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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

MACA football scores 40 in another win

The Tigers continued to roar in Friday night (10/7) play. This time the winning outcome had a 40-14 final score. And once again, Jacob Zosel performed up to his reputation as a marquee runningback. Zosel fueled the offense with 278 rushing yards on 35 carries. He scored two of the MACA touchdowns in this win No. 6 for the orange and black.
We're undefeated! Sauk Centre has won just once.
Click on the link below to read about the MACA volleyball sweep wins over Montevideo, ACGC and Benson. This post is on my companion website, "Morris of Course." Thanks for reading. - B.W.
Tigers 40, Sauk Centre 14
Host Sauk Centre scored all of their points in the third quarter. Meanwhile the Tigers put points on the board in all four quarters.
The momentum started with Ryan Dietz plunging into the end zone from the one. Eli Grove kicked the point-after. Our second score of the first quarter came when Toby Sayles ran the ball in from the four. Then in quarter No. 2, we went up 20-0 thanks to a Sayles pass of 14 yards to Camden Arndt. Grove's toe was true on the point-after.
Sauk Centre got on the board with a two-yard run that had Dylan Hafkamp clutching the football.
Jacob Zosel was off to the races on a 32-yard scoring run to build our scoreboard cushion. Grove kicked the PAT. The Streeters got their second score when Simon Weller passed ten yards to Cade Neubert. Weller ran for two on the conversion.
The Tigers came on strong over the rest of the game, scoring two more TDs. Zosel found the end zone on a run from the six. Then it was Nathan Beyer breaking loose on a 23-yard scoring run, after which Grove again found the middle of the uprights. Game over. An impressive 40-14 win.
It's terrific to acknowledge Zosel on his substantial ground yardage, but it's unfortunate the offensive linemen don't get more recognition. Back in the days when I interviewed Jerry Witt after each game, we saw to it that players across the whole range of positions got their names in print. Offensive linemen were acknowledged routinely.
The type of "scoring summary" that appears in the Willmar paper can leave out so much. A player scores on a one-yard run but what preceded that? When I interviewed coach Witt, we always sought to acknowledge "big plays" along the way. Will the Morris paper ever do this kind of reporting again? Can we even count on the Morris paper to do the actual reporting/writing, or will we have to accept articles recycled from the Willmar paper, articles that appeared in the Willmar paper a week earlier?
"News is perishable," former MAHS Administrator Mike Martin said during his tenure here, as he constantly twisted arms to get the best possible coverage, even to the extent of taking over the work himself. He had naysayers when it came to this: his investment of time in work outside of his school duties. A school board member remarked to me: "Doesn't he spend any time with his family?" And the manager of the Morris paper reflected in a meeting that "Jim (Morrison) was getting phone calls" about Martin's burdensome moonlighting. Can you describe it any other way?
Statistics from Friday
Toby Sayles rushed for 33 yards Friday. Dietz and Beyer each gained 28 yards on the ground. Conner Koebernick charged forward for 14 yards. The monster ballcarrier was of course Zosel.
Again our passing attack was limited. Sayles completed two passes in five attempts for 48 yards and had no interceptions. The two catches were by Dylan Gillespie and Camden Arndt. Sayles handled the one Morris Area Chokio Alberta punt. He also made our only interception. Hunter Gades made a fumble recovery.
The defensive side of the football had Dietz with five solo tackles and one assist. Chase Metzger made four solo tackles. Sayles had six solos and one assist. Jared Rohloff executed three solo tackles. Denner Dougherty had two solos and one assist. Dakota Luepke put up 1-1 numbers, and these Tigers each contributed one solo: Brendan Goulet, Koebernick, Mitchell Dufault, Zosel, Matt McNeill, Andrew Messner, Arndt and Brady Cardwell.
Sauk's top ballcarrier was Dylan Hafkamp with 28 yards on ten carries. Weller completed eight passes in 20 attempts for 131 yards and had one interception. Cade Neubert made five of the catches for 114 yards.
The Tigers will next play BOLD at Olivia. Hey, BOLD's undefeated! The game will be quite the attraction. Can we continue to lean so heavily on the running game? We'll see.
Click on the link below the view the MACA football page on Maxpreps.
- Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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