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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Homecoming volleyball a winning night

The Homecoming week match was spectacular for the Morris Area Chokio Alberta girls.
Fans gathered at the MAHS gym on Tuesday evening, Sept. 30. The Tigers faced off vs. Benson in a West Central Conference match. The match was owned by the host Tigers. The 3-0 sweep win had scores of 25-19, 25-19 and 25-22. The success pushed the team's record to 7-4. It did drop to 7-5 on Thursday when the Tigers didn't fare so well on the road vs. Melrose. MACA fell to Melrose 1-3 with scores of 21-25, 25-22, 23-25 and 22-25.
Tigers 3, Benson 0
Karly Fehr sent three serving aces at the Benson Braves. She was 14 of 15 in good/attempts in this category. Brooke Gillespie had two serving aces and Lindsey Dierks one.
Set assists saw Karly Fehr excel with perfect 78 of 78 numbers and 35 assists. Tracy Meichsner contributed two set assists.
Gillespie excelled at the net with 13 kills on flawless 29 of 29 numbers. Kayla Pring was right behind Gillespie with her 12 kills, achieved on 30 of 34 G/A. Lacee Maanum came through at 17 of 22 in hitting with seven kills. Haley Erdahl had six kills and Meichsner two.
Pring went up to execute two ace blocks. Maanum, Erdahl and Fehr each had one. In digs we see Fehr topping the list with 16 followed by Gillespie (15), Kourtney Giese (12), Dierks (12) and Erdahl (7).
Sophie Ascheman had six kills for Benson. Hannah Lindblad supplied 17 set assists for the visitor. Hannah Ricard had a blocking ace. Lindblad was tops in assists for Benson with 15. Krista Motzke and Lindblad each had two serving aces.
Viva MACA volleyball for Homecoming week 2014! I'm typing this on Friday, a day when I might get blown away if outside. I just heard the parade was cancelled. This adds to the disappointment that got started last night (Thursday) when the Minnesota Vikings got shellacked. I didn't watch the game, rather I was at Assumption Church to take in the Rose Ensemble performance. The tickets were a little pricey but the show was fantastic. We were disappointed there was no reception afterward. A couple cookies would have made the concert price a little easier to digest.
Melrose 3, Tigers 1
The Tigers sang the blues on Thursday, in effect, coming out on the short end in road action. The Melrose Dutchmen (or Dutchwomen) savored the 3-1 triumph. But it was a most hard-earned win for the host. One could easily imagine coach Kristi Fehr's Tigers turning the tables in a re-match. Just look at the scores from Thursday: 21-25, 25-22, 23-25 and 22-25.
The player named Fehr - Karly - racked up 35 set assists in this strong Tiger challenge. Brooke Gillespie had two serving aces and Karly Fehr one. In hitting the list is topped by Lacee Maanum with her 16 kills followed by Kayla Pring (12), Gillespie (12) and Fehr (2).
Maanum performed deftly at the net as shown by her four ace blocks. (The Willmar newspaper spelled Lacee's name "Lacy.") Pring had one ace block. Gillespie was the workhorse in digs with her 27, followed by Fehr with 14 and Pring with seven.
The victorious Dutchmen had Justine Revermann contributing 19 kills. Mattie Meyer had three ace blocks while Emily Goerdt had two. Sandra Sprenger was busy with 38 digs.
Goerdt was Melrose's prime setter and she came through with 26 assists. She also sent two ace serves at the Tigers. Sprenger had one serving ace. Melrose is a kingpin team now with a 14-3 overall record and undefeated numbers in conference.
"Don't fence me in"
Are we seeing "range wars" in Morris? Just kidding, and there's no barbed wire involved, but a fence is piquing curiosity among the local citizenry. That rather odd fence in the Coborn's parking lot - excuse me, Coborn's doesn't exist anymore - is requiring some adjusting.
Of course, that parking lot isn't the beehive it once was. Coborn's and McDonald's together once attracted lots of motorists who filled parking spaces. At that time, in the heyday of that spot in Morris, no one much cared about any property dividing line in the parking lot. Both businesses were doing fine. I guess it's different now.
It seems the property owner for the blighted old Coborn's building wants everyone to know there is indeed a property dividing line. Hey it's just a parking lot! It does have value, though, even with the Coborn's building vacated and tumbleweeds blowing out front. It's nice to have that "breathing space" with the ample paved parking.
There's even an old "no loitering" sign on the lot's edge! We should be so lucky as to have loitering on that end of town. To the extent there was ever any loitering out there, it never bothered me. It's even rather nice to see such activity. People and traffic are what a town is all about, or should be.
Now we see a property owner who apparently sees fit to make a statement about how a certain piece of parking space is theirs. Never mind that those interests don't seem to be serving Morris' interests at all right now. It's just vacated, empty space around a rather embarrassing old building with its sign that proclaims "open 24 hours." That would be nice if it were true. Now we don't have a true 24-hour grocery store.
The "for sale" sign has had the name of Dennis Miller on it. It would be nice if this were Dennis Miller the comedian, so maybe we wouldn't have to take these gestures seriously. One look at the fence and you sense there's a conflict afoot.
I suppose McDonald's has been approached about buying the parking space. Is it a fair price or more of an extortion-type price? Who ever heard of a fence in the middle of a parking lot serving no apparent purpose?
It's common for semis, tour buses and school buses to pull in there. The space is now insufficient for all that.
Really, the City of Morris has an interest in this. And BTW, how come City Manager Blaine Hill hasn't put up any new blog posts for several months? Might he feel pressure to try to explain what happened at the library?
I realize that property brings certain rights - it's an underpinning of our way of life. But there's also such a thing as common sense and civility. We're not in a big city where such principles can be disregarded or blown off. We're Morris. We're a Garrison Keillor-type town. We don't need to resort to lawyers for every little thing, do we?
I do know we have an overly aggressive police department. That's actually rather scary. In these days when news reports of trigger-happy police are surfacing, it's concerning. Those dudes carry guns!
We recently learned of a case where a young guy who pulled into a parking lot and took off his seat belt before coming to a stop, was accosted by a law enforcement person who proceeded to shoot him! That officer has been fired and charged. In Ferguson MO the situation has been more murky.
The way Morris Police give seat belt citations is disgusting. I just hope they keep their guns in their holsters. I'd like to see local restaurants stop serving law enforcement personnel in uniform. That would send a message. Perhaps we need a complete housekeeping from the top down.
Will the Homecoming parade be rescheduled? Let's hope.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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