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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hoopsters and skaters shine on a Saturday

Saturday, Feb. 16, was a day for Morris Area Chokio Alberta basketball and Morris Benson Area hockey to shine. Prep sports were most vibrant on this mid-winter Saturday, with the weather dreary outside. Can we hope for signs of milder weather soon?
The assignment for MACA boys and girls basketball was to visit Cowboy country of Breckenridge. When I was young, Breckenridge was a prime district-level rival for our Tigers. The Breck boys were in fact a nemesis for our Tigers.
Boys: Tigers 55, Breckenridge 54
The score suggests suspense all the way. Yes, this was truly a hard-fought game up to the very end.
A decisive freethrow by Jacob Torgerson lifted MACA to victory. He made the shot with under five seconds left. It was the back end of a one-and-one.
You might think this shot yielded the final score. But, Breck actually managed to make a half-court shot in the sliver of time that was left. The problem for Breck is that they were four points down. In a situation like this, they'd have to hope for a foul on the shot.
The desperation '3' was really no consolation for the green-clad host, who had to accept defeat in the 55-54 final.
The Tigers outscored Breck 29-25 in the first half and got outscored 29-26 in the second.
Success was scant for the Tigers in 3's. The team numbers were two of eleven with Jake Torgerson and Tyler Henrichs having the successes. In total field goals the Tigers were 18 of 49, and in freethrows the stats were 17 of 36.
Austin Dierks was the top Tiger scorer with 14 points. He was joined in double figures by Chandler Erickson with ten. Lincoln Berget put in eight points followed by Torgerson and Nic Vipond each with seven. Henrichs' point total was five, and Logan Manska and John Tiernan each scored two.
Dierks topped the rebound list with nine followed by Berget with six. Erickson was the top assist producer with five. Torgerson supplied three assists. Erickson stole the ball twice.
The Cowboys were led in scoring by Nate Lorenz with 17 points. He made two 3's, and he also led Breck in rebounds with 13 and steals with two.
The Tigers under coach Mark Torgerson came out of the weekend with a 16-5 season record. Breck's record: 6-13.
Girls basketball: Tigers 48, Breck 43
We knew it was coming: Katie Holzheimer setting the new standard, by herself, in career three-pointers for MACA. She entered Saturday tied for that distinction. She shared the mark with former Tiger Allison Donovan (2000).
Holzheimer entered Saturday with the career stat of 109 3's. She took care of business to not only climb past that, but to help the Tigers to a 48-43 victory at Breckenridge. She made three of the Tigers' four 3-pointers. Beth Holland made the other.
The win was No. 16 on the season for coach Dale Henrich's high-flying crew. It was a pretty hard-earned win. The Tigers trailed 27-25 at halftime. They were against a foe that entered the day with a record over .500. But MACA had what it took to establish the edge in the second half.
Henrich coaxed his orange and black crew to a 23-16 scoring advantage in the second half.
The Tigers' team stats in 3-pointers were four of 15. In total field goals the numbers were 18 of 49. In freethrows: eight of 14.
Kaitlin Vogel attacked the boards for eight rebounds. MaKenzie Smith collected five rebounds. Vogel and Smith each had four assists. In steals it was Beth Holland leading the way with six followed by Becca Holland and Vogel each with three.
Let's roll up our sleeves for the scoring list. Holzheimer's success with 3's didn't quite put her on top. It was Beth Holland topping the scoring list with 13 points followed by Holzheimer with eleven. Smith put in nine points followed by Becca Holland with eight, Vogel with five, and Nicole Strobel and Abby Olson each with one.
The top Breck scorer was Alyse Engen with 12 points and she was sharp from long range, producing all of those points via 3-pointers (four of them).
MACA began this week with a 16-7 record. The post-season is drawing near.
Boys hockey: Storm 5, Breckenridge 2
The curtain came up for Section 6A tournament skating Saturday at Lee Center here. The atmosphere was abuzz with post-season excitement.
This game might have been more one-sided than it was. The Storm outshot the Blades of Breckenridge 36-9 over the first two periods. But the game had a close complexion. The score after two periods was 2-0.
The Storm, seeded No. 8, needed a push in the third period to create the kind of breathing room they wanted. In the end, the scoreboard story was a 5-2 Storm triumph. Now it's on to more conquests.
The win was No. 16 on the season overall for MBA.
Tanner Picht scored the first MBA goal which was the only goal scored in the first period. He got assists from Mac Beyer and Jordan Staples. The goal came at 9:45 of the first.
It was Riley Blake scoring the second Storm goal. This came unassisted at 10:09 of the second period. MBA led 2-0 entering the third. Breckenridge made a comeback bid with an Austin Hagstrom goal assisted by Aaron Neppl, at 3:58. But Brody Gimberlin answered for the Storm. Brody scored with assists from Picht and Andrew Rentz at 12:04.
Breckenridge's Austin Berger scored at 12:18. The Storm owned the rest of this period and the game.
Corey Goff scored with a Taner Gimberlin assist at 14:58. Brody Gimberlin scored with a Picht assist at 16:48.
Kyle Kennedy was the Storm goalie and he accumulated 13 saves. Michael Withuski was the Breck goalie and his save total was 51.
Happy Presidents Day! If it weren't for Presidents Day, we wouldn't know what to name our mattress sales after.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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