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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tigers strike right away in 28-6 road win

The Tigers have climbed over .500. That's quite gratifying considering the slumber the team was in at season's start. Since then, the Tigers have not only won often, they have done so with a very exciting flourish.
On Friday, Oct.10, the win came by a score of 28-6. The game was barely underway when the Tigers struck. Isaac Wente, on the first play after the kickoff, was off to the races for a 62-yard touchdown run. Wente would surpass 100 rushing yards on the night.
But it was Trent Wulf excelling the most with the ground game as he rumbled for 189 yards in this 28-6 Tiger victory at Minnewaska Area. Wente had three rushing touchdowns and Wulf one.
Just like the volleyball team, MACA football has picked up considerable steam in mid-autumn. What pizzaz. The gridiron Tigers have won four of their last five.
Are we already at the end of the regular season? Oh my we are, as MACA will now play the annual "fall break" game, what my generation once referred to as "the MEA week game," you know, when teachers from all over Minnesota would get together for some confab.
The fall break assignment won't be easy or routine for coach Kevin Pope's squad. On Wednesday the Tigers will host Paynesville, an unbeaten juggernaut. The green-clad Bulldogs are coming off a 66-6 win over Benson!
Wente's 62-yard run produced one of two touchdowns for Motown in the first quarter Friday. The other was a two-yard Wente scamper, and Noah Grove kicked the PAT after each of these scores.
The Tigers scored the next two TDs as well. The second quarter saw Trent Wulf bolt for a 35-yard scoring run. The third quarter saw Wente run the ball in from the three. Grove continued kicking successful point-afters.
The beleaguered Lakers scored their only touchdown in the fourth quarter: a 12-yard run by Greg Helander. The Lakers failed on a two-point conversion run try.
Wulf gained his 189 rushing yards on 18 carries - a quite fine average-per-carry. Wente gained his 109 yards on 14 carries. Bo Olson had 27 rushing yards on four carries. Other contributors were Jacob Zosel (three carries, 18 yards), Ryan Dietz (2/10), Trent Marty (1/3) and Diego Arreguin (1/2).
Marty as quarterback mainly helped coordinate the running game - in passing he was two of four for ten yards and had no interceptions. Olson and Wente had the catches. Nate Vipond picked off a pass. Briar Peterson recovered a fumble.
The top Minnewaska ballcarrier was Greg Helander who had 13 carries for 76 yards. Michael Gruber completed 13 passes in 24 attempts for 144 yards and had one interception. Matt Paulson led the Lakers in receptions with five, for 48 yards.
Back to normal at UMM?
The newsstands labeled "Northstar" were empty for quite a while into the new school year at the University of Minnesota-Morris. I wish that paper could have found the resources to publish a September issue, just as a gesture of "welcome back" or to prevent empty newsstands which seem rather pointless.
The Northstar apparently has its own lawyers who seem to date to be much sharper than the University's own lawyers. Congratulations to them. If UMM had its way, this publication would not have the leverage of its very own newsstands around campus. It doesn't deserve such a standing. Those prickly students could just go online, like we all can, find a platform for their ideas (if you can discern them past all the juvenile venting they do) and build an audience. That would make too much sense.
Instead we have this paper product called "Northstar" bringing attention to itself, to a degree far beyond what it deserves. These students are conservative or libertarian and are resentful. Perusing these papers, one senses they actually resent UMM. Aside from reasons of taste, this could be reason enough to try to shut them down.
Shut them down? But oh my, don't we have a First Amendment? Anyone who spouts about the First Amendment here is misguided, because this argument would only be apt if some sort of criminal conviction was being weighed based on a student's thoughts, ideas or writing. Of course no one is thinking on  those terms.
Journalists and editors can get removed from their positions, and publications can go under, due to the usual vicissitudes of the marketplace. The First Amendment is irrelevant in such cases. An editor of a campus paper could be seen as incompetent or injecting improper values, thus could be removed by whatever designated authority is in place. Maybe it would be the chancellor herself.
Journalists are not spared accountability just because of the First Amendment, which like all amendments can be misunderstood.
I have no doubt these Northstar students have some valid ideas worthy of airing. Have the principles behind affirmative action run their course? Is it time to start drawing the curtain on them? Are students unreasonably burdened by loan debt? This is a prime topic for discussion on college campuses now.
If only the Northstar students could hone in on these arguments in a more rational, level-headed way, we could appreciate their points more. There seems anger behind the so-called "satire" in the Northstar - at least I sense this. It has the effect of putting UMM administration and faculty members on the defensive. It perhaps distracts them from applying their full focus to their jobs. It might have a demoralizing effect. They wouldn't like admitting this. They project an air of indifference, probably.
The Northstar does not deserve to be one of the two on-paper student publications on campus. It almost seems like a classic college gag. It shows chutzpah on its cover, proclaiming that it's "classy (for a change)" and that it's a publication that students actually "talk, read and care about." I suppose people would "talk" about me too if I publicly farted.
Classy? A publication that finds it necessary to refer to Chancellor Jacqueline Johnson's vagina? To assert that "Jacquie Johnson is rape culture?"
Part of the college experience is learning to respect and defer to the people who are paid to lead/teach you. If you feel you do not need this leadership, then maybe you don't belong at UMM or in college at all. Maybe you're too smart to be here. Well then, why not just move along?
- Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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