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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Boys' offense picks up steam in 77-45 win

The MACA boys nudged their point total higher than what has been the norm for them on Thursday (1/17). Most importantly they won. They did so with a point total of 77. This was at the Yellow Medicine East court.
Their offense looked well-oiled and free-flowing in this 77-45 triumph which was the team's tenth.
In the first half in particular, the Tigers scored with high frequency to establish themselves as the superior team. They were less deliberate than usual with their look on the court. Early-season had the Tigers developing a reputation as a deliberate team which some fans translate to "boring."
There was nothing at all boring in watching the Tigers work to score 43 points in the first half. Meanwhile the defense was asserting itself nicely also, limiting the host Sting to 20 points. The Tigers' superiority frankly was not surprising, as YME has managed but one win thus far.
The Tigers came out of the Thursday action with a 10-2 season record. They outscored the Sting 34-25 in the second half.
The Tigers were conservative with three-pointers but made the most of their attempts. They were right at 50 percent at three-for-six with three different individuals having the makes: Jacob Torgerson, Chandler Erickson and Nic Vipond.
In total field goals the Tigers wee 28 of 52. In freethrows: 18 of 27.
Lincoln Berget excelled as a post man with his seven rebounds. He was followed in that category by Austin Dierks with four.
Tom Holland and Erickson each picked up two assists. In steals there were four Tigers sharing the team lead each with four: Dierks, Logan Manska, Berget and Erickson.
MACA fans watching the 43-point first half by their squad might have felt they were watching a different team. While the scoring pace might be deemed more appealing, the orange and black crowd realizes winning tactics are of the utmost importance, whether it involves playing with abandon or deliberateness.
Don't worry, I'm not forgetting to include the individual scoring list for Motown. Here it is: Austin Dierks 17, Lincoln Berget 16, Logan Manska 14, Nic Vipond 10, Chandler Erickson 5, Tom Holland 4, Jacob Torgerson 3, Beau Keimig 3, Dillon McNally 2, Marcus Cannon 2, Aaron Goulet 1.
I'm typing this post on Saturday at the Morris Public Library, where I'm thankful to have arrived without getting blown away by the wind! "The weather isn't fit for man or beast," to quote "Yukon Cornelius" from "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."
The Sting's top scorer was Blake Lindstrom with 13. YME came out of Thursday at 1-9.
The Sting held their own in 3's, making four of nine attempts. Lindstrom connected for three of those long-rangers, and Jordan Zens had the other. Austin Vikander, a Sting player with Morris connections through family, scored five points plus he had two assists and one steal. Austin's mother Anna was a superb track athlete in her MAHS days. (I covered her for the "dead tree" media.)
A check of Pheasant Country Sports shows that the 77 points scored by MACA Thursday was the season-high! Keep burning the nets, guys.
Girls basketball: Tigers 64, ACGC 38
The Tigers took charge on the court Friday (1/18) in Grove City. Grove City is part of ACGC. They're the Falcons. They had great difficulty trying to make three-pointers against our Tigers. They were one of 15 in this department (Shelby Schroeder with the make) as they failed to keep pace with a fired-up group of Tigers, coached by Dale Henrich.
The Tigers led 33-22 at halftime. They were on top at the sound of the final horn, 64-38. They outscored the Falcons 32-16 in the second half. Coach Henrich's crew came out of the night at 10-4.
Katie Holzheimer made two 3-pointers in the win. The Tigers were more conservative than the Falcons trying the long-rangers. As a team the Tigers were two of six in this department. In total field goals they were 23 of 54. In freethrows: 16 of 25.
MaKenzie Smith and Nicole Strobel each collected five rebounds. Tracy Meichsner was the assist leader with four. Meichsner and Holzheimer were the steal leaders with eight and five respectively.
Beth Holland stood out with her 19 points scored. Holzheimer achieved double figures too with 16. Smith and Becca Holland each scored six points. Meichsner and Strobel each put in five. Abbie Olson scored three points followed by Moira McNally and Kaitlyn Vogel each with two.
Sydney Larson topped the Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City scoring list with 14 points. Katie Moore added 12. Schroeder was limited to the three points scored on her '3'.
Larson and guard Erica Melbie were hampered by early foul trouble - three each in the first half.
Viva Morris Area Chokio Alberta girls and boys basketball for 2012-13!
Boys hockey: Storm 6, Breckenridge-Wahpeton 1
The MBA Storm continued their surging ways with a Tuesday (1/15) win before finally being humbled with a loss on Thursday. The win was by a 6-1 score over the skaters of Breckenridge-Wahpeton in Wahpeton, ND.
The Storm scored in each period as they upped their win skein to five. There was one Storm goal in the first period, two in the second and three in the third, as the feeling of "mo" just picked up steam all evening.
Breckenridge-Wahpeton scored its only goal in the first period.
Brody Gimberlin put the Storm on the board, getting the puck in goal at 8:16 of the first, assisted by Tanner Picht and Mac Beyer. B-W got the scored tied up, then MBA owned the rest of the evening.
Riley Blake scored the first of the two Storm goals in period No. 2. Corey Storck assisted. Then it was Beyer scoring the first of his two goals on the night, assisted by Picht at 12:20.
On to period No. 3: Beyer scored in a shorthanded situation at :41. Picht scored with an assist from Gimberlin at 6:39. And it was Bo Olson finishing up the night's scoring for the MBA crew, getting the puck in the net at 14:18.
Kyle Kennedy worked in net all game for the Storm and had 17 saves. Michael Withuski was the B-W goalie and his save total was 43.
Boys hockey: Marshall 5, Storm 2
The Storm tasted defeat for the first time in a while on Thursday, Jan. 17. Their foe was Marshall in Marshall. The host Marshall skaters scored one goal in the first period, three in the second and one in the third.
The Storm were shut out in the opening period. Mac Beyer scored the only Storm goal of the second period. Beyer scored with an assist from Tanner Picht at 5:49. Andrew Rentz scored the only MBA goal in period No. 3. He scored on the power play, assisted by Brody Gimberlin at 1:27.
The Storm bowed to Marshall in the 5-2 final. Action was at Lyons County Arena in the southern Minnesota community of Marshall.
Kyle Kennedy was the Storm goalie. Mason Campion wore the goalie equipment for Marshall.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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