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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hill pitches, hits well in 5-2 Madison triumph

Brandon Hill pitched the whole way and made noise with his bat Thursday (7/24). Hill's Madison Legion team got the upper hand over BOLD. The score was 5-2 at the Montevideo diamond. The Legion Division II playoffs are accelerating toward a climax.
Will Madison have what it takes to garner the District 7 crown? Madison is roughly equivalent to "Lac qui Parle." During the school year they're the "Eagles." At present they are eyeing high heights in the American Legion tournament season.
Brandon Hill was steady if not overpowering on Thursday. He fanned just one batter but walked no one in his seven innings. He overcame seven BOLD hits. The defense around him wasn't perfect. Each team committed two errors. BOLD actually out-hit Madison 7-6.
Madison owns a glittering 15-4 season mark. The next game is presented tonight (Friday). Game-time is 6:30 p.m. as Madison will square off vs. New London-Spicer. BOLD closes out its 2014 Legion campaign with a 12-5 mark.
Madison surged in the fourth inning vs. BOLD. Four runs came home, all but one of their game total. Madison had scored one run in the second frame, which made the score 1-1. BOLD went up 2-1 in the third. The stage was set for Madison's offense to make some noise in the fourth. That four-run rally ended the scoring for both teams, and Madison could prepare for further conquests while BOLD closed out its season.
Legion baseball is an enriching outlet for high school-age boys in summertime.
Brandon Hill had a two-for-four line in the boxscore and drove in a run. Ty Kanstrup had a double as part of going two-for-four, and he drove two runs across the plate. Garrett Olson went one-for-three with an RBI. Austin Haas added a hit to the mix and drove in a run.
BOLD has a talented stable of athletes too. Trent Athmann had two hits including a double. Trevor Nissen socked a double and scored two runs. Riley Kramer and Logan Sandgren each had a hit and an RBI. The attack was rounded out by Tyler Rock and Max Buchtel each with one hit.
BOLD employed the pitching arms of Lane Stadther (the loser) and Ben Steffel.
Oaskis 3, NL-Spicer 0
Jordan Frederick was quite proficient on the pitching mound Thursday. Frederick of Osakis propelled his team further in the District 7 action. He tossed a one-hitter at a quality New London-Spicer foe.
is rewarded by getting into the championship game. NL-Spicer will keep plugging away too. Double-elimination means there's no shortage of action at the Montevideo diamond.
Frederick had a no-hitter going for Osakis until the sixth inning. Ike Goetzman finally got to him with a single that led off the sixth. So much for that suspense. But Frederick wrapped things up in a workmanlike way. He ended up with seven strikeouts in his full seven innings. His control won a top-notch grade too: one walk.
The NL-Spicer fielding did not win a top-notch grade. The line score shows four errors while Osakis committed just one. Pitcher Ryan Vraa wasn't able to overcome those errors for NL-Spicer. Just one of the three runs that Vraa allowed was earned. He set down seven batters on strikes, walked three and gave up six hits.
Drew Fearing was Osakis' offensive leader with a two-for-three line and two runs scored.
It will be either NL-Spicer or Madison who will take on Osakis at 11 a.m. Saturday, again in Monte. Fans are feeling high anticipation.
School calendars arrive
Adults are probably more enthusiastic about the new school year nearing than the kids. Us adults pulled the new school calendar out of the mailbox a few days ago.
Pretty soon Labor Day weekend will be here. First there's the county fair, one of the last big "blasts" of summer. What a blast it is! Maybe the pattern of unpleasant weather will break and we'll have nothing but 80-degree temperatures and sunshine. We'll hope for rain if we need it, which right now I would say we don't.
will have its principal back. Many of us are curious how exactly that's going to go over. School is a big enough challenge to manage without salacious, controversial or legal entanglements. Can Morrissites put the mess of the past behind them? Honestly I don't think so.
Let me tell you my biggest fear: a fractious school staff. There is already evidence of a faction of teachers acting like absolute cheerleaders over the principal's return. I suspect another faction will have reservations, only because the episode of last year just doesn't pass the smell test, as it were. In my eyes, the smell test cannot be dismissed.
Wouldn't it be nice if that whole episode hadn't happened? How can you describe it as anything but a black mark?
I don't personally know the principal. I wish him well. But the road ahead could have its share of ruts as our school district seeks normalcy. I think the teaching staff might have to be mollified. These people should keep to themselves on matters not directly related to the awesome task of teaching. Defer to the school board.
Teachers are notorious for showing a guild mentality. At times their clannishness is overbearing and even annoying. I have observed this much through the years.
I'm just speculating, but I think the Morris board of education will try to ensure that the teachers simply "put their blinders on" when school starts.
Is it true that most school districts would have terminated the principal at the time of the legal charges/police report, and not waited for the legal process to play itself out? I have heard this analysis but am not sure of its accuracy.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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