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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tigers upend Eagles with big third quarter

Tom Holland makes a pass reception for the Tigers in the 22-15 win over LQPV. (Photos by B.W.)
Joel Harrison, #72 of the Tigers, wraps up a Lac qui Parle ballcarrier in the 22-15 win at Big Cat Stadium.

Lightning flashed to the south. Waves of rain were felt. The game was played to completion at Big Cat Stadium Friday night and it had a favorable outcome for the home team.
The Tigers picked up their second win in conference, 22-15 over the Eagles of Lac qui Parle Valley.
It was a night to hear regular updates on the Minnesota Lynx from the P.A. announcer. The fans built on the tradition of shouting the last word for "that's another Tiger first. . .down."
It was a night to savor the feeling of victory at DeToy's Restaurant post-game. Kudos to Boe and Tina DeToy for this promotion. The winning Tigers got pulled pork buns on the house.
The orange and black needed time to build up momentum in this game. Indeed, they had yet to score at halftime. Meanwhile the visiting Eagles scored 13 points in the first half.
Lac qui Parle's scoring in the second half was limited to a safety (two points). Otherwise the Eagles went flat while the Tigers got going. Coach Jerry Witt's squad took advantage of turnovers. Turnovers will haunt!
The third quarter told the story of this game as the Tigers scored all 22 of their points.
Let's look at the third quarter momentum change: It unfolded with Lac qui Parle having added those safety points and looking good with a 15-0 lead. A punt snap out of the end zone spelled safety and those two points for LQPV. The mood among Tiger fans might have dipped a little.
The 0-15 deficit was aggravated by having looked sloppy on the errant snap.
There were moments when the weather seemed to be adding insult to injury.
But any disconsolate mood was quickly wiped away by renewed determination. Morris Area Chokio Alberta took care of business in a flurry, scoring three touchdowns in a span of ten minutes.
Here we go:
Jake Torgerson passed to Brian Miller for a 38-yard touchdown. The conversion pass try was no good.
Next it was Tim Ostby crossing the end zone stripe for MACA. His scoring run was from the 30. This time the Tigers clicked on the conversion pass: Torgerson to Tyler Henrichs.
Ostby scored again when he found openings, turned on the jets and scored from the 14. Torgerson passed successfully to Tanner Picht on the conversion.
The Eagles and their fans were stunned and there was no comeback in the offing for them. The cats prevailed at Big Cat.
MACA came out of the night at 2-2 in league and 3-3 overall.
A look at the numbers: Lac qui Parle outdid MACA in first downs, 14-9. Ostby paced the MACA running attack with 52 yards on eleven carries. QB Torgerson rushed for 15 yards in eight carries. Jordan Staples added four rushing yards.
Torgerson was efficient with his passing arm, connecting on nine passes in 13 attempts with no interceptions. His aerial yardage: 114. The receptions really got spread around, to: Staples (one catch, 17 yards), Tyler Henrichs (1-13), Logan Manska (1-13), Ostby (1-6), Tom Holland (1-15), Brian Miller (1-38), Chandler Erickson (2-11) and Tanner Picht (1-1).
Picht handled the punting. Erickson intercepted a pass and Ostby recovered a fumble. Quarterback sacks were turned in by John Tiernan, Connor Metzger and Holland.
Standouts on the tackle chart were Holland, Erickson, Ostby, Metzger and Staples.
Sam Haas was a powerful ballcarrier for LQPV, amassing 172 yards in 25 carries. Lac qui Parle's infrequent passes were thrown by Dylan Erickson and Blake Hoium.
J.D. Struxness scored LQPV's first touchdown on the night with a 55-yard reception from Erickson. The Eagles' next two scores came from the kicking toe of Brandon Bornhorst (field goals).
Their next score was that safety. After that, everything seemed to go downhill for them. Turnovers can haunt!
BOLD owns the WCC-South crown, lifted by a 35-22 win over Paynesville. Their position was also solidified by Benson's 30-22 win over ACGC. BOLD is undefeated in conference and overall.
Zach Remillard was a force for the BOLD Warriors, running for 234 yards on just 18 carries in the win over Paynesville. He scored three touchdowns.
Next for the Tigers: a road game against the Yellow Medicine East Sting at 7 p.m. Friday, 10/14.
Click on the link below to reach the MACA football schedule/results page of Pheasant Country Sports.

