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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Saturday, October 29, 2016

MACA girls begin 3AA climb with sweep

The race is on for post-season honors. Our Morris Area Chokio Alberta volleyball Tigers took step #1 in routine fashion, as expected, sweeping to victory at home. Our opponent was Eden Valley-Watkins. Scores at the home gym were 25-15, 25-4 and 25-7.
We're striving to climb the ladder in Section 3AA. Our next challenge will be to play Paynesville at 7 p.m. Tuesday, here. The Tigers have had state-ranked status throughout the fall. We now have a record of 22-3. Eden Valley-Watkins has languished with a record quite below .500.
Ashley Solvie was aggressive and sharp at the serving line, achieving eight aces. Koral Tolifson had two serving aces while Riley Decker and Cassidy Fehr each had one. Karly Fehr was the cog in setting, true to form, on this night achieving 19 assists. She was complemented by Jenna Larsen with four assists and Decker with one.
Ashley Solvie went up to perform four ace blocks. Larsen and Nicole Solvie each had two ace blocks, and Karly Fehr had one. Brooke Gillespie reached a nice career milestone Friday, in digging. She had eight digs and reached the 1000 mark in career digs. The other dig contributors were Karly Fehr (14), Ashley Solvie (6), Decker (11), Tolifson (7) and Cassidy Fehr (6).
OK, let's get to the crowd-pleasing hitting department: Gillespie was the standout with her eleven kills. Jenna Howden and Ashley Solvie each socked five kills. Nicole Solvie added four kills to the mix, and Karly Fehr and Larsen each had one.
Big fuss over emails
I remember the first time I dealt with someone's email at the Morris newspaper. It was someone involved with the swimming/diving program. It seemed so exotic and exciting to me. Email! I had heard about it on TV. Now, there it was in front of me for real. "Email" in those days tended to be spelled with a hyphen: "e-mail." Today the hyphenless form has taken over.
I remember when faxing first came around. There was a similar fascination for me as I went to our machine one night and discovered a fax from the Pat Buchanan campaign for president. This was at the apex of his bid for president, when he made noise for a while as a niche conservative candidate. "Wow," I thought as I examined the fax: History in the making! I was being naive as I concluded this was historic news: Buchanan's success was in an early primary. He of course would fade.
And then faxing technology would fade. It deteriorated over time as more and more "junk" faxes rolled in, like from Senator Rod Grams. Plus, all those travel deals to the Bahamas.
Hillary Clinton has created a royal mess with her email adventure. My take? Let's look at the generational aspect. Hillary like me is a boomer who did not grow up in the digital world. Even Hillary can show a little naivete and lack of perception when it comes to sweeping new communications technologies. She short-sightedly thought she could set up a private email server.
I remember a peer of mine, a Morris resident, saying of her parents: "They're just not intuitive about (this stuff)." The parents were having trouble understanding one of those transitions in cable TV service, the kind of transition most younger people grasped easily.
I held off on getting a "cable box" until I had to. I still don't have a cellphone or Smartphone or whatever. What I need, I guess, is a female friend who can coach me into adopting a lot of this new tech stuff. I shared this with a friend who said, "I can give you a lot of tech tips but I can't help you with the girl."
- Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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