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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Monday, June 27, 2016

Chase Metzger drives in winning run vs. B-E

Post 29 played errorless ball in a 4-3 win over Post 188 of Brandon-Evansville on Thursday, July 23. The difference came in the fifth inning when Chase Metzger strode up to bat and stroked a single, pushing in the game-winner. Fans watched at the Evansville diamond.
Brady Jergenson drove in the other three Morris runs. Jergenson's two-run single in the third gave Post 29 a 2-0 advantage. The lead was short-lived as B-E evened things up, using a wild pitch and a sacrifice fly off the bat of Kevin Campbell. Then in the fourth, B-E went up 3-2 on the scoreboard thanks to a Jake Hintermeister double and Gideon Morrow single.
The back-and-forth complexion continued in the fifth. Now it's Morris assuming the momentum with a two-run rally, decisive. Toby Sayles was perched at first when Brady Jergenson doubled. The score is tied. Robert Rohloff was on base as courtesy runner when Chase Metzger grounded a single to center. Rohloff breezed across home plate with the run that turned out to be the game-winner.
It was our fifth win of the season against two losses, and in league play we sport a 4-1 mark. B-E came out of the day at 2-1. Our line score was four runs, six hits and that nice "zero" total in errors. The B-E line score was 3-8-1.
Metzger had a stolen base to go with his RBI. He had a two-for-four line. Jergenson stood out with his double as part of going two-for-three, and he drove in three runs and scored one. Toby Sayles doubled and scored a run. Sean Amundson had a hit and a run scored.
Hintermeister was a force for the host Post 188 crew. He went two-for-three with a double, stole a base and scored a run. Morrow had a double, stole a base, drove in a run and scored one. Kevin Campbell had a hit and an RBI. Campbell's hit was not reported in the Willmar newspaper.
Toby Sayles was the lucky winner on the mound, in the sense his stat line wasn't particularly good. Sayles struck out four batters, walked four and gave up six hits in his six innings. The three runs he allowed were earned.
Ryan Bowman was handed the ball for one inning of pitching work. Ryan got the save, his second of the season, as he struck out two batters, walked none and gave up one hit. Losing pitcher Kevin Campbell pitched the whole way. He struck out five batters, walked five and allowed six hits and the four Morris runs, all earned.
Are we becoming a forest?
The old "main street" of our community seems to be a growing concern. Road signs would point to this as the "business district." I don't know about this term anymore. Businesses have been moving out of the historic business core of the town.
Of course, I'm old enough to remember when main street was really "the place to be" for shopping and socializing. I remember the pool hall. The now-vacant Aaron Carlson building was abuzz as a major grocery store: Juergensen's. Today we have seen businesses deserting main street, either closing or re-locating.
And I have to wonder: Do we really need those trees up and down Atlantic Avenue? Whose idea was this? The trees really just seem to obscure the businesses. They look out of place. If we want to appreciate nature, we can drive a few blocks until we're on the outskirts of town. We're a rural place, man. Businesses ought to stand out along main street. What other purpose does main street have? I felt sorry for Cullen's whose storefront was really obscured.
The Coborn's building sits there increasingly blighted. Remember when that was a real "hub" in Morris?
"People" activity does a lot in projecting vitality of a community. Coborn's is gone and Willie's has a monopoly, which makes the Willie's owner happy I suppose. Monopolies aren't the blessing they might appear to be.
Consolidation and "efficiencies" are taking over in our economy. But does this leave the general citizenry happier? Or it it just good for the richest element? Our drug stores have abandoned main street in favor of a tiny building on the outskirts. The grand opening there was trumpeted in the Morris newspaper like it was a big special deal. Marty Ohren smiling does not convince me that it's big or special. I think it's depressing.
That new service road on the north end of town is built so long, it looks like the city is anticipating much more development there. There's even a little "spur" for the possible extension of Columbia Avenue out across that field. I can remember when Columbia Avenue didn't even make it to the highway, in the pre-Pizza Hut, pre-Subway days. The so-called "Columbia Avenue extension" was actually controversial. Main street businesspeople were afraid it would be used for bypassing their businesses. Main street just kept fading.
The trend appears to be continuing now. If there's an economic depression triggered by that "Brexit" thing, well, Katy bar the door.
Could we get a pool hall back?
- Brian Williams - morris mn minneosta - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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