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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gala Homecoming week ends in 26-14 win

The sun came out for the MAHS Homecoming parade Friday. It was a glorious afternoon for the community to celebrate the school.
A huge highlight for me was seeing a familiar face from the mid-1960s. Seated on one of the parade units was Roger whose lengthy last name I won't attempt to spell here. He was an exchange student from Madagascar. He and another alum were seated on a car with a banner trumpeting the MHS Class of '65 reunion. I remember Roger well because he lived in my neighborhood, just two doors down. He was a guest of the Holt family. Dr. Holt got the USDA soils lab going.
I know Roger was on the football team. I think he was the kicker because of his background in soccer. Roger has an infectious smile. I ran alongside the car and shook hands. He might have been thinking "my goodness, I wasn't expecting anyone along the parade route to remember me."
Kids today are all familiar with Madagascar because of the movie, right? I hope Roger's life has been blessed with lots of success. The Class of '65 members have entered their retirement years. The parade was super. So was the game.
Tigers 26, Sauk Centre 14
Lots of orange and black was seen among the sea of fans at Big Cat Stadium Friday night. I have been saying we as a society must turn away from football. There was no sign of any retreat here. It helps we have a winner I'm sure.
We improved to 5-1 with this success vs. the Streeters of Sauk Centre. Sauk was the Homecoming opponent when I was a senior in high school. We didn't fare so well in '72, when Jim Satter was the coach and Dan Long the star player. Our team was a great bunch of guys, though, like Willard Wevley and Craig Birch. Sauk's quarterback was Loren Beste, I recall.
In the 2015 edition of the MAHS Homecoming football game, played at the state of the art Big Cat facility, we took a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. Sauk Centre wasn't this soft when I was in high school. Chase Metzger scored the first touchdown of the evening. Chase was off to the races, as in a "chase" - get it? - and scored on a 25-yard run. The conversion try was no-go.
Metzger was off to the races again for our second score - he sprinted 50 yards! The conversion play was good on a pass from Trent Marty to Eric Staebler. Sauk Centre scored in the second quarter on a 36-yard pass from Simon Weller to Kyle Froseth. The PAT kick try failed.
The Tigers scored the next two touchdowns. First it was Marty passing to Sean Amundson 33 yards for the score. Next it was Metzger racing over 73 yards of real estate. The conversion tries misfired after these scores.
The Streeters concluded the night's scoring with a Weller touchdown pass to Will Funk. Weller passed to Blaine Olson for two on the conversion.
The Tigers rushed for 306 yards on the night. Metzger had superlative stats: seven carries for 143 yards. Jacob Zosel rushed for 62 yards on 13 carries. Ryan Dietz clutched the football eleven times for rushing yardage of 48. And Connor Koebernick had five carries for 32 yards.
Marty was typically efficient passing the football: four completions in eight attempts for 63 yards and no interceptions. Metzger had four catches for 41 yards, and Amundson made a reception for 33 yards.
Weller for Sauk Centre had 13 pass completions in 20 attempts for 169 yards, with one interception. Kyle Froseth grabbed five receptions for 94 yards. Dylan Haskamp gathered in three aerials for 17 yards. Funk rushed for 36 yards and Haskamp for 33. Sauk was left with a 1-5 season record. The Tigers are shining in Mid-State District play.
Volleyball: Tigers 3, BOLD 2
The MACA girls traveled to Warrior country of BOLD Thursday and had its second five-game match of the week. This time the Tigers won. MACA garnered its eleventh win of the season at the expense of BOLD.
We started out with a 25-14 win in game 1. BOLD evened things up with their 25-21 game 2 win. Game 3 had the Tigers surge to a 25-20 win. BOLD forced game 5 by prevailing over the Tigers 25-18 in game 4. Morris Area Chokio Alberta turned on the jets in the deciding game 5. We were the 15-4 victor in game 5, thus we took the match 3-2.
Jenna Howden was at the fore in the hitting department, producing 12 kills. Brooke Gillespie pounded down eleven kills. Ashley Solvie was the third Tiger in double digits with her ten kills, then came Lindsey Dierks (9), Carly Maanum (4), Karly Fehr (3), Haley Erdahl (2) and Riley Decker (1).
Fehr put up 40 set assists. Maanum supplied three assists. In ace blocks, Gillespie and Solvie each had two and Fehr had one. Decker was at the fore in digs with 23. Dierks dug up the ball 16 times while Gillespie had 12 digs. Fehr added eight digs to the mix, and Koral Tolifson had seven.
Three Tigers each had two ace serves: Fehr, Dierks and Decker. Tolifson batted one ace serve.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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