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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Friday, January 6, 2017

Mages and his 3-pointers help sink MACA

BOLD 68, Tigers 63
The MACA boys nearly came from behind to defeat the Warriors of BOLD Thursday night, here. We were in a hole, down 37-27 at halftime. We fought to get the score tied at 61-all. We outscored BOLD 36-31 in the second half. But the surge wasn't enough, so in the end we were defeated 68-63.
Mason Mages of BOLD was a thorn in our side. Mages connected for a '3' with less than a minute remaining. In all this Warrior made four 3-pointers and scored 18 total points. But it was Thomas Meyers leading the Warriors in scoring with 21 points. And two other BOLD players scored in double figures: Logan Dahik with eleven points and Gavin Vosika with ten.
Ryan Snow put in six points and Devin Gluesing added two. Mages' four 3-pointers were complemented by Meyers who made one long-ranger. Dahik snared eight rebounds while Vosika had six. Vosika dished out four assists and also stole the ball three times.
On to the Tigers' stats: Jacob Zosel and Tim Travis were a 1-2 punch with 15 and 14 points, respectively. Camden Arndt was next on the list with ten points. The list continues with Tate Nelson (9), Connor Koebernick (7), Kyle Staebler (4) and Lukus Manska (4). Five Tigers are on the list of three-point makes, led by Zosel with his two. These Tigers each made one '3': Travis, Nelson, Arndt and Manska.
Nelson snared eight rebounds while Arndt had seven. Nelson produced five assists and stole the ball three times.
Girls: Tigers 65, Montevideo 61
The Tigers and Montevideo fought to a stalemate in regulation time Tuesday night at Monte. Morris Area Chokio Alberta had the upper hand at halftime with a 35-26 lead. Monte found new life in the second half to outscore MACA 29-20, setting the stage for overtime. The orange and black had what it took in the OT extension, carving out a 10-6 advantage. So the action concluded with MACA on top, 65-61.
Maddie Carrington and Riley Decker each made two 3-pointers. Ashley Solvie topped the scoring list with 20 points. Decker contributed 13 points to the winning effort. Carrington's total point output was 12. The list continues with Correy Hickman (8), Nicole Solvie (6), Jenna Howden (4) and Mallory Anderson (2).
Rebound leaders were Ashley Solvie (12), Nicole Solvie (7) and Hickman (6). Hickman was the assist whiz with ten, followed by Ashley Solvie and Carrington each with four. Hickman had six steals and Anderson had four.
Abby Olson was at the fore of Montevideo's scoring as she poured in 25 points. Molly Reeves joined her in double figures with ten. Other Thunder Hawks scoring were Ashley McKee (9), Kaylee Glomstad (8), Kamren Saue (4), Sarah Sulflow (4) and Alex Wolner (1).
The T-Hawks had no three-point makes. McKee collected nine rebounds while Olson and Sulflow each had seven. Reeves and Olson each dished out three assists. Olson had five steals while McKee had three.
Travail again at U of M
Gophers football: enough, already? At a certain point in the unraveling of the recent University of Minnesota sports mess, didn't you begin to think: aren't we losing some sense of proportionality? The Star Tribune became dominated by the subject. Huge headlines at the top of various sections. You could page through and find references from various angles all over the place.
The misbehavior of the young men was considerable. But why the sensational reporting, as if our lives are somehow built around this group of student athletes who carry the banner on the field for the U?
We only care about them because of their ability to dash to and fro on a football field, seeking to garner wins over other institutions. When you get down to it, who cares? The U's athletes don't really represent Minnesota. They come here as warriors, mercenaries if you will. Beyond their football abilities we wouldn't care about them at all. You wouldn't want them around your daughter.
We cheer for the logo. We cheer for the team colors. A large percentage of Minnesotans really don't care how the team does at all. It's stupid to pay so much attention to this. But, for as long as the program gets bankrolled by so many generous resources, we will all be forced to pay attention to it, even acknowledging, and being reminded of, such sordid behavior.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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