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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Softball: Tigers overpower Minnewaska Area

The MACA offense exploded with productivity in a doubleheader sweep. The scores were 15-0 and 12-7 vs. Minnewaska Area. The games were played on Tuesday, May 12, in Glenwood.
Click on the link below to read an update on MACA baseball: doubleheaders vs. Montevideo and Minnewaska. A 12-1 win over Monte highlighted that action. This post is on my companion website, "Morris of Course." Thanks for reading. - B.W.
Tigers 15, Minnewaska 0
This softball triumph was highlighted by homer bats. Piper Gibson and Lauren Reimers were the Tigers connecting for those round-trippers. Coach Mary Holmberg's Tigers were perfect in the field - zero errors - while the Lakers struggled, committing six errors.
The Tigers outhit 'Waska 9-4. Gibson's homer was complemented by a double. She scored three runs. Reimers' bat had pop as it always does, and this Tiger was two-for-two with both her hits for extra bases. Lauren crossed home plate four times.
Tracy Meichsner had a hit, an RBI and two runs scored. Abby Daly joined the potent mix with a hit, two RBIs and a run scored. Kayla Pring went two-for-three, scored two runs and drove in one. Brooke Gillespie had a hit, an RBI and two runs scored.
Four 'Waska Lakers each had one hit: Morgan Hess, Mason Schlief, Bayley Pooler and Ashley Bakko.
Pring pitched the five-inning shutout minus any strikeouts. She walked one batter and allowed four hits. Hess was the losing pitcher.
Tigers 12, 'Waska 7
Lindsey Dierks went two-for-three with an RBI and run scored. The Tigers had nine hits and were actually outhit by the Lakers who had eleven.
Becca Holland had a hit and an RBI. Piper Gibson came through at two-for-four with an RBI and three runs scored. Lauren Reimers had a hit in her only at-bat, and she drove in a run and scored two. Tracy Meichsner doubled and drove in two runs. Kayla Pring went one-for-two with an RBI. Brooke Gillespie scored a run while going one-for-four.
Hess' bat was productive for the Lakers: she went three-for-four with a double, winning cheers at the Glenwood diamond. She drove in a run and scored two. Mason Schlief went two-for-three with a double, and she drove in a run. Bayley Pooler had a hit, three RBIs and a run scored.
Morgan Majerus' bat resounded with two hits, one a double, and she drove in two runs. Taylor Amundson had a hit and run scored. Abby VerSteeg had two hits and two runs scored.
More "shaming" from West Central Tribune
The Wednesday, May 13, edition of the West Central Tribune included another of those "shaming" boxes where teams are listed that did not submit game reports to the paper. I sort of thought the paper might be pressured, by now, to just knock that off.
Coaches have no formal obligation to call in to that paper after their busy day of teaching and coaching. Maybe they have incomplete stats. Maybe they have questionable stats. I'm sure many of them delegate to students for this info compilation, and this is fallible. So what? the games were played properly, and when it's all done, why can't the coaches and athletes just go home if they want? They are not journalists.
If a coach wishes to call in to the paper, fine. But there should be no attempt to publicly embarrass the ones that don't. Coaches do not have this function in their contracts. It is not their problem that the West Central Tribune wants to sell lots of advertisements. Their job is in education. Leave them alone. Hey, it's just sports.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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