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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Girls shine on home court, sweeping Paynesville

Tigers 3, Paynesville 0
Karly Fehr was nearly perfect as setter in the Tigers' Thursday (9/4) win over the Bulldogs of Paynesville. The busy and proficient Fehr posted 55/56 numbers in good/attempts. Her set assist total was 21. She surely facilitated the Tigers' hitting in this sweep win in front of appreciate home fans.
This was MACA's second sweep win of the young season. Scores vs. Paynesville were 25-20, 25-13 and 25-14.
Lacee Maanum and Brooke Gillespie each had one ace block. Gillespie put up 13 digs followed by Kourtney Giese (8), Haley Erdahl (6) and Kayla Pring (5).
Gillespie was a cog in hitting with her eleven kills and 21 of 24 in good/attempts. Pring was 15 of 19 in G/A with nine kills. Maanum spiked for eight aces and put up 20 of 26 numbers. Fehr was two of two with two kills, Tracy Meichsner was four of four and Erdahl 11 of 13.
Two Tigers each had two serving aces: Maanum (15 of 15) and Pring (seven of seven). Three Tigers each added one serving ace to the mix: Erdahl (11 of 12), Gillespie (8/9) and Fehr (18/19). Lindsey Dierks was a perfect nine of nine in serving, and Bobbi Jo Kurtz a nifty three of three.
Ashley Froelich pounded down six kills for the visitor, and she also had an ace block. Bulldog Sydney Riley had ten set assists. Ella Johnson attacked well from the serving line, notching five serve aces, but the Tigers were able to overcome. Johnson had 14 digs for the green cause.
The Tigers will seek to get above .500 on Tuesday, 9/9, at Sauk Centre. They're 2-2 at present.
Football: Montevideo 26, Tigers 6
MACA football has been pretty uneventful so far in the 2014 fall. The Tigers have been held to six points in each of their two games.
Word is, injuries are a factor including at least one concussion. I hope the individual with the concussion is very cautious about returning. There's no point in risking a lifelong problem just to play a game.
Even the other injuries will need to be treated with caution. Years from now, few people will remember or care how these games turn out. Again, I'll say I wish Morris had a good soccer program for its young male athletes. When I stopped by the Tigers' season opener and saw such a large crowd, I shook my head. We should be behaving in a more enlightened way and backing away from the needlessly violent and dangerous sport of football.
Maybe in a past era, football was some sort of badge of masculinity or being "macho." We don't think like this anymore. Any sport that is too dangerous for girls is maybe too dangerous for everyone.
Anyway, the Tigers were defeated Friday by the Montevideo Thunder Hawks at Monte, 26-6. MACA had zeroes through the first three quarters. Finally we got a score in the fourth as Chase Metzger caught a 25-yard pass from Toby Sayles.
Four Montevideo touchdowns preceded that score. Jimmy Jorgenson scored on a 37-yard run. Markus Kranz found the end zone on a run from the 13. Kranz scored again on a five-yard scamper. Then, Bryce Maurice hauled in a 29-yard touchdown pass from Jorgenson. Hever Valenzuela kicked for two PATs on the Monte scores.
Isaac Wente rushed for 61 yards on 13 carries for Morris Area Chokio Alberta. Trent Wulf had 21 rushing yards on eleven carries. Trent Marty completed four passes for 17 yards and had one interception. Sean Amundson had two pass receptions while Noah Grove and Chase Metzger each had one.
Wulf intercepted a pass. Nate Vipond was a tackle chart standout with eight solos and two assists.
Kranz was all over the field carrying the pigskin for Monte. He nearly gained 200 yards. Passing wasn't much of a factor for the T-Hawks. Isaac Douglas had two completions and Jimmy Jorgenson one. Bryce Maurice and Matthew Henriksen each had one interception.
The Tigers resume play this Friday vs. YME at Big Cat Stadium.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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