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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Biesterfeld's three-run double propels Legion 9

The Morris Legion boys picked up win No. 2 on Monday, June 23, at Wheaton. They owned a 2-2 record coming out of this nice 10-7 win over Wheaton.
The Morris bats were robust, producing eleven hits, but Wheaton did quite fine too with 12. Each team committed two errors.
The middle innings were when the Morris offense really got the job done. The fifth inning saw eight batters visit the plate for Motown. Post #29 seized the lead for good, pushing in four runs. This was on the heels of a three-run rally in the fourth.
Sean Amundson showed patience at the plate in the fifth, watching four pitches sail outside the strike zone, then tossing his bat aside and trotting down to first. The effect of that was to push a run in, and bring Morris up even with Wheaton on the scoreboard. The score stood 6-6. Could Morris achieve that extra burst of momentum to get the edge? Most certainly.
The big blast came right after that base on balls. The blast came off the bat of Riley Biesterfeld. It soared over the outfielder's head way out in center. The result: a double that generated three runs.
had a memorable day as he also pitched. He did give up the seven runs but only two were earned. He struck out three batters, walked two and survived the 12 Wheaton hits.
Justin Coffman took the pitching loss for the host. Cameron Maudal and Brad Dahlen also worked their pitching arm for Wheaton. Coffman smacked two hits, scored a run and drove in one. Braden Krump tripled as part of a two-for-four showing for Wheaton. He scored two runs. Dahlen sported a two-for-four line with an RBI. And Brayden Lampe knocked in two runs to go with his two-for-four line.
All right, let's get to the Morris offensive highlights. Bryce Jergenson was quite in the groove with his hitting eye. He socked a two-run home run plus a double. He crossed home plate twice and drove in three runs. He had three hits in five at-bats.
did more than draw a run-scoring walk. Sean smacked two hits in four at-bats, scored two runs and drove in two. Biesterfeld had that key double that plated three runs, plus he scored a run himself. Brady Jergenson had a two-for-four showing.
Jared Anderson went one-for-three with an RBI. Travis Engebretson had a hit in three at-bats. Robert Rohloff scored three runs while going one-for-four.
Morris got started with a two-run rally in the first inning. Wheaton made its own firm statement with four runs between the second and third innings. The fourth inning saw both teams make a statement, Morris with three runs and Wheaton with two. The fifth inning belonged to the Motown boys. That made the difference. Each team scored a run in the seventh.
What's up with the school?
Writing about the Morris Legion team puts my mind on high school matters, where obviously things have not been placid over the past few months. The waters have been turbulent. Our high school principal, a man I have never met, was forced out of his office back around Christmastime - not a merry Christmas indeed - and had to go on extended paid leave. That's nothing but bad news for taxpayers, I assume.
But hey, government entities can always get the money, right? Just like our library, which is hobbling along right now with much less than 100 percent of its assets being provided. I assume we as City of Morris taxpayers are supporting the library all along, even if it's hobbled.
As for the school, we of course got the bombshell news a few days ago that criminal charges vs. the principal were dropped, mysteriously. It's mysterious of course because we are getting no communication as to what the "new evidence" is. It's of public interest because the former defendant was our high school principal, a very important local official or public figure. I think we really are owed an explanation on this.
We deserve such an explanation because our school year was seriously disrupted. I'm sure there were severe logistical challenges for the school. I mean, for the principal to just be ejected, in effect, suddenly from his office - man, that's drastic. The school had to have been seriously inconvenienced, even if that's being denied. What would you expect them to say? "Man, things really went to hell." We won't hear that.
Everyone is going to try to put a gloss over this, and that especially includes the county attorney's office. The party line right now among the "tag team" of prosecutors and the police has been back-patting all around. "Everyone did an outstanding job" etc.
Well, I'll differ on that. If "new information" was to be garnered, it should have been garnered sooner. A man faced the prospect of at least 30 years in prison. Can you imagine what that must be like? And now, it's over and we're supposed to progress back to normalcy? Initially people are going to be relieved and will want to "get past this." But if you think there are not scars or won't be a cloud, then you must have been born yesterday. What a mess.
Motown ought to be above this. And now our superintendent is rowing away in his lifeboat.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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