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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Monday, December 5, 2016

MACA girls take command in 60-30 win

The MACA girls hoops team played in the Case IH Invitational at Benson. The Tigers impressed in their Friday play, downing host Benson most handily. We shot out to a 26-15 lead by halftime and never looked back.
The orange and black prevailed 60-30. We were more dominant in the second half than the first. Correy Hickman stood out on our scoring list with her 22 points. Ashley Solvie achieved double figures too with her 14. Jenna Howden put in seven points and Riley Decker contributed six. Malory Anderson added four points to the mix. Liz Dietz, Jennifer Solvie and Nicole Solvie each scored two points. Jordann Baier added the final touch with one point.
Hickman sank a pair of three-point shots to build her team-leading total. Decker connected once from three-point range. Ashley Solvie led in rebounds with nine, followed by Jennifer Solvie with six. Hickman raced around to get five steals.
The top Benson scorer was Danielle Himley with 12 points. Amanda Nissen put in five points for the Braves. Megan Amundson and Victoria Pagel each scored four. The list continues with Kaitlyn Berreau (three points) and Grace Lee (2). Berreau made Benson's only three-pointer. Himley snared seven rebounds. Pagel stole the ball three times.
Wrestling: Tigers 45, BOLD 31
Isn't it time to get rid of that "MAHACA" name? People pronounce it phonetically and it sounds ridiculous, IMHO. We should just be "Morris" or "Morris Area." I realize that "Morris Area" is the specific name of our school in Morris. So what? It still describes what the wrestling team is, a team representing the Morris area, just as all schools in population centers are area-wide propositions. It's just assumed.
Very small towns are not as identity-conscious as they once were. Gone are the days of mom and pop stores on main street that created a Norman Rockwell-esque atmosphere. Back then, towns sought to thump their chest by beating other towns in high school sports, as we saw in the movie "Hoosiers." Those days are gone and we actually ought to be thankful.
Most very small towns today are just content being quiet and safe. All the more power to them.
Our wrestlers defeated BOLD 45-31 in early-season action, I wrote about Feuchtenberger wrestlers many years ago. The tradition lives. Jed Feuchtenberger got his arm raised via forfeit at 106 pounds. I hate forfeits. It's a black mark on wrestling. I wouldn't even want to review a match that had more than three forfeits.
Ethan Lebrija pinned Jesse Manderscheid in 2:49. Austin Berlinger didn't fare so well, dropping a 13-4 major decision to Mathew Dooner. Ben Travis at 126 pounds pinned Zeke Walton in 5:18. Jacob Boots won by fall in 3:47 over Jordan Amberg.
Gideon Joos was on the short end of a fall outcome in 3:10 at the hands of Anthony Maher. Jared Rohloff was a forfeit winner at 146 pounds. Chase Metzger won by technical fall over Jaden Huebsch, 20-6. Brady Cardwell was on the short end of a fall outcome in 1:24 vs.Drew Maher.
Max McNeill of the Tigers won by a 10-2 major decision over Riley Gass. Tristan Raths lost by fall in 3:51 to Tim Pepple. Bain Laine was edged in an 8-7 decision vs. Hayden Tersteeg. Gage Wevley at 220 pounds won by fall over Brady Ridler in :48. BOLD's Zach Foesch won by forfeit at 285 pounds.
We're ready for a long winter, snow or no snow, of exciting Morris Area Chokio Alberta (or MAHACA) sports. Oh and there's Storm hockey. I guess the hockey girls got a reprieve.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com


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