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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Friday, December 23, 2016

Boys defeat NL-Spicer, girls edged by Osakis

The MACA boys showed command in the first half of their December 20 game against New London-Spicer. Normally the NL-Spicer teams give us all we can handle, but on 12/20 the Tigers surged to a 32-19 halftime lead. The second half was a different story. But the orange and black came away with a satisfying 69-60 win.
The Wildcats had a 41-37 advantage in the second half. It was a case of hanging on for the Tigers. This was a non-conference affair at home.
The game summary appeared on back-to-back days in the West Central Tribune. Don't know what that was all about. BTW did you see that swan song piece by Katie Erdman in the Morris paper (owned by the same company as the Willmar paper)? Actually we associate Katie with the Hancock paper. Hancock used to have its own newspaper office but then it got moved to Morris. I can't imagine the Hancock paper without Katie. Her farewell piece made it sound like things were getting unpleasant for her at the paper.
Why would anyone want to impose unreasonable pressure on her? The Forum is known to do these types of things.
Three Tigers each scored 13 points in the win over New London-Spicer: Camben Arndt, Jacob Zosel and Jaret Johnson. Lukus Manska put in nine points. Then we have Connor Koebernick with eight points, Tate Nelson with seven and Tim Travis with six. Four Tigers each made one 3-point shot: Nelson, Arndt, Zosel and Johnson. Top rebounders were Johnson (9), Manska (8) and Arndt (7). Arndt and Zosel each had three assists.
Here's the New London-Spicer scoring list: Mitchell Halvorson (15), Brandon Adelman (13), Hunter Sjoberg (11), Jackson Ness (6), Jake Schmidt (5), Ander Arnold (5), Jonathan Kaelke (3) and Eli Kilpatrick (2). These three Wildcats each made a three-pointer: Adelman, Schmidt and Kaelke. Halvorson and Arnold each had six rebounds. Halvorson and Adelman each had five assists. Sjoberg had three steals followed by Schmidt and Arnold each with two.
Girls: Osakis 58, Tigers 55
Osakis has one of my favorite team nicknames: "Silver Streaks." Osakis streaked to a 58-55 win over our Morris Area Chokio Alberta Tigers on Tuesday. Action was at the Osakis gym.
We were down by six at halftime, 29-23. We outscored those Silver Streaks 32-29 in the second half, but Osakis' first half advantage held up.
Ashley Solvie was the top point producer for the Tigers, with 19. Correy Hickman and Maddie Carrington also achieved double figures with 16 and ten points, respectively. Carrington made two 3-point shots while Hickman had one long-range make. Jenna Howden and Nicole Solvie each scored four points while Malory Anderson scored two.
Rebound leaders were Ashley Solvie (9), Hickman (6) and Nicole Solvie (5). Hickman dished out five assists and Nicole Solvie had three. Hickman stole the ball five times. Howden and Liz Dietz each had three steals.
OK, so Katie Erdman is departing from the local print media. I can't imagine anyone else being more capable of being at the helm of the Hancock paper.
Technically speaking, someone else's name appears as the "publisher" of the Hancock paper. I don't think either the Morris or Hancock paper has a local "publisher." I think the more accurate term would be "manager."
I have heard people wonder what Katie's departure means for the future of the Hancock paper. The Hancock paper is a member of the "Peach" advertising group (similar to our shrinking "Canary"). It was my understanding that Hancock had to distribute a stand-alone newspaper in order to belong to the Peach group. Of course, my knowledge may be getting a little dated.
We have regularly seen 16-page Canaries lately. Those used to be rare. Why now? I can't be completely sure, but I think car dealers are slowly backing off from the tremendous amount of print advertising they used to purchase. Car dealers are finding more economical means to reach out to customers. Plus, I have a theory that people simply don't have to buy cars as often in their lives. Cars are made better and last longer - no more assumption that you need to "trade" every four years.
I won't miss the print media at all - all its waste and redundancy. Most of all, good luck to Katie Erdman in her future. Merry Christmas from cyberspace.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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