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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Friday, February 20, 2015

MACA boys win Presidents Day game

Basketball on Presidents Day? I thought it was a holiday. What's the point in declaring it a holiday if "life goes on?" It just becomes another day when the mail doesn't get delivered. This is how the late Barry Goldwater argued against the Martin Luther King holiday. "It's just another day when the mail doesn't get delivered."
Well, the MACA boys definitely "delivered the mail" in terms of winning against Pelican Rapids. The Tigers won their Presidents Day game by a score of 83-68. It was MACA's 15th win of the season. Pelican Rapids is having a sub-.500 season.
BTW the spelling of Presidents Day has trended toward not using an apostrophe, anywhere. The Associated Press has given the push toward the non-apostrophe.
The MACA shooting numbers were 33 of 56 in field goals and 13 of 15 in freethrows. Four Tigers each made one three-point shot: Riley Biesterfeld, Jordan Arbach, Austin Hills and Eric Staebler.
Staebler was in his usual prominent role scoring, putting in 26 points. Noah Grove complemented him nicely as he often does, with 18 points. Biesterfeld and Sean Amundson each scored eight points. Hills scored five followed by C.J. Nagel, Joey Dufault and Nick Solvie each with four. Arbach and Zosel each scored three.
Staebler led in rebounds with eight. Grove led in assists with six followed by Zosel with four. Staebler stole the ball three times.
The Tigers were up 33-29 at halftime. Our second half advantage was by 50 to 39.
Blaine Gorton was Pelican Rapids' top scorer with 25 points. Tyler Honrud put in 23. Mitch Mackner had a total of seven, followed by Tristan Wald (5), Logan Knorr (3), Donovan Young (3) and Brandon Hensch (2). Wald, Gorton and Knorr each made a three-pointer. Gorton had the team-best seven rebounds. Honrud led in assists with four and in steals with five.
Tigers 81, Breckenridge 59
Eric Staebler was the dominating force for MACA in the win over Breckenridge. Staebler scored 37 of the MACA total 81 points. The Cowboys managed just 59 points. This was a Saturday (2/14) road affair for coach Mark Torgerson's Tigers. We achieved win No. 14. Breck also came out of the day with 14 wins, so they were definitely a unit to be respected.
The game seemed over by halftime. The orange and black was up 40-22.
Staebler made two 3-point shots in this triumph. Noah Grove and Jacob Zosel each made one. The MACA field goal shooting numbers were 31 of 48. We were a proficient 15 of 20 in freethrows.
Here's the complete MACA scoring list: Staebler (37), Grove (17), Zosel (15), Riley Biesterfeld (6), Andrew Goulet (5) and Nic Solvie (1). Staebler's eleven rebounds put him atop that list. Zosel led in assists with nine. Biesterfeld was tops in steals with three.
The green-clad Breckenrige crew made 24 of 54 field goal tries. Their freethrow stats were six of seven. Nate Lorenz put in 17 points for the green. He was followed by: Tucker Krueger (12), Ashton Hegge (12), Nate Blaufuss (4), Zarek Reiff (4), Hunter Aigner (2), Carson Yaggie (2), Nick Jirak (2), Steven Lipp (2) and Erik Manning (2). Krueger and Haggie each made a three-point shot. Lorenz led the green in rebounds with eleven.
Eden Valley-Watkins 73, Tigers 49
Eric Staebler with only seven points? It's not a typo. It also helps explain how MACA ended up on the short end against Eden Valley-Watkins. This boys hoops contest was played on Tuesday, Feb. 17, at home.
It wasn't surprising that the game was an uphill battle. The Eagles of EV-W are a powerhouse unit. Their win over our Tigers put them at 21-2 on the season. We came out of the day at 15-10.
The Eagles led 42-26 at halftime. At the final buzzer: 73-49. They sure found a way to throttle Eric Staebler. Meanwhile the Tigers failed to throttle Jared Streit who scored 28 points. He made a three-pointer. Brett Matice scored 15 points and Reese Jansen had 12. The list continues: Austin Schlangen (6), Jacob Streit (5), Zach Swenson (2), Blaine Fodstad (2), DeShaun James (2) and Travis Thielen (1). Streit snared 14 rebounds and dished out three assists.
The Tigers made 18 of 61 field goal tries, and were ten of 16 in freethrows. Riley Biesterfeld was the top MACA scorer with nine points. Staebler, Noah Grove and Jacob Zosel each scored seven. Sean Amundson and C.J. Nagel each scored six. Andrew Goulet scored three points, and Nick Solvie and Joey Dufault two each.
Grove made two 3-point shots and Biesterfeld one. Biesterfeld was sharp in several departments and collected five rebounds, while Nagel had four. Grove had four assists and Zosel three. Staebler stole the ball three times.
This was a non-conference game. The Eagles entered the day ranked 15th in Minnesota Class AA.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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