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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

County fair confuses us once again

The Stevens County Fair appears to be sticking with the format it had last year. As I left DeToy's Restaurant this morning (Saturday), I noticed a flyer on the billboard that had August 8-13 as the fair dates for 2017. Last year I got totally confused as to what was going on.
The community supper was switched to Tuesday. I thus thought the fair would be open to all, including all the standard attractions, beginning on Wednesday. I felt the fair had simply expanded. We were shocked upon arriving at the fairgrounds and seeing "private parking" signs at the entry road north of the ethanol plant.
"Private parking?" I couldn't believe it. I drove all the way in to find someone I could personally ask. I was told that yes, it was indeed private parking. On an official day of the fair, Wednesday.
The fair was promoted on at least one billboard as beginning on Tuesday. What if an out-of-town person were to drive by, see those dates and plan accordingly? I know that the year I went to the Appleton fair, I probably saw the dates on some promo material. What if I had driven all the way to Appleton only to find that the fair wasn't really on yet? I'd be very upset.
Did the Stevens County Fair switch its community supper to Tuesday just to try to accommodate the Superior Industries people, so they could attend both that and their own private event? Why has the fair board allowed a big local private company to essentially reserve a chunk of our county fair for private purposes? Do they cut a nice big check to the fair board for having that privilege?
I realize we're living in times where private business interests are absolutely paramount and we're supposed to defer to all these business interests just like we elected big business tycoon Donald Trump. I remember a time when public interests and public purposes were really important. They in fact had primacy. I guess no more.
Whether I like it or not, the big business interests are taking over. We're not even supposed to question them. We're supposed to bow down to the Apostolic Christian big business bigshots who reflexively vote for Trump (that famous groper of women) and Republicans. They no doubt support the health care proposals coming from the GOP-controlled House and Senate.
I'd like to share some questions about these health care proposals, as presented by Eileen Gleason, a retired Federal prosecutor who has been a judge and in private practice. Her questions originally appeared in The Advocate, May 31, 2017.
- Who asked you to strip health insurance from 23 million Americans? Really, exactly who? And why?
- Do Americans want the freedom to not have insurance they cannot afford? They had this freedom all their lives and didn't like it.
- Why hand out windfalls to the wealthy? Why not write a bill providing the most protection using funds available without a tax cut?
- Why not fix the problems with the ACA? Why throw the baby out with the bathwater just because the baby was dubbed Obamacare?
- Why rush to vote without a Congressional Budget Office score? Now that it is out, why not repudiate this bill?
- Do those with mental illnesses want no coverage for mental illness or lifetime coverage limits?
- After this bill, who will care for the uninsured mentally ill? Prisons? Homeless shelters?
- Why abolish the Medicaid expansion, which allowed life-threatening conditions to be diagnosed and treated, and saved lives?
- The experience of states with underfunded high-risk insurance pools is not good. Will you commit to adequately fund these pools?
- Why leave it to the fifteen male Republican senators to negotiate behind closed doors about this important issue? Why are birth control and maternity services in jeopardy?
- Why defund women's health services at Planned Parenthood, while funding treatment of men's health conditions (erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer), without limiting where men can be treated?
- Why are Republicans threatening to withhold cost-sharing insurer subsidies and destabilizing the insurance marketplace?
- Why let insurers charge the elderly five times the premiums charged to the young?
- Why permit the sale of policies which do not cover the current essential health benefits, thereby sharply increasing costs to those covered?
- Why are the AMA and AARP, among others, against this bill?
- How about a waiting period of one week between finalizing the Senate bill and voting on it? Are you afraid of the feedback?
- Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com


  1. superior has had their annual ribs & rides event for quite a few yrs now for there employees the day b/4 the fair officially opens see nothing wrong with it,first day of fair is typically nothing but entry day anyway lots of info out there about when events actually start on there on posters,paper website etc.

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