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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Monday, November 23, 2015

"Have a seat" captures enduring family memory

Dad with "Sandy," on portico
There's no place like home. "Sandy" was a treasured family member. He was half American Eskimo and half poodle. How I miss when my father, Sandy and I would rise very early to get a taste of the day.
On many occasions, no twinkle of sunlight yet. On TV we had two main choices: Robin Meade or Don Imus. My father would stretch out on our davenport. I would come along shortly after that and get seated in a recliner.
"Have a seat," my father would say. He said this knowing full well that as soon as I got comfortable, Sandy would come along and ask to be fed. Sandy would look at me for 3-4 seconds, and then start barking. It was a dependable ritual. When you hear a Williams family member say "have a seat," be aware it's an inside joke and you'll see a twinkle in our eye.
To help preserve these memories, I have written a little poetry. Here it is:
"Have a Seat"
by Brian Williams
My father rose before the dawn
Soon he turned the TV on
He was happy as could be
Hearing news from Robin Meade
Sandy was our family dog
He was like a gift from God
He was loyal to my Dad
They were partners in life's path
They were old and getting ripe
Having seen so much of life
Knowing wisdom is instilled
Through the years like with a pill
Dad had won his leisure time
Earning every single dime
Plus he served in World War Two
With the Navy's fighting crew
Then he followed his career
Teaching music without peer
At the U of M he was
Doing what he always loved
Grooming kids in "do re mi"
Capturing his destiny
Finally in his later years
He just wanted family near
That included our canine
Such a bond you'll never find
He and Dad were out of bed
Before the eastern sky turned red
We soaked in from Robin Meade
All the news that's fit to read
Robin seemed my father's friend
From her place on HLN
We laughed at Don Imus too
Don and his irrev-rent crew
Then he had to step aside
'Cause his words had crossed a line
Though he was his Daddy's dog
Feeding Sandy was my job
Breakfast was a can't-miss time
For our dog to feast and dine
Dad would notice Sandy's urge
From his early morning perch
He would show that gimlet eye
Sense of humor so alive
Breakfast was the task at hand
For the canine with his Dad
Sandy had to get his food
Then we'd have a happy mood
First I had to move my butt
'Cause I really loved that mutt
Dad would smile for us both
Family made us feel our oats
Sandy was a priceless pearl
Making full our family world
Though he had no pedigree
He had value all could see
Dad would never cease to joke
So soon after I awoke
"Have a seat" he said with mirth
From my seat I had to lurch
Finding Sandy's sustenance
Breakfast, supper and for lunch
Was a task I did uphold
With the three of us growing old
I could just hear Tom T. Hall
Sing a song about this all
He would surely find a smile
Watching Sandy all the while
Sandy had a priceless way
Sharing love throughout the day
He helped my Dad persevere
Long beyond his quota here
My dad would not give a speech
He would just say "have a seat"
It was like a morning chime
Etched within the mem-ries mine

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