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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Boys finish strong to defeat Minnewaska

Tigers 45, 'Waska 35
The MACA boys played hard and executed well when it counted most. At one point the score was tied 30-30. This was a low-scoring game that had Minnewaska Area as the opponent. MACA outscored the Lakers 15-5 in the closing stages. The surge spelled victory in this February 6 hoops action.
The Tigers put that tie score behind them and achieved win No. 12 on the season. The final horn sounded with the score 45-35. The halftime situation was a 17-16 score, MACA with the edge. We outscored the Lakers 28-19 in the second half.
Our field goal shooting numbers were 18 of 56. And in freethrows: eight of 12.
Just four Lakers got into the scoring column. The Lakers came out of Friday with a won-lost still over .500, at 12-10.
Riley Biesterfeld made the only MACA three-pointer. Eric Staebler was at the fore of the offense, pouring in 25 points. Noah Grove scored eight points and Biesterfeld had seven. Andrew Goulet added three points to the mix and Jacob Zosel two. Staebler was a monster force with rebounds, collecting 20. Goulet collected five rebounds. Jacob Zosel had four assists and three steals, and Staebler came through with three steals.
The Lakers were 13 of 40 in field goals and six of ten in freethrows. Those four Lakers who scored were: Austin VerSteeg (13 points), Riley Thompson (9), Matt McIver (9) and Greg Helander (4). Thompson, McIver and VerSteeg each made a three-pointer. VerSteeg led in rebounds with eight.
Girls basketball: LQPV 52, Tigers 37
The Morris Area Chokio Alberta girls experienced a bump in the road against Lac qui Parle Valley. The Monday action was here. LQPV carved out its 16th win of the season at the expense of the orange and black. Meanwhile the Tigers dipped below .500 to 9-10 as a result of this 52-37 loss. LQPV's record: 16-3.
The Eagles soared to a 28-19 halftime lead. The Eagles had a 24-18 scoring advantage in the second half.
Lac qui Parle's shooting numbers were 20 of 36 in field goals and 12 of 15 in freethrows. Kelsea Lund made two 3-pointers for the visitor. Kaitlin Connor was the top LQPV scorer with 16 points. Lund's point harvest was 13. The list continues with Alaysia Freetly (8), Kelsey Kuchenmeister (6), Aundrea DuFrane (4), Taniah Tosel (3) and Haley Wollschlager (2).
Connor was the top Eagle rebounder with six. Freetly and Lund each had five assists. Lund and Tosel each had two steals, and Connor had seven blocked shots.
On to the Tigers' data: 15 of 55 in field goals and six of eleven in freethrows. Becca Holland made a three-pointer. She and Correy Hickman each scored nine points. Lauren Reimers put in eight points. The list continues with Tracy Meichsner (4), Kayla Pring (2), Moira McNally (2), Liz Tiernan (2) and Piper Gibson (1).
Meichsner went up to snare nine rebounds. Hickman dished out three assists. Holland stole the ball three times.
"Self-checkout" finally comes to Willie's
We have read about this for some time. "Human" checkout resources at stores might be judged impractical from a cost standpoint. The interests of human beings don't really matter, do they? Don't we all worship at the altar of maximum profit?
Finally, we are seeing a "self-checkout" station being installed at our local grocery store. It isn't enough that that store has a monopoly. The head-scratching never stops for trying to plan greater cost-efficiency.
Human employees can be problematic. They need bathroom breaks. They can get sick. They have to be trained in. They can quit on you. All this Orwellian mechanized stuff puts those messy little issues aside.
Checkout jobs at stores have been a last bastion for "common job" opportunities for Americans. Nothing is sacred anymore. Will all these checkout people be able to land on their feet, finding some other kind of job? I have concern about that.
I'm sure the self-checkout will have lots of issues and glitches. What about groceries that need to be weighed? I don't even want to think about it. Let's all pause and catch our breath a little.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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