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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Girls cross country team No. 1 in Section 6A

Only one runner was faster than Maddie Carrington in the big Section 6A cross country meet on Thursday (10/29). I assume the weather was just as blustery in Long Prairie as it was here. We're in that in-between time between fall and winter. We once had a "Halloween blizzard," remember?
Maddie Carrington and her fellow MACA girls team members won the Section 6A team championship. Here's a toast! We took the crown among the 17 total teams. Carrington covered the course in 19 minutes, 19 seconds. She was No. 2 to the finish chute behind Anna Donnay of Eden Valley-Watkins, whose time was 19:05.
Savannah Aanerud showed impressive form with her No. 7 showing, achieved in a time of 20 minutes, 43 seconds. Malory Anderson achieved the top ten, finishing right at No. 10 with her time of 20:57. Kaylie Raths finished 16th (21:29) and Midori Soderberg 30th (22:01). Eden Valley-Watkins was the runner-up girls team.
Donnay and Carrington were followed in the top five by Brynn Fernholz of West Central (third, 20:33), Kristine Kalthoff of Albany (fourth, 20:34) and Alli Ruprecht of Holdfingford (fifth, 20:35).
The champion boys team was West Central. Here's a toast to the Knights!
The MACA boys finished tenth, led by Tate Nelson (21st place, time of 18:11). Noah Stewart placed 39th, timed at 18:53. Cam Arndt arrived at the finish chute No. 53, timed at 19:10. Ryan Gray was 70th (19:28) and Tyler Reimers 112th (20:38). There are lots of runners in these post-season affairs.
The champion male runner was Ryley Nelson, one of those Knights from West Central Area. Ryley's time: 16:54. Ben Himmelspach of Otter Tail Central was No. 2, timed at 16:59. Then came Chris Swenson of West Central, clocked at 17:01. Charlie Frost of OTC was No. 4 (17:03) and Ethan Olson of WCA was fifth (17:23).
The section meet was a true spectacle at the Long Prairie Golf Course. Now it's on to state, slated November 7 at St. Olaf College, Northfield.
Volleyball: Tigers 3, Benson 0
Sometimes I wonder about these post-season contests where No. 1 plays No. 8. Sometimes they seem a mere formality. The Tigers breezed through round 1 of Section 3AA-North play on Thursday (10/29). The Tigers swept No. 8 Benson by scores of 25-11, 25-15 and 25-11.
Lindsey Dierks was a terror at the serving line. This Tiger was laser-focused on getting aces. She fueled the sweep success with four ace serves. These Tigers each had one ace serve: Karly Fehr, Riley Decker and Cassidy Fehr. Fehr was the cog as setter like always, on this night picking up 36 assists.
Jenna Howden executed two ace blocks while Fehr and Carly Maanum each executed one. Decker had the team-best dig total of 16. Dierks had nine digs and Brooke Gillespie six.
Here we go with the hitting summary: here it was Gillespie at the fore with her nine kills. Ashley Solvie had eight kills, Dierks seven, Howden six and Moira McNally five. Haley Erdahl and Maanum each came through with three kills, while Fehr added one to the mix.
Hanna Lindblad had a serving ace for Benson. Addie Forbord had six set assists while Lindblad had four. Three Braves each had one ace block: Megan Amundson, Amanda Nissen and Victoria Pagel. A trio of Braves each had three kills: Sophie Ascheman, Danielle Himley and Nissen.
A dubious ten-year anniversary
It was in 2005 that the UMM goalpost incident happened. It was on Homecoming weekend. I needed that journalistic obligation like I needed a hole in the head. I was probably at the P.E. Center when it happened. I had just arrived for the UMM volleyball match, and I was surprised to notice the football game hadn't ended yet. When leaving the volleyball match, I still had no word of that tragedy at the field: a student was killed as part of the rite of "taking down the goalposts."
Those students needed to do that like they needed a hole in the head. Only in sports could something like this happen. I'll take the UMM Homecoming concert at the HFA over any Neanderthal football game. People do not attend the music concert full of alcohol.
Was anyone at UMM ever fired as a result of the goalpost incident? If not, why not? Oh, I know why: the act of firing someone would be an admission of culpability. UMM's first priority when something like this happens is to protect its interests in terms of not getting sued. I would like to see a list of UMM campus security personnel who were present at the field when this happened.
Chancellor Sam Schuman would later say that if he had to do it over again, he would personally go out to the field and tell the students to knock it off. "Maybe they would have listened," he said. Why should it be up to him?
I must have answered a hundred phone calls over the rest of the weekend, from media near and far. Why couldn't Schuman have done a press conference on Sunday just to try to get all the questions answered? It's bad enough that football is a sport that greatly endangers the health of its participants. Football should be cancelled at UMM and we can enjoy soccer.
My coverage of the goalpost incident drew a response from Mike Busian, who I thought was probing the outermost reaches of his imagination. It was an asinine piece in which he even cited "the First Amendment." I wouldn't want a doctor whose mind worked that way.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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