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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Boys beat Streeters, girls on short end

Tigers 62, Sauk Centre 51
The MACA boys gave their fans a night of winning satisfaction when playing Sauk Centre, those Streeters, on Friday, Feb. 3. The MACA fans made the trip to Sauk Centre. Word is, Sauk Centre no longer takes as much pride in its historic ties to author Sinclair Lewis. It's a bit sad. I grew up associating Sauk Centre with the famous author. Time marches on.
Maybe the Lewis works are seen as having not as much relevance anymore. Also, wasn't Lewis not such a big fan of life out here on the prairie?
Our MACA student athletes came on strong in the second half, escaping a halftime deficit of two (26-24). We turned on the jets for second half play. We outscored the Sauk Boys 38-25 in the second half. The final horn sounded with the orange and black victorious 62-51.
Jaret Johnson was an offensive standout with his 16 points. Tim Travis made noise with his offensive prowess as he scored 13 points. Camden Arndt and Jacob Zosel each put in nine. Tate Nelson and Lukus Manska each added five points to the mix. Connor Koebernick scored three points and Kyle Staebler two.
Travis with his seven rebounds led in that department. Nelson and Zosel each contributed three assists. Nelson stole the ball twice.
Cade Neubert of the Streeters topped his team in scoring with 14 points. Cole Deters scored eleven points and Josh Fischer had nine. The list continues with Simon Weller (8), Tanner Rieland (5), Trevor Weir (3) and Alex Kowski (1). Three Streeters each connected for a '3': Weir, Fischer and Deters.
Fischer snared eight rebounds and Neubert had seven. Weller with his three assists led there, and he also was team-best in steals with two.
You'll recall that Sinclair Lewis wrote "Main Street." Main Street itself has been a fading feature of the American landscape. I recall being assigned to read some of Lewis' work when I was in high school. I don't recall it being real inspiring. Today with the meritocracy created by the digital world, I think his work is fading rapidly. But he made his mark in his time. Maybe he appealed too much to academics. Ahem.
Girls: Sauk Centre 67, Tigers 50
The MACA girls had an opportunity to play the Streeters of Sauk Centre too. Same day, same place. Our Tigers did not fare as well in the GBB game. Fans could not feel shocked seeing the Streeters have the upper hand, because that squad has a powerhouse reputation. Sauk defeated our Tigers 67-50 to build its record to 17-1. The Tigers were left at .500 with 9-9 numbers.
We trailed by just four at halftime, 28-24. Sauk Came to the fore with its attributes in the second half, outscoring the Tigers 39-26.
Riley Decker made three 3-pointers for the Tigers. Maddie Carrington sank two long-range shots and Karly Fehr made one. None of the Tigers scored in double figures. Here's the list: Decker (9), Correy Hickman (9), Malory Anderson (8), Ashley Solvie (7), Nicole Solvie (6), Carrington (6), Fehr (3) and Jenna Howden (2).
Ashley Solvie attacked the boards to get nine rebounds. Decker dished out six assists. Carrington stole the ball four times.
Sauk Centre's scoring list was topped by Kelsey Peschel with 17 points. We should note that the list as reported in the Willmar paper leaves Sauk ten points shy of their total. Nuts. But let's continue as it was reported. Jill Klaphake was sharp in scoring 16. Then it was Tori Peschel putting in nine points. Kenzie Schmiesing and Julia Damann each scored six. Alyssa Kohorts added two points to the mix, and Maesyn Thiesen put in one. Some sort of blank needs to be filled in somewhere.
Actually, the boxscore in the Willmar paper has the score 69-50, while in the headline it's 67-50. Let's just forget about it - I'm getting a headache. What would Sinclair Lewis think?
Three-pointers were a big part of the Sauk Centre attack. Peschel made four such shots. Schmiesing made two shots from three-point land, and these three Streeters each made one: Klaphake, Tori Peschel and Thiesen. Tori Peschel attacked the boards to get six rebounds. Morgan Kranz led in assists with four. The Peschel girls, Kelsey and Tori, had four steals each.
Sauk Centre was a big rival of the Tigers when I was in high school. I never liked Sauk Centre. Today I don't even believe in sports rivalries. It's Neanderthal. We can all be brethren.
- Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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