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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stahman's timely base hit boosts Post 29

Ethan Stahman delivered the key blow in the Morris Legion team's narrow win over West Central Area. The site was Kensington. Stahman sent a single into right-center in the fifth frame. Noah Grove and Sean Amundson were off to the races to score.
Morris now led 3-1 and went on to prevail in the 3-2 final.
Riley Biesterfeld on the hill was pleased to get that lead. Biesterfeld pitched the whole way in this Monday (6/30) contest. He fanned six batters in his seven innings. One of the two runs he allowed was unearned. He gave up five hits and walked three in this workmanlike effort.
Riley out-dueled Gideon Morrow of West Central Area. Both hurlers worked the full seven innings. Morrow gave up four hits and three runs (two earned) while fanning three batters and walking one.
Four Morris batters each had one hit. Bryce Jergenson scored a run while going one-for-four. Sean Amundson likewise crossed home plate, and this Post 29 athlete went one-for-two. Nick Solvie had a one-for-three line, and Stahman had those two timely RBIs to go with his one-for-three stats.
Morris fielded cleanly with just one error. West Central Area had two fielding miscues.
Each team scored a run in the first inning. Stahman drove in those two runs in the fifth, an inning in which West Central Area scored its second run.
Jordan Beuckens stood out with the stick for WC Area, going two-for-three.
A defeat
The Thursday, June 26, action wasn't so favorable for the Morris Legion nine. The scoreboard outcome was 5-1 with Morris having the lower total. Osakis plated the five runs. The town is named for an Indian chief of long ago.
Morris batters were frustrated facing the high-quality hurling of Jordan Frederick. Bryce Jergenson managed the only hit off Frederick. Bryce doubled and drove in the lone Morris run. Frederick walked just two batters.
Jergenson pitched five innings for Motown and Riley Biesterfeld pitched one. Bryce took some lumps as he gave up five hits and five runs, but one of the runs was unearned. He fanned four batters and walked two. Biesterfeld gave up no hits, walked none and fanned one.
Hey, Frederick is pretty good with the bat too! The Osakis standout had two hits in as many at-bats including a double. He drove in two runs.
Osakis attacked to score two runs in the first inning, and scored their other three in the fourth. Morris scored its run in the fifth. Each team committed one error.
All hail soccer!
It almost seems like a media conspiracy: all this attention devoted to world soccer of late. Memo to you younger folks: Every few years we get this meme that soccer has finally arrived in America. It never seems to stick, though.
Remember that in the 1970s, soccer exploded in popularity in Minnesota with the Minnesota Kicks professional team playing at Metropolitan Stadium, Bloomington. Freddie Goodwin was coach. The Kicks took off with faddish popularity. Actually the wave lasted longer than a mere fad.
But as I said, soccer never seems to stick. The Kicks couldn't make the transition from the beautiful, pastoral setting of Met Stadium to the basement-like atmosphere of the Metrodome. The Kicks are merely the fodder for nostalgia now.
What kind of organized soccer exists in Morris, if any? I remember a time when some rather robust youth programs were going. We saw games on that expansive old playground east of the defunct East Elementary School.
There's an area to the south of the present-day Morris Area High School that would be quite fine for soccer.
It's especially important that boys have the option of playing soccer. That's because they need an attractive option to football. Football gets worse media scrutiny all the time with the nonstop revelations about semi-crippled former players, or fully crippled. A herculean effort will be needed to try to get this nation to go into "withdrawal" from football. Progress will have to be done with baby steps. I do see it coming, though.
Let's get some enthusiasm revved up for organized youth soccer here in Motown! The girls have it good with volleyball, a healthy and entertaining sport all around. Boys, quit bashing your heads in. Cross country? Those little guys will keep going like the Energizer Bunny.
All hail soccer in 2014! Get going out on that "pitch."
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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