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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Softball Tigers thump Montevideo 10-3

Tigers 10, Monte 3
MACA softball gained its tenth conference win Monday (5/16). The score was 10-3 as coach Mary Holmberg's Tigers turned back the Thunder Hawks. Our conference record now: 10-1. We're a game up on the BOLD Warriors. A big showdown with the Warriors - a doubleheader no less - is slated for Thursday, here. The Eagles complex will be a packed place, for sure.
The Tigers jumped to a 2-0 lead in the second inning of the Monte game. We really took charge in the third inning when six more runs streamed in. The Tigers cruised the rest of the way, supported by the pitching of Brooke Gillespie. Gillespie pitched the whole seven innings, striking out four batters and walking two while giving up six hits.
The losing pitcher was Breanna Welling. Welling was sharp at times as she struck out seven batters. But she gave up the eleven Tiger hits.
Let's look at that hitting attack. Madison Wevley was assertive with the bat, going three-for-four with four RBIs. Lexi Mahoney socked a double. Bailey Marty had a hot bat with her three-for-four boxscore line. Piper Gibson, Nicole Solvie and Lindsey Dierks all went one-for-four, while Gillespie went one-for-three.
For the host T-Hawks, Taylor Haugen had a double as part of going two-for-two. Ashley McKee doubled. Welling, Abby Olson and Kaylee Glomstad also hit safely for the T-Hawks.
Baseball: Melrose 3, Tigers 1
The recent skein of success by the MACA Tigers came to an end Monday. Melrose had special incentive to win, knowing they could seize first place in the West Central Conference. They succeeded at the Morris field, holding the Tigers to just four hits. Those four hits were by Sean Amundson, Jared Anderson, Toby Sayles and Philip Anderson. Jared scored a run and Philip drove in a run.
MACA pitcher Brady Jergenson could have used a little more offensive support. He was effective, striking out seven batters and walking just one. He did allow nine hits. One of the runs he allowed was unearned.
The winning pitcher was Tyler Braegelmann. Braegelmann struck out five batters, walked two and allowed four hits in his route-going performance.
The Dutchmen had a 2-1 lead after two innings. Melrose scored its third run in the fifth while MACA was contained by Braegelmann. We were outhit 9-4. Fielding worked against us, as we had three errors compared to Melrose's one.
Tyler Moscho went two-for-two with a run scored for Melrose. Colton Meyer went two-for-three with a double, and drove in a run. Mitchell Waldvogel had two hits in four at-bats.
UMM school year concludes
Saturday was graduation day at our U of M-Morris. Our family decided not to attend, based on the crush of people we were likely to encounter at the P.E. Center. We'd have to try to get the attention of those golf cart drivers. We have actually had good luck with that in the past. Thanks.
Did the UMM choir perform the "UMM Hymn?" I think if it had, someone would have told me. If they do, I will direct my annual financial contribution to the music department. Otherwise I will direct it to the Division of Social Sciences, like I did last year. I have much more in common with the social sciences people than the music people. Academic music people intimidate me. Still, they would probably accept my money.
I doubt that the current disruption in UMM administration was alluded to during the commencement, but maybe it was. We have had the bizarre situation of a newly-named chancellor suddenly withdrawing, for reasons that continue to seem vague and inadequate.
Eric Kaler said Rodney Hanley withdrew "after considerable thought and reflection." The logical response is: Why couldn't he have engaged in this considerable thought and reflection before accepting the appointment, or before even applying?
Kaler's statement is harmful, rather a slap in the face to us, because it implies that the Hanleys decided they didn't want to live in such a small town in such a remote place. You didn't assume that? Well, what then did you assume? We could push these assumptions aside if we could just get a better explanation.
I heard someone say Hanley will now be blackballed as an aspiring administrator.
Maybe, though, he has "his side of the story," and maybe he suddenly discovered, or was tipped off to, some bit of unpleasantness he'd have to deal with here. Look how Jacqueline Johnson and Sandy Olson-Loy were humiliated in that "NorthStar" publication. Maybe Hanley has a sense of decorum that wouldn't be at all compatible with that kind of treatment. I'm just speculating, of course. That is what we are forced to do when we are given inadequate information.
Did Hanley find out about the "gay devil worshipers" or "queer Satan worshipers" or whatever they are? Maybe this was just too distasteful for him. IMHO we need an administrator who can come in and tamp down all that ridiculous stuff. The young people at UMM come here to mature, don't they?
I wrote a post on the Hanley withdrawal Saturday for my companion website, "Morris of Course." Click on the permalink below to read, and thanks for reading:
Obviously I have communicated with some friends trying to ferret out the truth on the Hanley matter. Here's an email I received:
Regarding your question as to what me and other townspeople thought about the chancellor withdrawal situation, I missed the opportunity to use a great line I heard on a TV show recently. In answer to a similar but rhetorical question, Detective Bullock on the TV series "Gotham" replied: "That's above my pay grade and below my sense of wonder."
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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