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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Girls win on back-to-back nights, here

Tigers 53, YME 40
The Tigers treated fans to a winning homestand at the start of this week. The Tuesday chapter was a 53-40 win over Yellow Medicine East. There was little doubt from the early stages who was going to win.
Coach Dale Henrich's squad seized the lead and cruised into halftime owner of a 35-20 lead. There was no need to push so hard in the second half. The second half was basically a stalemate as the Tigers went on to win by that margin of 13.
It was win No. 9 for the smoothly-executing MACA crew, against four losses. YME has had a struggling look this season.
The orange and black will be on the road Friday, Jan. 18, to face ACGC.
The Tigers' surging was despite a cool hand in 3's. The team's three makes in the Tuesday win were by Katie Holzheimer, Becca Holland and Beth Holland. The three makes were among 13 attempts.
The Tigers were a quite proficient 10 of 13 in freethrows. Total field goals saw the squad make 20 of 63 tries.
Tracy Meichsner attacked the boards for double figures in rebounds: 11. MaKenzie Smith and Nicole Strobel each collected six rebounds.
Meichsner and Becca Holland each dished out four assists. Meichsner stole the ball five times to lead there.
Let's roll up our sleeves for the scoring list: Here Becca Holland led the way with her 13 points. Sister Beth made double figures too, posting ten. Then we have Smith (9), Strobel (6), Meichsner (4), Kaitlin Vogel (4), Holzheimer (3), Abbie Olson (2) and Moira McNally (2).
The visiting Sting were just one of nine in 3's with Danie Roden having the make. The Sting were 15 of 39 in total field goals and nine of 13 in freethrows. Kelly Anderson was their top scorer with 12 points.
Tigers 62, West Central Area 42
Monday needn't be a "blah" day of the week (not even in mid-winter) as shown by the MACA girls who won 62-42 on 1/14.
The Tigers played at home on Monday and Tuesday and showed a winning flourish.
The Monday story had coach Dale Henrich's crew taking off with a burst of second half momentum. The Tigers escaped the stalemated situation of halftime (a 30-29 score, MACA up) to distance themselves from the foe. That foe was West Central Area. In the end the Tigers won by that decisive margin of 20 points.
It was win No. 8, coming amidst a demanding stretch of the schedule. The Tigers are playing six games in a span of just eight days.
The Tigers outscored the Knights 32-13 in the second half.
Katie Holzheimer with her two 3-point makes finished as the night's top scorer with 16 points. Beth Holland made the other three-pointer as MACA posted three of ten numbers. In total field goals the Tigers finished 29 of 69. In freethrows they had just one make in six attempts.
Tracy Meichsner led in rebounds with nine followed by Beth Holland and Abbie Olson each with five. Meichsner also led in assists with five followed by Holzheimer with four. Becca Holland was the pacesetter in steals with four.
Holzheimer was followed in scoring by Becca Holland with 14 points. MaKenzie Smith and Beth Holland each scored eight. Meichsner and Olson each added six points to the mix, and Moira McNally had four.
West Central Area has been hovering around .500 this season. The Knights' leading scorer was Holly VanKempen with 12 points. Kristina Kruize put in ten points. The Knights had no three-point makes.
Viva Morris Area Chokio Alberta girls basketball for 2012-13!
Boys hockey: Storm 7, Windom 4
Tanner Picht was hard-charging on the Benson ice to help lead the MBA Storm boys to another win, this one coming by a score of 7-4 on January 12.
The whole Storm team was hard-charging but it was Picht who scored four goals and had an assist too. The win was the fifth straight and elevated the Storm's record to 7-6.
The Storm led 2-0 after one period and 4-1 after two.
Picht got his assist on the first MBA goal of the night which was scored by Brody Gimberlin at 5:25 of the first. Jordan Staples also assisted on that goal. Then it was Picht putting the Storm up 2-0 with a goal at 13:36. Staples and Mac Beyer assisted on this goal.
On to period No. 2: Windom scored first, then it was Picht on the attack again to score a goal at 12:39 assisted by Beyer and Gimberlin. Picht put the Storm up 4-1 with a goal at 16:51.
Windom scored the first two goals of the third and final period. Picht put the puck in the net with an assist from Gimberlin at 6:32. Windom scored its final goal at 9:36. Beyer and Gimberlin showed scoring chemistry on the ice at 8:53 as Beyer got the goal and Gimberlin the assist.
Staples sent the puck into an empty net in shorthanded fashion at 16:32, ending the night's scoring. Darion Helberg picked up the assist.
Kyle Kennedy was the winning goalie and his save total was 15. Tyler McGowan was the Windom goalie and he finished with 34 saves.
Viva Morris Benson Area Storm boys hockey for 2012-13!
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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