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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Tigers succumb to powerhouse Melrose

Melrose 67, Tigers 53
Melrose is enjoying a replay of their glory days in boys hoops. I'm sure fans of the Dutchmen wouldn't care to focus on the past. That's a trait of high school sports fans: let's just focus on the present. I understand that. But I'm a journalist and I enjoy weighing historical perspective.
That past heyday of the Melrose boys was when I was in high school. They had a superstar name of Mark Olberding. He played post, as did our top Morris player, Gary Lembcke. Those Dutchmen turned back our Tigers in the post-season. We climbed high but couldn't get past the Dutchmen and their superstar.
Olberding went on to play hoops at the highest level. He did not seem real articulate as a high schooler. I remember an area band director with whom I was associated, mocking him after a clumsy TV interview. Lembcke has had a fabulous career coaching prep basketball. Me? I perform journalism online. Does that make me respectable? I don't know. I do what I do.
The Tigers of the present day had a home matchup with those high-flying Dutchmen recently. How high-flying? They came here undefeated and with 19 wins. They left with their 20th win in hand, score of 67-53.
The first half was a nice showcase for MACA talent. We trailed by just one at the halftime buzzer, 32-31. But Melrose came on strong for the remainder of play, outscoring the orange and black 35-22.
Dillon Haider was an offensive standout for the victor. Haider made two 3-pointers and scored 20 points. Reegan Nelson scored 17. Melrose had a third double figures scorer: Brady Birch with eleven points. Here's the rest of the list: Hunter Rieland (9), Zac Van Beck (5), Damon Van Beck (3) and Jordan Klaphake (2). The Van Beck boys - Zac and Damon - each made one 3-pointer to complement the two made by Haider. Haider led in assists with five and in steals with four. Rieland's nine rebounds made him team-best in that department.
On to the Tigers: Camden Arndt put in 17 points and Jacob Zosel had 15. Then we have Jaret Johnson with nine points followed by Tate Nelson (7), Lukus Manska (3) and Connor Koebernick (2). The Tigers made noise with successful long-range shooting. Arndt and Johnson brought bursts of cheers by each making three 3-pointers. Zosel connected twice from 3-point range. Nelson and Manska each made one 3-pointer.
Arndt was team-best in rebounds with seven. Zosel's six assists made him tops there, and Arndt and Zosel each had two steals.
Girls: Tigers 50, Montevideo 44
The Morris Area Chokio Alberta girls were smooth with their execution on the court vs. Montevideo. The score was 50-44 as the orange and black achieved their win No. 10, against nine losses. Monte has a similar record. We built an eight-point advantage by halftime, 30-22.
Three Tigers each made one 3-pointer: Riley Decker, Liz Dietz and Correy Hickman. But it was Ashley Solvie leading the team in scoring with 19 points. The other big scorer was Hickman with 17 points. Other point-scorers were Nicole Solvie (5), Dietz (4), Decker (3) and Maddie Carrington (2). Ashley Solvie gathered in ten rebounds and Hickman collected five. Jenna Howden led in assists with four followed by Carrington and Decker each with three. Hickman stole the ball three times.
Boys hockey: WDC 6, Storm 2
MBA showed a goal-scoring flair in the first period but went quiet in the next two. Our opponent was Wadena-Deer Creek. Both teams were at their best offensively in the first period. We scored two goals, but by then the WDC skaters had scored three times. Those three WDC goals were by Josh Daigneault, Jake Dykhoff and Wyatt Hamann.
The MBA boys answered with goals by Shaun Aarhus (16:52) and Dylan DeToy (16:58). Blake Engebretson assisted on the Aarhus goal, and Hunter Gades supplied the assist for the DeToy goal.
and Andrew Sundby scored WDC's second period goals. Preston Warren scored the final WDC goal at 9:49 of the third. So we're on the short end of the 6-2 final. Our goalkeeper was Tony Bruns who achieved 13 saves. WDC's Noah Stevens turned the puck away 64 times.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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