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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

MAHS Homecoming presents lively football

The Powder Puff game
I remember the days when the Powder Puff football game for Homecoming was played at Green River Park and was a tackle affair. It was controversial. Morris legend has it that a fall sports coach discouraged her players from participating and actually suspended players who did. At the same time, at least one school board member was wholly enthusiastic about the event.
The tackle format bothered me a little, not because the players were girls but because it was a one-time event, thus players might not be real attuned to it. OK, I was a little bothered because they were girls too. Lest you think I'm sexist, I actually disapprove of boys playing football too. It's odd how we put up with this sport that can have physical and mental consequences years after a player plays. I feel so blessed never having had the interest or the skill to play football.
The 2016 MAHS Powder Puff football game had some possible controversy! Is it true that the senior girls may cheat a bit, choosing to forgo the Velcro and tie their flags on, making it harder to rip them off? I have heard the allegations. Also, I heard about at least one injury. A player with the junior team was taken to the emergency room where a sling was applied. The physical risks are just not worth it. As for the alleged cheating, we at least have to be aware of it, eh?
A wonderful Homecoming parade
Mom and I enjoyed the Homecoming parade, held on a fine fall afternoon. We're always seated in front of SCMC. We're amazed each year how the crowd suddenly materializes after the pep fest. One minute the place seems barren, making me wonder if I'm in the wrong place! But the crowd gathers and the festivities are on. I get a little nervous seeing the presence of the police, given how cops are so regularly in the news for controversial shootings. A cop got charged with manslaughter just recently. Guns should be nowhere near school activities, IMHO.
I remember being in the Morris marching band when we did formations out on the field at halftime. I think we formed a wheel and did "Spinning Wheel." We always played "All the Things You Are" for the introduction of the queen. We had no king then. I remember when the king honor was first introduced. Administrator Dennis Rettke was a little concerned about how boys might think it's "dorky." People are less likely to even think in these terms these days, thank goodness. It's like equating football with manliness. How quaint.
Maybe football was once a way to prepare boys for military service. Follow the orders of your SOB colonel, i.e. coach. We certainly have evolved as a society.
Volleyball keeps surging
Click on the link below to read about the MACA volleyball success versus Melrose and BOLD. This post is on my companion website, "Morris of Course." Thanks for reading. - B.W.
Football: Tigers 36, YME 13
The Morris Area Chokio Alberta football momentum rolled through Homecoming week 2016. Fans got to see a very encouraging sign: the emergence of an exciting passing game. Granted, there were only five completions. But those five hookups netted 133 yards, and there were no interceptions in this 36-13 Tiger win.
Toby Sayles completed four of his nine pass attempts. Parker Dierks had the other completion. Two of our scores came on substantial pass completions. Conner Koebernick caught a 53-yard scoring strike from Sayles. Ryan Dietz produced the Tigers' final score with his 24-yard catch from Sayles. Eli Grove kicked the point-after following each of those scores.
The Tigers led 21-6 at halftime. It was Jacob Zosel, our marquee ballcarrier, putting the orange and black on the board with a three-yard run. Grove handled the PAT. Sayles got into the end zone from two yards out for our second score. This time MACA lined up for two on the conversion, and the two points came on a pass from Dylan Gillespie to Jared Rohloff.
The third MACA score was that 53-yard pass catch by Koebernick. Yellow Medicine East scored on a 21-yard pass from Tom Lindstrom to Austin Friese. Then it was Zosel scoring for the Homecoming host, finding the end zone from five yards away. Grove's toe was true. Dietz made his big 24-yard catch to create breathing room, and then the Sting got a consolation score on a three-yard run by Bryce Schmidt. Jordan Odegaard kicked the PAT.
Sayles was a standout performer as he complemented his passing yards with 45 rushing yards, on 12 carries. He accounted for three of our touchdowns if you combine the running and passing.
Zosel had another productive night running the football: 91 yards on 22 carries. Dietz's stats were 43 yards on 12 carries, and Chase Metzger covered 21 yards on three carries. Four Tigers each had one pass reception: Koebernick (for 53 yards), Rohloff (for 26 yards), Dietz (24 yards) and Metzger (24 yards).
Sayles handled the one MACA punt. Defensive impact came from Dakota Luepke (three solo tackles), Dietz (two solos and one assist), Levin Strand (one solo, two assists), Zosel (one solo) and Dylan Gillespie (one solo).
YME's Garrett Nordang rushed for 35 yards on four carries. Cole Hatch had 30 yards on the ground. Tom Lindstrom did YME's passing and had five completions in 13 attempts for 53 yards and no interceptions. Austin Friese and Colton Antonson each had two receptions.
We're 5-0 as we prepare for the next challenge which will be at Sauk Centre. YME is doing better than in some other recent campaigns, now with a record of 3-2.
- Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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