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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tigers hand BOLD first loss, 34-29 at Big Cat

The Tigers in the foreground playing defense in the win over BOLD are Tim Ostby (left) and Connor Metzger. (Photos by B.W.)
Tom Holland, No. 3 of the Tigers, aims for more yardage in the win over BOLD.

Wednesday was a great night for viewing MACA football at our magnificent Big Cat Stadium. The Tigers took the field for the annual mid-week game which in the old days was called the MEA week game. Today it's "fall break."
The temperature felt like late-fall, no mistaking, but there didn't seem to be any wind and after a few minutes of being outside, the elements didn't seem to be a hassle at all.
The fan turnout seemed a little thin. But the fans who turned out at our Big Cat saw a whale of a game.
The BOLD Warriors came here looking like a juggernaut. They had yet to be beaten in both conference and overall. Would they roll over our Tigers? Most certainly not.
In a season of particularly exciting wins, coach Jerry Witt's Tigers added another one Wednesday.
Let history record the Tigers handed BOLD their first loss of the season. Fans were ecstatic as time expired with the orange and black up 34-29. It was the fourth win in league for MACA, fifth overall.
The playoffs beckon! The Tigers will host familiar opponent Benson for the start of playoffs this coming Tuesday, 10/25, at 7 p.m.
BOLD looked the part of an undefeated team in the first quarter. The Warriors built a 13-0 lead.
Skeptical fans might think this was a predictable script. But the Tigers appear completely unfazed in these situations.
The BOLD scoring pace slowed to a crawl in the second and third quarters - three points between the two quarters. Meanwhile the MACA engines began humming. Tim Ostby got MACA on the board with a two-yard TD carry, and Jake Torgerson passed to Tom Holland for two on the conversion.
Senior Ostby was on his way to a career type of night. He attacked the vaunted BOLD defense for 231 yards on 31 carries. His two-yard TD that put MACA on the board was the first of three TDs by this workhorse Tiger.
Holland scored the second MACA touchdown on a 19-yard run. Then it was Ostby catching the two-point conversion pass from Torgerson. We're in the second half now.
The Tigers also scored the next touchdown and this was on a big play run by Ostby: 76 yards. This time the two-point conversion pass try failed.
BOLD found new life with two touchdowns. First it was Zach Remillard scoring on a four-yard run. The conversion kick try was blocked. Then, Kyle Athmann found the end zone on a 15-yard run. Nic Bolleter kicked the point-after.
The rest of the night's scoring was performed by Morris Area Chokio Alberta. Ostby ran the football into the end zone from the six. The conversion pass try was unsuccessful.
Now the Tigers are down by one on the scoreboard, 29-28, so would those failed conversion plays haunt? For a while it looked like the answer might be "yes."
BOLD seemed in position to run out the clock. A fumble can always dash those designs. Indeed, the Warriors did turn over the football via fumble. This was a gift-wrapped break for MACA.
Torgerson engineered a 12-play scoring drive. Holland, the Tiger who had pounced on the fumble, caught a 17-yard screen pass. The eventual game-winning score came on a Logan Manska eight-yard pass reception.
It's too bad more fans weren't there to see this unforgettable 34-29 triumph. But kudos to all those who turned out.
Ostby was followed in the rushing department by Jordan Staples (eleven carries, 43 yards) and Holland (4-31).
Torgerson was efficient with the arm, completing six of his 14 pass tries for 70 yards and - this is important - no interceptions. Here's the receiving list: Chandler Erickson (two catches, 19 yards), Tyler Henrichs (1-12), Manska (2-22) and Holland (1-17).
Corey Storck did the Tigers' punting. Erickson and Dan Nelson had interceptions. Holland had that essential fumble recovery.
Standouts on the tackle chart were Holland, Connor Metzger, Staples and "Bubba" Gibson.
BOLD's Remillard rushed for 123 yards on 18 carries. Kyle Athmann did BOLD's passing.
BOLD can claim the WCC-South title despite the loss.
It has been quite the season for our orange and black. Stop and imagine how fun it would be to see Tiger football represented online in a system like for the UMM Cougars. In the meantime you can enjoy this website. Yours truly is having a blast.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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