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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tigers and Owls win in girls basketball

Tigers 62, ACGC 25
MACA evened up its record at 1-1 with a most impressive win over the ACGC Falcons. Coach Dale Henrich's squad began like gangbusters, outscoring the Falcons 40-17 in the first half of this game played Thursday (12/4) at ACGC.
Nothing much changed in the second half. The Tigers had a 22-8 advantage to finish things up. The 62-25 win left MACA fans in an especially upbeat mood with the holiday season building.
The Tigers made 24 of their 56 field goal tries. They were eight of 12 at the freethrow line. Lauren Reimers found the groove from beyond the 3-point line. Lauren made three long-rangers followed by these three Tigers each with one: Liz Tiernan, Becca Holland and Correy Hickman.
Hickman was all over the court, leading the team in rebounds (5), assists (5) and steals (5).
Reimers' three-point shooting helped put her on top of the scoring list with 12 points. Let's continue with that list: Holland (11), Hickman (9), Kayla Pring (6), Piper Gibson (5), Liz Tiernan (5), Ashley Solvie (4), Moira McNally (4), Tracy Meichsner (2), Nicole Solvie (1) and Madi Wevley (1).
These totals add up to 60 points, not 62, but this is how it was reported in the Saturday Willmar newspaper. The same kind of discrepancy happened after the Tigers' previous game. I contacted coach Henrich about that, to see if he could clear it up for me, but he did not answer my email. So I won't try again. I'm just trying to report accurately on MACA girls basketball. That's a laudable aim, is it not? I invite your feedback. 
The ACGC Falcons made just eight field goals on the night. They were eight of 21 at the freethrow line. Maree Lee and Kendra Miller each scored six points. Payton Wilner and Madison Whitcomb each scored four. Katie Moore completes the list with five points. These totals do add up to 25.
Hancock 62, Ortonville 28
Season opener night finally arrived for the Hancock girls on Friday (12/5). It was no contest as the Owls showed a winning flourish. The opponent was Ortonville. The final score was 62-28.
Lexi Steege was a cog in the Owls' smoothly operating offense. Lexi put in 19 points and stole the ball ten times. Kassandra Algarate came through with 12 points and nine steals.
The Owls led 25-15 at the half and really came on strong in the second half, outscoring the stunned Trojans 36-13.
Algarate was the rebound leader with nine and topped the assists list with seven. Steege put in three 3-point shots to build her team-leading point total. Sabrina Mattson also connected three times from 3-point range, and her point total was eleven.
In all there were four Owls scoring in double figures. Claire Hanson put in ten points. The scoring list continues with Tess Steiner (6), Kayla Crowell (2) and Ashlyn Mattson (2).
The Owls' dominance was despite not making any freethrows. They were 0-2 in that department. In total field goals the squad was 28 of 70.
Rachel Hoerneman led Ortonville's scoring with eleven points. Madison Stegnar scored eight, Kristen Erickson and Alisha Ross four each, and Stephanie Rausch one.
The Owls' next foe will be Wheaton-Herman-Norcross.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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