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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Staebler scores 29 in win versus Benson

Boys hoops: Tigers 71, Benson 62
MACA made an assertive statement Thursday with a 71-62 triumph at Benson. The success upped the team's won-lost mark to 9-7. In conference the numbers are 4-6. Benson is having a sub-.500 campaign.
We built a 32-28 advantage by halftime in the January 22 road success. The game's complexion was basically the same in the second half, as MACA enjoyed a 39-34 scoring edge. The Tigers made quite a few appearances at the freethrow line - 32 - and made 22.
I'm good enough at math to report we made 50 percent of our field goal tries: 23 of 46. Three Tigers each made one three-pointer: Noah Grove, Jacob Zosel and Eric Staebler.
Once again the Willmar newspaper didn't report first names in its boxscore.
Staebler was quite the force offensively and scored 29 points. He also paced the squad in rebounds with 15. Grove dished out two assists. Grove's three-pointer was part of eleven points scored. Andrew Goulet joined the double figures circle with his ten. Then came Riley Biesterfeld with his nine points, Zosel with seven and Robert Rohloff with five.
Benson was 22 of 60 in field goals and 14 of 19 at the freethrow line. The top Benson scorer was A. Lindahl with 19 points. I can't report the first name because of the deficiency with the Willmar paper, and I can't clarify if it's Andrew or Adam Lindahl. Obviously even the first initial wouldn't help with these two. I got the two first names from Maxpreps.
The Willmar paper should be more conscientious and realize this info is diminished in value if we can't distinguish brothers. I know high standards would be held for me if I was still in area newspaper work.
Zack Sonnabend put in 12 points for the Braves, while Josh Manzke had eleven, Layton Connelly ten, Aaron Ahrndt six and A. Lindahl (the other Lindahl) four. Manzke connected three times from three-point range. Ahrndt made one long-ranger. Lindahl and Connelly each collected six rebounds. Lindahl stole the ball five times.
"Deflategate" gets more depressing
We saw press conferences with the coach and quarterback of the New England Patriots yesterday (Thursday). I had a sneaking suspicion, going in, we weren't going to gain any real resolution on the controversy at hand. The press conferences were predictably maddening.
The individuals under scrutiny talked around the whole matter. They pleaded innocence without giving any real hints as to where the blame was to be placed. Something happened and we simply want to know how and why. It has been a prime story in the national news, going beyond the usual boundaries of sports.
I'm cynical enough to think the money-drenched NFL will just play rope-a-dope on this whole matter. That's exactly what we saw Thursday: textbook rope-a-dope.
The NFL is hoping the media will become complacent, that the media will just roll over and trivialize the whole matter, largely laughing it off. Some in the media have been inclined that way. We saw Joe Scarborough on MSNBC trivialize the whole thing this morning (Friday). Joe said the whole matter revolved around "everyone hating the Patriots."
Wrong. I'm skeptical about the Patriots largely because of "Spygate." But I'm not emotional about it. I don't "hate" the Patriots. The NFL is nudging the media and trying to remind the media that they are part of this whole golden goose called NFL football. Everyone takes a bite. The NFL is winking to the media and hoping the media will wink back.
The media are interviewing lots of former players and others connected with the NFL. That's like interviewing the president of the teachers union about education issues. The teachers union doesn't represent education issues, it represents its members to try to get the best contract possible.
There is a whole circus around the NFL. The truth-seekers have to penetrate that. Will the truth-seekers be persistent enough?
"The Patriots would have won anyway." I'm not even sure about that. What if some key passes, thrown with a fully inflated football, had bounced off the hands of Patriot receivers in the first half? A game's basic complexion is established in the first half. Maybe you need some experience in sports gambling to appreciate this. Oddsmakers will tell you how pivotal the early stages of games are. Playing from behind is much different from playing even.
I'm determined not to watch one minute of the Super Bowl or its commercials. I'll plan other activities if I have to.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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