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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Girls cruise to win on road vs. BOLD

The MACA girls really turned on the jets at Warrior country of BOLD. The Olivia gym was the site. Coach Dale Henrich's Tigers dominated this West Central Conference action.
The Tigers easily carved out their seventh win of the season. They crept over .500 to 7-6. In conference the numbers are better: 6-2. MACA outscored the Warriors 38-23 in the first half and 40-26 in the second. That spells a most satisfying 78-49 win.
Becca Holland had quite the hot shooting hand. Becca connected four times from three-point range. She built her point total to a team-best 24. She was all over the court, stealing the ball four times as well.
Lauren Reimers, Liz Tiernan and Correy Hickman each made one '3'. Seven total three-pointers represents quite the barrage. In total field goals the Tigers were 32 of 88. In freethrows: seven of 16.
Tracy Meichsner went up to snare nine rebounds while Tiernan seized seven. Hickman produced seven assists and Reimers delivered six. In steals it was Holland and Hickman setting the pace with four each. Reimers had three steals.
Let's roll up our sleeves for the scoring list. Holland stood out with her 24 points and then we have Reimers with 15 and Hickman with 13. Tiernan, Meichsner and Moira McNally each scored six points. Four Tigers each added two points to the mix: Piper Gibson, Lexi Mahoney, Ashley Solvie and Lacee Maanum. The offense was quite diversified.
Emily Gass was BOLD's top scorer with 13 points. Whitney Haney scored eight points, and the list continues with Taylor Sagedahl (6), Morgan Flann (6), Allison Krause (4), Makenna Steffel (4), and these Warriors each with two: Ashley Schmitz, Mariyah Stimpel, Peyton Weis and Amanda Tersteeg. (I wonder if "Allison Krause" is named after the country music singer!)
Haney canned a couple shots from three-point range. Gass had one 3-pointer. Haney had the team-best nine rebounds while Krause and Gass each had five. Gass dished out three assists and Flann had two steals.
Viva Morris Area Chokio Alberta girls and boys basketball for 2015!
"Deflate-gate" discussion continues
Of course, no matter what kind of talk is generated about NFL issues, it will only help boost the NFL's profile and bring more money into those coffers.
If the NFL continues exploding in popularity, its leaders won't care a bit about problems like "Deflate-gate." They will only care if such a problem chips away at the sport's popularity. If the problem is just swept under the rug, we can assume that NFL football can take on some of the qualities of pro wrestling, and its leaders won't care. Pro wrestling has always been very popular. Bill Belichick would simply be a "villain," and Tom Brady would be his stooge partner.
Joe Scarborough of MSNBC has already proclaimed that the only reason deflate-gate is a big issue, is that people "hate the Patriots," like it's only an emotional matter. Well, there are bad guy wrestlers who people hate. The NFL may become known as a league that tolerates shenanigans. The penalty was never strong enough for "spygate" involving those Patriots.
Do all you fans really want to keep supporting this product?
Whenever the Patriots get "caught," their initial response is to say "even if we're guilty, it didn't give us any advantage." Do they think we're children?
I am going to skip the Super Bowl and I won't even be tempted to check in. We are such lemmings to keep supporting this gargantuan product, this obscene slice of America glorifying all our commercial and capitalistic tendencies. There's no restraint at all. I am going to walk away from it. Please consider joining me.
Never in Morris?
When I was a kid, we assumed that certain types of scandals just couldn't happen here, not in Morris. These things happened in mysterious, impersonal, big far-away cities. Like Boston.
We learn of a doctor in Morris that is being reprimanded in a pretty serious way. It's on the "front page." Will this damage the credibility of SCMC? I hope not.
Years ago we began hearing about all those misbehaving Catholic priests and we figured "things like that just don't happen in Morris, Minnesota." But then we did get a misbehaving priest. Then we got a high school principal who was charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct. Now we have a local doctor getting a high-profile disciplinary action.
A doctor! That's scary.
I guess Morris has joined the wider world. At least we don't have a local football team that manipulates air pressure of footballs. Or maybe. . .
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwillly73@yahoo.com

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