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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tigers pounce on NL-Spicer in home BBB

Tigers 73, NL-Spicer 51
A win over New London-Spicer is a plum in the world of Morris Area Chokio Alberta sports. Let's accentuate that, if it were to happen in the post-season. We're a long way from the post-season now. We're not even to Christmas.
How will these teams develop through the course of the season? There will be a lot to digest and observe. Right now the fans of the orange and black can feel most exhilarated. That's because our boys defeated the NL-Spicer Wildcats Tuesday night (12/3) at home. It wasn't even close. Led by Eric Staebler and his 33 points, the Tigers downed the Wildcats 73-51.
The MACA lead was modest at halftime - eight points - with the score standing 33-25. Coach Mark Torgerson's squad revved up its engines in the second half. We outscored the Wildcats 40-26.
The game was the NL-Spicer season opener. MACA had one previous game which was a loss.
Staebler vacuumed the boards for 19 rebounds. Look at the freethrow stats! The Tigers were an absolutely sizzling 25 of 29 at the line! Six of Staebler's points came on his two 3-pointers. Noah Grove sank four 3-point shots to lead in that department. Jacob Zosel led in assists with seven, and Andrew Goulet was tops in steals with four.
Staebler and Grove were the Tigers' double figures scorers, Eric with his 33 points and Noah with 19. Goulet and C.J. Nagel each put in six points. Zosel had five points, and Robert Rohloff and Sean Amundson two each.
A look at the NL-Spicer scoring totals shows balance but no real standout. Here's the list: Shane Zylstra (11 points), Devin Fostervold (9), Ethan Bohlsen (7), Jacob Klavetter (5), Alex Goff (4), Derrick Laudenbach (4), Tanner Walstrom (4), Jaden Hansen (3), Brandon Meyer (2) and James Magnuson (2).
Zylstra made two 3-pointers and Hanson had one. Klavetter led the squad in rebounds with seven and in steals with two. Zylstra dished out three assists.
The Wildcats made 20 field goals in 47 attempts. In freethrows their stats lagged markedly behind MACA - they were eight of 22.
Will the Tigers reach the holiday break with sizzling momentum? It will be fun to see.
Girls basketball: Sauk Centre 94, Tigers 81
There was no shortage of points in this hoops affair. Unfortunately it was Sauk Centre with the superior number of points. The Streeters sizzled with 94 points in this offense-dominated game, played Tuesday.
This was the MACA girls' season opener. Playing on the Sauk Centre court, the Tigers fell in the 94-81 final. But they sure had no problem scoring points.
Lauren Reimers was in the groove to score 17 points. Lacee Maanum and Kayla Pring each contributed 14 points, and Becca Holland had 12. The list continues with Correy Hickman (8), Tracy Meichsner (5), Sam Henrichs (4), Nicole Solvie (4) and Elizabeth Tiernan (2). I think there's a point missing there, but this is how the Willmar newspaper reported it.
The orange and black will resume action Thursday at ACGC.
Wrestling: ACGC 57, Tigers 21
Wrestling came back to the Hancock gym on Tuesday evening. Hancock once had a storied wrestling program all by itself. Coach Spencer Yohe was one of the most colorful sports personalities in the history of West Central Minnesota. He lives in southeastern Minnesota now.
Those old glory days of Hancock Owl wrestling belong in the history books now. Today we have the MAHACA wrestling program that includes the Hancock student athletes. I have hated the "MAHACA" name. But that's just me.
On Tuesday night the Tigers were defeated by Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City at the Hancock gym. The score: 57-21.
At 106 pounds, Dalton Rose lost by fall to Brennan Arndt in :38. At 113 pounds, Gideon Joos lost by fall to Aaron Long in :35. At 120 pounds, Matt Munsterman lost by fall to Ryan Molinaro in 1:42.
At 126 pounds, Jared Rohloff dropped a 6-0 decision to Brennan Holien. At 132 pounds, Brady Cardwell lost by fall to AJ Schmidt in :47. Yes, it's a tough slog on this night.
Trenton Nelson at 138 pounds showed winning form vs. his ACGC adversary, Tyler Mortenson: a fall outcome in :39. Travis Ostby at 145 pounds was a victor by fall over Jacob Whitcomb in :33. Philip Messner at 152 pounds got his arm raised in victory via his 7-5 decision over Cullen Hoffman.
Trent Ostby at 160 pounds was on the short end by fall, in 1:41 vs. Jase Peterson. Steven Koehl lost by fall in 1:01 to Derek Dengerud. Matt McNeill was the fall loser at the hands of Tanner Fester, in :57. Gage Wevley lost by fall in :51 at the hands of Sheldon Rasmussen. Jacob Sperr was the fall loser to Cody Berghuis in :54.
Alec Gausman, the 285-pounder, pinned Ty Soine in 4:33.
I think coach Yohe would work his squad extra hard in the week after a match like this!
I remember when coach George Graff talked about "the ghosts of the old Hancock wrestlers up in the rafters" at Hancock. I ran that by his successor, Paul Court, who tersely said he never noticed any such ghosts. For my part, I think they're there!
We're in a time of year when we're supposed to believe in Santa Claus!
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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