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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Monday, January 25, 2016

"Albie Pearson Got It Done" indeed (w/ halo)

Albie Pearson was the signature player with the early Los Angeles Angels baseball team. He was never a superstar in the mold of Harmon Killebrew, but his bat did have spark. He was quite diminutive, standing only five feet-seven. He weighed 140 pounds.
Prior to the creation of Gene Autry's Angels, he played for Calvin Griffith's Washington Senators and then the Baltimore Orioles. He could have been an original Minnesota Twin. But, he moved on as so many baseball players did. In his native California, he reached his prime as a ballplayer. The Angels had their first season in 1961.
I have written an extensive essay on Albie on my companion website, "Morris of Course." I invite you to read by clicking on the permalink below. Thanks.
Today I have lyrics/poetry on Albie to share with you, called "Albie Pearson Got It Done." He has been a saint in his post-baseball life, establishing institutions to help troubled youth. He's quite a committed Christian person too. Hats off to Albie.
Here's my poetic offering on Albie the baseball player, with a chorus that could be sung. The verses are to be presented narration-style, no melody. Just think of the song "Convoy" by C.W. McCall. It's set up like that. Oh, and keep in mind when you see poetry or lyrics on my sites, it's subject to revision.
"Albie Pearson Got It Done"
by Brian Williams
The Angels came to play their game in 1961
A whole new team to chase their dreams in the L.A. sun
A little man would take command with that fledgling crew
Running fast on outfield grass, swinging hard and true
Fans would rise and memorize that Albie Pearson name
Looking large on their scorecards as they watched each game
Big league ball was standing tall there on that West Coast
Taking planes instead of trains made our nation close
Albie Pearson got it done back in 1961
Wowing fans in La-La Land
He expressed that city's brand
Playing great in his home state
Making baseball shine first rate
Win or lose they brought us fun
Albie Pearson got it done

Giants, Dodgers felt the urge, leaving NYC
Yankees were the only team not a memory
Ebbets Field was gone for real, New York sang the blues
Polo Grounds would hang around 'til the Mets were news
Willie Mays would see new days by the Bay so grand
Sandy Koufax was the max in his newfound land
Fans were glad the Angels had stars to cheer on too
Not enough to really strut, but they could come through
Ken McBride could find his stride on that pitching mound
Earl Averill gave us thrills, hitting homers loud
Albie shone in his new home - what a neighborhood
All those beaches within reach, close to Hollywood
(repeat chorus)
The owner's box was all the talk with that singing gent
From the screen he owned that team, knowing what it meant
Fans could see ol' Gene Autry staying right on course
So beloved in cinema, singing from his horse
With halos on the team built bonds, hearty all the way
Cheers and shouts were heard throughout Californi-aye
Looking good in Hollywood, up on that marquee
On a par with movie stars, sharing in that scene
They were in where Errol Flynn flashed his shining sword
Where the reign of ol' John Wayne was the town's last word
Rod Carew would join that crew, hitting in his prime
With Gene Mauch he kept his stock elevated high
Years go by and yet we strive to recoup the past
We recall that old baseball, Albie and that cast
Leon Wagner hit with verve, causing quite the buzz
We recall his moniker: "Daddy Wags" it was
The team today just comes to play, 55 years old
Looking good like Albie would, confident and bold
Fans would chant to see that man so diminutive
He just played real hard each day, all that he could give
(repeat chorus)
© Copyright 2016 Brian R. Williams

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