We got a reminder of the fallibility of the old media last week. The regional daily paper that covers Tiger athletics included too many errors for comfort in its review of the Paynesville game.
The Tigers won an especially memorable game at Paynesville. It would be nice to have such a win preserved properly in those scrapbooks. But maybe we should push scrapbooks aside along with that regional paper. Let's think digital.
As for our own paper here in Morris, it has slipped largely into irrelevance because we must wait eight days to see a game review in the print product. The paper does have a website but it's not exactly an award-winner.
Mistakes in the media abounded because of an outdated system where the home team coaches phone in game results. It probably doesn't help when the home team loses a heartbreaker, you know, the kind of game where the losing coaches might be in a clipboard-throwing mood.
Led by the West Central Tribune, the media reported the wrong Tiger catching the 46-yard touchdown pass that won the game at the end. Chandler Erickson made that catch. There were other errors as well.
So should there be venting against the Paynesville coaching staff? I don't think that would be productive. I'm quite sure coaches are under no contractual obligation to "call in."
If they get negative blowback on how they handle this, they might well decide this system is more trouble than it's worth, and I wouldn't blame them.
There's an easy answer: online. School sports programs can develop their own online reporting bureaus. The exact form of these and exact system are still subject to study and development, and perhaps we'll see some variance.
But these teams should empower themselves by taking responsibility and ensuring quality standards on their own terms. They have to deal with the media anyway. It's just a question of how.
Student-fans with an interest in writing might be enlisted, just as I'm sure they do stat-keeping now.
A lot of people do this type of thing as a hobby, or they spend substantial time on social networks which are just a form of online information-sharing, much of it trivial. Tiger sports news is far beyond trivial.
Let's see some creative and entrepreneurial spirit on this. So Chandler Erickson and others can get their proper acknowledgment when they do something significant.

Tennis: 4-3 triumph over MACCRAY
The Tigers were dominant in the singles division and didn't fare so well in doubles on Monday, Oct. 3.
Since there are four singles positions and three doubles, this state of affairs worked out quite fine for the Tigers. The Morris Area Chokio Alberta tennis athletes downed the Wolverines of MACCRAY 4-3.
This was the final regular season match for coach Jim Gillis' squad.
It was Krista Matthews-Saugstad occupying the first singles position and she downed Paige Bourne. The set outcomes were 6-1 and 6-2.
Then at No. 2 singles, Abby Olson got the nod to play Brooke Rambow. Olson showed a winning flourish 6-1 and 6-1.
Megan Wagner wielded the racket at No. 3 singles and she turned back Amber Wieberdink 6-0 and 6-2.
Marlee Morton completed the singles sweep, performing superbly vs. Avery Winter and winning 6-1 and 6-2.
The No. 1 doubles team of Carly Gullickson and Darcy Aronson was defeated by Callie Mersbergen and Erica Bonnema 2-6 and 3-6.
Renae Mullins and Kjersa Anderson fell to Jenna Mersbergen and Kailee Christianson 4-6 and 3-6.
Kaitlin Vogel and Emily Moser at #3 doubles fell to Emma Jansen and Rachel Davids 4-6, 6-3 and 4-10.

Volleyball: Defeat vs. the Sting
MACA volleyball had to go back to the drawing board with its game after the 0-3 loss it experienced Tuesday (10/4).
It's always frustrating to lose but the Tigers scored fewer points as the night went on. They fell at the hands of the Sting of YME. The Tigers faded to further south of .500 in conference and overall.
This was a West Central-South Conference match and it ended in scores of 22-25, 20-25 and 17-25.
The Sting are comfortably above .500 in conference wars but haven't been doing quite as well in overall. Their "sting" was obviously felt at the expense of Morris Area Chokio Alberta Tuesday.
Angie Scheffler and Emily Baker treated fans at the Granite Falls gym to regular kills. Sheffler posted the team-best total of 12 while Baker was right behind at eleven.
Jaimie Bergerson was at the fore for the orange and black in kills. Jaimie had nine while Terianne Itzen pounded down seven.
BOLD defeated Benson in Tuesday volleyball to firm up its hold on first in conference. BOLD's won-lost numbers: 7-1.
It appears to be a banner autumn for BOLD Warrior athletics.
The Yellow Medicine East Sting entered mid-week at 6-3.
Itzen was in her usual dual role of setting and hitting. She worked in tandem with Katie Holzheimer in setting. Holzheimer worked at the net too and had four kills. Sydney Engebretson had three kills.
Mikaela Henrichs topped the digs list with 28. Sadie Fischer was proficient in serving with her 13 good in as many attempts.
Montevideo swept Lac qui Parle in other WCC-South volleyball Tuesday.
- Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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