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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Monday, November 30, 2015

MACA basketball, Storm girls impress

MACA boys basketball looked very smooth in its opener, played here. Fans were pleased seeing the Tigers take command in the first half. The halftime situation was a 28-19 lead. And when the two halves were done, coach Mark Torgerson's Tigers had defeated Brooten-Belgrade-Elrosa.
The final score was 57-43 in this November 24 contest. The stage was set for a happy Thanksgiving weekend! (I won't say "Black Friday.")
Sean Amundson and Tim Travis each made a three-pointer. Eric Staebler was at centerstage much of the time. He was an offensive machine with his 23 points, and he snared ten rebounds - both team-leading stats. Jacob Zosel dished out five assists. Robert Rohloff stole the ball four times.
Zosel joined Staebler in double figures scoring with 12 points. The list continues with Amundson (9), Philip Anderson (4), Rohloff (4), Travis (3) and Denner Dougherty (2).
The top BBE Jaguar scorer was Tanner Heinsuis with 15 points. Austin Trustheim put in 13. The Willmar newspaper reported a Jaguar with the last name Steinhoffer making a three-point shot, but no one with that name is in the scoring list. Derek Weiner made a '3' for the Jags. Austin Trustheim snared eight rebounds.
The Willmar newspaper reported that a player with the last name "Heinchess" had four assists. The first name isn't given which means his name must have been cited previously in the boxscore. It isn't, but of course we have the name "Tanner Heinsuis." Maybe it isn't wise relying on the Willmar newspaper for sports information. The standards were set very high when I did this stuff.
The Tigers will play at Melrose on the first day of December.
Hockey: Storm girls 10, Worthington 0
What a memorable Saturday for MBA hockey on the Benson ice! The Storm girls not only prevailed, they put on a scoring clinic as they netted win No. 1. They also put on a defensive clinic as they prevailed 10-0 over Worthington in this November 21 affair.
MBA shot out in front 6-0 in the opening period. Hanna Lindblad achieved a hat trick in that period alone. The Storm scored two goals each in the second and third periods, polishing things off nicely.
It was Lindblad scoring the first goal at 15:03 of the first. Then it was Kelsey Rajewsky putting the puck in the net at 11:03. MBA marched forward with a goal by Kayla Benson, assisted by Lindblad at 8:52. Lindblad continued the onslaught with a goal at 8:28, assisted by Kamri Kalthoff and Rajewsky. Then it was Lindblad getting goal No. 5, assisted by Holli Christians at 6:09.
Rajewsky skated in position to get the next goal which came at 4:56. Megan Kirkeide and Benson assisted on that goal.
On to the second period: Micah Summer scored a goal with assists from Kallie Watzke and Kalthoff. Watzke took scoring honors next, assisted by Rajewsky and Kirkeide.
The third period story begins with Watzke getting the puck in the net at 15:09, assisted by Summer and Whitney Demarais. Leah Thompson got the Storm to the ten-goal plateau, getting the puck in the net with assists from Rajewsky and Nicole Berens. It warms my heart to continue typing the "Berens" name in connection with Benson sports. I wonder if any "Statons" are playing sports these days.
Abbey Hoffman was the goalie in the 10-0 win. Abbey picked up 47 saves. The Worthington goalie was Bailey Kruse.
A nice Thanksgiving regardless
Our family had leftovers for Thanksgiving. We had sufficient food and we gave thanks for it. There was only one restaurant open in the Morris area for Thanksgiving, to my knowledge, but the price it charged for the meal was prohibitive. We would have enjoyed going for a reasonable price. Did they have a children's price?
I wonder how much food that restaurant had left over at the end of the day. I wonder what happened to it. Maybe in the future something could be worked out where the Senior Community Center kitchen could put out something for Thanksgiving. No point in that building just sitting there empty and locked up.
I'm at the senior center now typing this, recalling that last night we got a robocall notice that a big winter storm was moving in. Better stock up etc. It's around noon now and I see no sign of anything bad. Let's be careful that a "cry wolf" syndrome doesn't set in.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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