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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

MACA excels in softball, baseball & track/field

Can anyone stop the softball Tigers? My goodness, our orange and black has come on like gangbusters in the post-season. It all got started yesterday (Tuesday) with two games in which the MACA girls were dominant. It was a bright and upbeat day for MACA athletics.
First the softball Tigers went to work defeating Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop by a score of 18-0. Obviously only five innings were played. The second order of business was to take on the Brave Owls of Benson-Hancock. Again success was achieved by shutout, this time 10-0. We now have a win streak of 20 games! What a memorable spring for coach Mary Holmberg and her athletes. Again, can anyone stop the Tigers?
Our next challenge will be to play Jackson County Central. This time of year, those teams from southern Minnesota, usually with a very good softball reputation, show up as the Tigers' opponents. The task might get tougher. We'll see.
Tigers 18, Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop 0
Brooke Gillespie was the MACA pitcher in this post-season debut game. She came through with a no-hitter in five innings, fanning three batters and walking one. Tori Sweely was the losing pitcher.
The Tigers scored their 18 runs on eleven hits. There was a nifty "zero" in the errors column. That stat is especially pleasing for coaches. Coach Holmberg and I go so far back together, I remember when her nickname was "Crash." I covered the Tiger softball team when it vied in state in St. Cloud in the early 1980s.
Holmberg's career win total will win her legendary status, no doubt. She was a pioneer with women's athletics. Such people had to learn to be assertive, and I admit this even grated on me sometimes! Remember Chris Voelz at the University of Minnesota?
Kayla Pring socked a grand slam in the first inning against GFW. She also doubled and had a two-for-three line along with a hefty six RBIs. Lauren Reimers wasn't going to be shut down on this day, and she connected for a three-run homer in the second. Sam Henrichs' bat was smoking and she had four hits in as many at-bats.
Abby Daly went two-for-three with three RBIs. Tracy Meichsner and Gillepsie both went one-for-three. We outhit GFW 11-0. GFW struggled with six errors.
Tigers 10, Benson-Hancock 0
Kayla Pring pitched the shutout as MACA won in the second round. Pring set down five B-H batters on strikes while walking none and giving up four hits. Again the action was limited to five innings. We outhit the Brave Owls 9-4 and outfielded them too: B-H had five errors compared to one by MACA.
Lauren Reimers homered again. She drove in three runs in the victory. Tracy Meichsner had two hits and two runs-batted-in. Lindsey Dierks drove in two runs with her one-for-three line. Becca Holland, Brooke Gillespie and Sam Henrichs also went one-for-three. Piper Gibson went two-for-four including a double.
Samantha Payne went two-for-two for B-H. Kayla Crowell and Lizzie Staton also hit safely for the Brave Owls. Addie Forbord was the losing pitcher. The West Central Tribune reported that "over the last two meetings, the Tigers have outscored Benson-Hancock 29-0." Impressive, I guess, but is it really necessary to report that? Give B-H a break.
Baseball: Tigers 10, YME 0
What a busy day for the MACA diamond teams on Tuesday! The baseball Tigers had two games on their plate just like the softball team. We triumphed vs. YME 10-0.
It's nice in a doubleheader when you can win in five innings. We accomplished that vs. the Sting of YME, thanks partly to how our pitchers slammed the door. Toby Sayles and Trent Marty get the credit here. This duo of Tigers produced a one-hit shutout. Sayles got the win with his three innings of work. He struck out five batters and walked two. Marty fanned four batters, walked one and allowed no hits in his two innings.
Chase Richter was the losing pitcher, and Nick Peterson also pitched.
Turning to the offense, Brady Jergenson gave fuel with two hits in three at-bats and two RBIs. Nate Anderson went two-for-three with two runs scored. Noah Grove was a perfect two-for-two with an RBI and two runs scored. Riley Biesterfeld had a hit and scored two runs.
Philip Anderson had a hit in his only at-bat and drove in a run. Sayles had a hit and an RBI, and Allen Tanner went one-for-one with a run scored. Austin Thorstad had YME's only hit.
Tigers 1, Lac qui Parle 0
Riley Biesterfeld crossed home plate on a sacrifice fly off Brady Jergenson's bat in the first inning. That run would hold up to make the difference in this second game of the day for coach Mark Torgerson's crew. The success was versus the Eagles of Lac qui Parle.
It was a shutout win but not without suspense, as the Eagles regularly got runners on base. My, the Eagles left 13 baserunners stranded. So, credit is due the three Tiger pitchers who worked out of jams, excelling in the clutch. An Eagle was thrown out at home in the third inning.
The three MACA pitchers were Noah Grove, Trent Marty and Sean Amundson, and Amundson got the 'W' next to his name in the boxscore. He struck out two batters and allowed one hit in three innings.
Brandon Hill was the hard-luck losing pitcher. Offensively this Eagle - Bart's son? - made noise with a three-for-three boxscore line. Garrett Olson also pitched for the Eagles. Austin Haas and Phil Kleven each had one hit for LQPV.
We outhit the Eagles 6-5. Nathan Anderson had a double as part of going two-for-three. Riley Biesterfeld had a hit and run scored. Noah Grove and Sean Amundson each went one-for-three. Trent Marty went one-for-two. Brady Jergenson contributed that SAC fly. We had two errors while Lac qui Parle had one.
Track and field accomplishments
A seventh-grader reaching great heights in prep track and field? I have always been fascinated learning about eighth graders making inroads in varsity sports, usually with the smaller schools of course. I have observed those eighth-graders not only make immediate contributions, but benefit greatly from getting the varsity experience at such a young age. But seventh-graders? That's exceedingly rare.
Morris Area Chokio Alberta has such a prodigy athlete in track and field. She's Maddie Carrington. My journalistic efforts have touched on the Carringtons over many years. A new generation is coming into the firmament.
Maddie made a statement with her talents in the State Class A True Team track and field championships at Stillwater High School. The action was on Saturday, May 16. Carrington won the 800m and 1600m runs. Midori Soderberg was tops in the 300m hurdles. Third place achievers were McKenna Lubenow in the 200m dash and Kindra Cannon in the pole vault. In fifth were Katie Folkman in the 100m dash and Brandi Domnick in the high jump.
We had the champion 4x400m relay team with a time of 4:11.14. I'm not able to find the names of these relay team members, sorry.
Our girls team was fourth in the team standings.
With Memorial Day nearing, interest in Tiger sports is sky-high!
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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