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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Monday, October 31, 2016

Tigers rule after 0-0 first quarter, win 33-6

Oh well, that was pretty easy. Some MACA fans were concerned that Litchfield might mount a pretty good challenge vs. our Tigers. Instead we had rather a breather, here at Big Cat Stadium in Morris. The Morris Area Chokio Alberta Tigers were in command in this 6AAA football contest. It was a Saturday affair coming two days before Halloween.
Previously we had gotten a bye. Once again, Big Cat Stadium gave a wonderful backdrop as the Tigers excelled. And again, Jacob Zosel won a large share of the cheers. Zosel carried the football 40 times and gained 178 yards in this 33-6 win.
Now we're getting ready to face Albany. You're familiar with Albany: that town along I-94 that has that golf course right next to the highway. When I was in college, I'd stop at the Dairy Queen there en route and order a large chocolate shake, a break that sometimes annoyed one of my passengers who was eager to get home and see his girlfriend.
dominated the running game. Some other rushing yards were picked up by Toby Sayles and Ryan Dietz. Passing the football, Sayles completed three of five attempts in a typically economical attack. The three completions gained 59 yards, and Toby threw no interceptions. The pass catchers, one each, were Eli Grove, Chase Metzger and Camden Arndt. Sayles did our punting. Zosel intercepted a pass.
The first quarter supported some of the concerns our fans felt, as neither team scored. The second quarter changed all that. Zosel got us on the board on a run from the two. He plunged into the end zone again for our second score, and this time the conversion was good on a pass from Jared Rohloff to Dylan Gillespie. Litchfield scored on a pass from Josh Prahl to Brandon Nelson.
MACA scored the game's last three touchdowns. Sayles completed a 20-yard TD pass to Chase Metzger. Sayles carried for a two-yard score. Gillespie kicked the point-after. Camden Arndt caught an 18-yard scoring pass from Sayles, and we had our nifty 33-6 win. We came out of the game with an 8-1 season record. Litch closes things out with a 6-4 record.
Logan Nelson was Litch's top ballcarrier with 107 yards on 19 carries. My goodness, Litchfield totally spun its wheels in passing. They would have been better off just running the ball more. In passing the stats looked like a typo: three-for-22 for 35 yards and an interception. Brandon Nelson caught two passes. Kal Jackman sacked the quarterback once.
Our next game will be at St. Cloud State University, Friday, at 5:30 p.m.
Big fuss in election campaign
We have this ridiculous controversy now over the continuation of Hillary Clinton's email trouble, and it's ridiculous because of how prolonged it is. The late Hank Stram would call this a Chinese fire drill. The Beltway folks appear deserving of a laugh, even from schoolkids. It's not unprecedented. My formative years were during Watergate.
I am going to offer a guess here as to what is now happening. If I'm right I can point with glee to today's post. I think law enforcement is just following Investigations 101. I think they have this Huma person painted into a corner. Law enforcement will use this as leverage. Anthony Weiner is cooperating with the government.
Perhaps Huma can be shown to have been in possession or co-possession (with Anthony) of absolutely classified, off-limits info for private email. Maybe Huma will fear prolonged incarceration, but of course there's one way out for her: implicating someone higher up. That would of course be Hillary. Huma's brand has been one of 100 percent loyalty to Hillary. But all these relationships can break down through the arm-twisting re. prison prospects.
could implicate Hillary and then it's all over. That's how people often get nailed in investigations. And then what becomes of the election outcome? Regarding the Weiner element, considering his past scandal, if a script about this were to be presented to a Hollywood producer, it'd be rejected on the basis of being too unbelievable.
- Brian Williams -morris minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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