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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Friday, January 25, 2013

MACA boys overcome Falcons with freethrows

The Tigers were dead-on with their freethrow shooting eye in a Tuesday (1/22) home win. They gained their 12th win with spectacular freethrow shooting numbers of 24-for-27, 89 per cent (wow). ACGC couldn't overcome such a potent weapon.
Click on the permalink below to read about some other Tiger hoops and Storm hockey athletic contests of late. Included in this post, on "Morris of Course" (my companion site) are: the 57-39 win by the MACA boys vs. Ortonville, the 10-4 win by the MBA Storm boys over Worthington, the heartbreaking 48-47 loss experienced by the MACA hoops girls vs. Milbank SD, and the 60-35 girls hoops loss vs. BOLD. Thanks for reading - B.W.
Home hoops success
The Tigers of Morris Area Chokio Alberta turned back the Falcons of Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 64-57. Coach Mark Torgerson's squad owned a shimmering 12-2 mark at night's end. ACGC was quite the worthy opponent and ended the night at 11-5.
Sizzling as the Tigers were at the freethrow stripe, the same couldn't be said of the three-point shooting performance. In 3's the Tigers languished with two-of-19 stats. Jacob Torgerson had both of the makes.
Logan Manska shot in a way that reflected the team's fortunes on this "paradoxical" night. Manska, who often is a long-range shooting force, made just one field goal in eleven tries but was a sizzling 10-for-10 at the freethrow line. Austin Dierks batted a thousand in freethrows too, six-for-six, and had a point harvest of 14.
The dynamite freethrow performance hardly kept this game from being suspenseful toward the end. My goodness, the Tigers had to actually surge from behind! ACGC was on top by a margin of six, eyeing victory, with four minutes left to play. Nic Vipond applied the spurs for MACA, achieving a three-point play. Vipond had a harvest of 19 points on the night.
Jake Torgerson then sent the ball through the twine from three-point range, creating a whole new ballgame with a tied score. Torgerson's two 3-pointers on the night represented his only scoring, but at least one of those was "clutch" to the max.
MACA pulled away from that tied score with - you guessed it - that freethrow-shooting weapon.
The Tigers led 23-22 at halftime. They outscored ACGC 41-35 in the second half.
The Tigers made 19 of 60 shots in total field goals. Vipond with his 19 points, Dierks with his 14 and Manska with 12 were followed in scoring by: Chandler Erickson (7), Torgerson (6), John Tiernan (4) and Lincoln Berget (2).
Vipond led in rebounds as well as in scoring, collecting nine rebounds followed by Torgerson and Berget each with eight. Erickson led in assists with five and Manska was tops in steals with four.
Taylor Larson topped the ACGC scoring list with 22 points. He built that total with the help of four 3-pointers. Dylan Hoerchler scored 16 points and made a pair of 3's. Jacob Belgum put in 12 points including one three-pointer.
Viva MACA basketball for the (chilly) winter of 2012-13!
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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