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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Girls beat Minnewaska, fall to NL-Spicer

MACA was able to achieve a post-season win in basketball. That's enough to keep the waters calm in this community. Everyone is happy. All those people who spent money and time following the Tigers all winter can feel rewarded and fulfilled, based on the win achieved by the MACA girls basketball Tigers on Thursday, March 5.
The Tigers did go on to lose in the second round. No matter, the win over Minnewaska Area ensures that the fans will be totally content. Now we'll move on for the next few months.
Tigers 67, 'Waska 49
The game was played here. The Tigers achieved their 15th overall win of the season. The squad had things well in hand at halftime, as we led 36-13. 'Waska outscored the Tigers 36-31 in the second half. For the game we made 25 of our 55 field goal attempts. In freethrows the stats were 14 of 23.
Three Tigers scored in double figures: Lauren Reimers with 18 points, Correy Hickman with 15 and Becca Holland with ten. Three Tigers each made one three-point shot: Reimers, Elizabeth Tiernan and Tracy Meichsner. Meichsner's point total was seven. The list continues with Kayla Pring (six points), Tiernan (5), Moira McNally (4) and Piper Gibson (2).
Meichsner led in rebounds with eleven followed by Hickman with seven. Hickman dished out eight assists, and Reimers had four steals.
Bayley Pooler was Minnewaska's top scorer with 18 points. Abby VerSteeg scored eight points followed by Ariel Ostrander and Carley Stewart each with seven. Taylor Amundson added six to the mix, and Ashlyn Guggisberg scored three.
Pooler was a long-range shooting standout with her five 3-pointers. 'Waska did quite fine as a team in long-rangers. VerSteeg and Amundson each made two 3's, and Guggisberg made one.
Ostrander led 'Waska in rebounds with six. Pooler dished out seven assists and Stewart contributed three. 'Waska closed its books on the season with a 16-11 mark.
NL-Spicer 54, Tigers 44
It's never a picnic facing the New London-Spicer girls in the post-season. The Morris Area Chokio Alberta Tigers faced the challenge on Saturday, March 7. We won that opportunity by having beaten Minnewaska Area. The Tigers and Wildcats squared off on the court of St. John's University, Collegeville.
Not surprisingly, NL-Spicer owned the top seed. They owned the No. 4 ranking in Minnesota Class AA.
The Tigers kept it close for much of the way. We were down by just one point at halftime, 21-20. The scoreboard showed just a one-point deficit in the middle stages of the second half. But coach Dale Henrich's Tigers couldn't get that surge of momentum they wanted. In the end it was the Wildcats prevailing over our Tigers, 54-44.
So, our season ends with a record of 15-12. New London-Spicer advanced with 23-4 won-lost numbers.
The game revealed disparity in freethrows. New London-Spicer got 27 freethrow attempts and made 14. The Tigers put up nine tries and made four. Our field goal shooting numbers were 18 of 60.
Four different Tigers made three-point shots. Lauren Reimers, Tracy Meichsner, Elizabeth Tiernan and Becca Holland each made one '3'. Meichsner was the rebound leader with 12 followed by Tiernan and Holland each with five. Meichsner's four assists led in that department. Correy Hickman was the steals leader with three.
Here's the MACA scoring list: Meichsner (11), Lacee Maanum (10), Tiernan (9), Hickman (6), Holland (5) and Reimers (3). Yes, Reimer's 3-point shot constituted her only scoring of the night, and that had to hurt.
Two Wildcats were real standouts with three-point shooting. Shea Oman and Alyssa Fredrick each made four 3's. Here's the Wildcat scoring list: Oman (16), Fredrick (14), Megan Thorson (10), Ashlyn Geister (9), Kabrie Weber (4) and Morgan Swenson (1).
Thorson was team-best in rebounds with 12 followed by Geister with eight and Weber with five. Weber had four assists and Geister had three. Thorson, Geister and Weber each had one steal.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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