulet (3) and Jacob Zosel (1).
Three Breck Cowboys each made one 3-pointer: Nate Blaufuss, Blaze Smith and Jordan Christensen. Nate Lorenz was the top Breck scorer with 16 points.
Morris Area Chokio Alberta arrives at Presidents Day with an 8-14 record. Breck's W/L numbers: 9-12.
Girls: Breck 65, Tigers 60
The Tigers bounded onto their home court with a seven-game winning streak, hoping to dispose of the green-clad foe to make it eight. They sure looked like they'd accomplish this at halftime. The Tigers led the Cowgirls 29-15 at halftime.
Breck was a foe to be respected, owner of an above-.500 record. Breck showed that quality in the second half. The green team surged, scoring 50 points in the second half to overcome the host Tigers. Breckenridge outscored the orange and black 50-31 in the second half and won 65-60. It was Breck's tenth win of the season against seven losses.
Breck's success was with just one successful '3', put up by Allison Beyer. Kennedy Conzemius was Breck's top scorer with 22 points. Haley Bommersbach was the other double figures scorer for Breck, putting in 17 points. Katina Dahlgren and Beyer each finished with eight. Katie Fredericksen scored seven points, Kenzie LaNoue two and Morgan LaNoue one.
The Cowgirls got a fair number of freethrow opportunities, 31, and made 18.
MACA made five 3-pointers led by Becca Holland who made four. Lauren Reimers made the other. MACA had five of 13 team numbers in 3's. The Tigers were 22 of 69 in their total field goals, and eleven of 17 at the freethrow line.
Lacee Maanum was the top rebounder with eight followed by Abbie Olson and Becca Holland each with six. Reimers led in assists with five followed by the Holland sisters - Becca and Beth - each with four. Becca Holland and Olson co-led in steals with three.
Three Tigers scored in double figures led by Beth Holland with 17 points. Becca was right behind with her 16, and Olson put in 13 points. Reimers scored seven followed by Nicole Strobel (3), Lacee Maanum (2) and Kayla Pring (2).
Prior to this loss, coach Dale Henrich's squad had put together a string of success marked by eleven wins in 12 games. They'll strive to find that winning groove again on Tuesday, here, vs. ACGC.
Not a placid Presidents Day
The weather is blustery and depressing for Presidents Day 2014. Such weather has seemed to be the norm for this gloomy winter. Global climate change?
The word is that school is two hours late today. But that was subject to change at the time I heard it (at McDonald's). Will school get nixed for the day? Conditions don't seem all that terrible, but I heard that common expression: "It's bad in the country."
You know what? This is a phrase that is really associated with Morris. "It's bad in the country." Maybe it could be emblazoned on our water tower.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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