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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Friday, November 6, 2015

MACA girls to vie for Section 3AA title

The MACA girls have a triumphant air as they approach the section championship volleyball match. The Tigers will take their winning flair to Southwest State University, Marshall, on Saturday (11/7) for the climactic title match. Our foe now: Martin County West.
A win now will propel the Tigers to state. Match time this Saturday is 6 p.m.
The Tigers' win in the Section 3AA semis was over New London-Spicer. Yes it was New London-Spicer, a school that so often advances far in the post-season, often at the expense of MACA. Is that pattern now broken?
The Tigers displayed a balanced hitting attack to dispose of the Wildcats Thursday. Scores were 25-17, 25-23 and 25-20. Yes, a sweep! Coach Kristi Fehr is beaming along with all her talented and determined student-athletes.
Yes the hitting was awesome, but coach Fehr was quick to cite the ingredients that led up to those hits, like passing. Karly Fehr took the lead in setting. She totaled 29 set assists. Coach Fehr saw a very pleasing "flow" in the attacks.
We now own a 23-3 season record. We've lost only one match since October 1.
Koral Tolifson and Cassidy Fehr each sent a serving ace at the Wildcats. Brooke Gillespie pounded down nine kills to lead that balanced attack at the net. Lindsey Dierks had eight kills followed by Ashley Solvie and Jenna Howden each with seven. The Willmar newspaper did not specify which Fehr, Karly or Cassidy, had four kills. Carly Maanum added three kills to the mix.
Howden topped the ace blocks list with four. Solvie had two ace blocks, and Gillespie and Dierks one each. In digs it was Gillespie posting the team best total with 17. Dierks had 13 digs, Riley Decker eleven and Karly Fehr ten.
Carly Cronen had two serving aces for NL-Spicer. Espi Austvold put up 32 set assists for the Wildcats. Kabrie Weber and Lindsay Vagle each had nine kills. Erin Tebben had two ace blocks. Vagle, Brennah Bergh and Cronen each had 12 digs. This match was played in Montevideo.
Tigers 3, Litchfield 0
The Monday action had Morris Area Chokio Alberta sweeping past those Dragons of Litchfield. Scores were 25-18, 25-17 and 25-15 as coach Fehr's squad was dominant at the home gym.
Five different Tigers each had a serving ace: Brooke Gillespie, Lindsey Dierks, Karly Fehr, Haley Erdahl and Riley Decker. Fehr put up 35 set assists.
Gillespie was at the fore in hitting with ten kills. Jenna Howden pounded down nine kills. Lindsey Dierks' kill total was eight. Ashley Solvie sent six kills at the Dragons, while Carly Maanum had four and Moira McNally one. Maanum executed two ace blocks.
It was Riley Decker setting the pace in digs with 20. Gillespie had 12 digs, Dierks ten and Fehr six.
Whither the weather?
The volleyball post-season coincides with that time of year when winter may come, or it may hold off a little. Winter definitely looms. I'm writing this on a bleak Friday morning, a very overcast morning. The temperature isn't winter-like yet.
I always wait to put the riding lawn mower into the storage shed until the first snowfall comes down. That would make a good Norman Rockwell painting: yours truly pushing the riding lawn mower into the shed as the first snowfall comes down. I have been fortunate to get that mower through many summers without having to get it professionally serviced. The mowers go into hibernation for winter. Then I do a Hail Mary in spring for getting them started. A little gas in the spark plug chamber might help.
Leaves? We get a lot on our property. It's really impossible to get ahead of that situation. I just have to make sure the rain gutters are reasonably cleared. I can see where senior citizens get hurt getting up on ladders. Max McGee, the great Green Bay Packers wide receiver, died as the result of a fall from his roof. Young adults design homes with impediments that they don't realize until they become senior citizens. Like steps leading up to the entry doors.
This is the time of year we have church suppers. My church, First Lutheran, had its big event Wednesday. Mom and I didn't go, partly because I think we're seeing a little too much price inflation with these events. The price was $16 Wednesday. And don't even consider attending a Minnesota Twins game. Faith Lutheran has its big meal upcoming. We're not going this year, because last year we sort of got hurried out. A meal worker said to us: "We'll need these seats soon." To hell with that, and to hell with that person. Pastor Sanderson, please get word out to your people to behave hospitably. Relax.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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